For a Writer's Workshop (one of my year 10 subjects- most fun ever) project we had to create a 'sense of place' in a few paragraphs, using sensory descriptions and literary tools to illustrate a scene in a reader's mind.
I chose to write about Rhea- a planet in the Galaxy Far, Far Away that I created for my fanfictions, which I love and really just want to go to…
Damn fiction being better than fact…


Rain. That's the first thing to hit you, if you'll pardon the pun. Even the oxygen is wet, humid to an unsurpassed level. From the moment you step onto the soggy ground, the clouds bend to engulf you and your clothes get a wash. Socks stay dirty, immersed in mud.

Walking through the swampland, there's a thin, slightly solid path. Stray off it and you'll be stuck there for a while, at least until you sink into marshy oblivion; among the dull grey stalks; looking for all the world like a dead reed, but break it open and a thick white sap, heavenly to the taste, rolls out in abundance. If you happen to sit, check the fallen log for grey moss among the dark green. If it's grey, it's rotten, and any attempt to park your posterior will send you plummeting pants first into the fast-drying swamp mud, which is highly uncomfortable even in the thinnest of layers on your trouser seat. But if you carry on despite the solidified underwear, you'll find yourself at the edge of the swamp.

This is truly the pride of Rhea. Vibrant splashes of colour take form in giant flowers the size of your head. The intoxicating scent of a royal purple bloom, petals shifting under the weight of heavy drops. The grey stalks are replaced by lush bushes of the deepest green, exploding in large, off white buds that resemble thistleheads. The buds brush light as a feather, soft as a down pillow against your face. Every single colour, not just restricted to the rainbow, has been sampled, adding their own unique scents to the already thick air. This is what you breathe- perfumed water. There is no hint of pollutants, no whiff of anything unwholesome, unsavoury or unpure.

Okay, so it's not finished yet... I ran out of time in class.
I will write up the next part and update this, because I still need to describe the settlements and the Rheaans themselves!
So, yeah... I'll do that soon.

There's an injoke in here-
By decree of my fellow WWpeeps, (Lavie and awb) we must use 'intoxicating' in all WW pieces. So it's in there for you guys...
Just imagine it as the emoting wonder says it.

Thanks for reading!
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