Enormous progress has been made to my little novel "Nature's War" thanks to a trip to the Arvon Foundation. All junior writers like myself should consider going there – it is great. In the process of five days I managed to do two months worth of plan for my novel's progress. For that reason I decided to start the sequel to "A Sticky Situation" earlier than I had planned.

This is just a chapter to re-introduce the main characters from the previous story and introduce the new ones from the alternate universe, filling in the gap.

Look out Clone Wars, because you are about to change drastically.

Secret of the 327th

Chapter 1:- Two sides of the Wall

"Ack! Pineapples!"

To wake up to somebody shouting that at the start of the day might be bizarre for some people. But for Henry Wong it was completely normal, as his best friend would often wake up in the morning and shout to the world something random, because it had been something he had been dreaming about, and he always did it in a dramatic way even if the dream had been a nice, calm one.

"Pineapples?" he asked sleepily, turning to look at the small, white, rabbit digimon, flecked with green and with enormous ears that could be used as wings and a horn stuck in the centre of his forehead. This was Terriermon, Henry's Digimon partner and a little comedian if ever there was one. "You were dreaming about pineapples?"

"Yeah," said Terriermon, thrusting his ears outwards to stretch them as he replied. "It was about a demon pineapple. If you eat it, the spirit takes hold of you and then you get turned into a pineapple yourself, and you're the spirit's new host. Then someone eats you and they become fruit."

"I'll never look a pineapples the same way again," said the Chinese teenager, recently turned fourteen.

"Ah well," said Terriermon. "At least cantaloupes are still on the menu."

Henry chuckled. Life as a Tamer could be extremely exciting and adventurous but he particularly enjoyed the trivial moments such as this. He knew that most people his age would kill to have a conversation with Terriermon. The little bunny had even been asked for an autograph on several occasions over the six months since the Ogudomon incident. Terriermon didn't have a signature, but he did write something. And it was always the same.

Gripping the little pen, he would right "Momentai," on the paper offered to him.

Henry's mind cast back, as it always did in the early morning, over his life so far. Everything had been so normal for him, until one day Terriermon had appeared from out of the computer in front of him, and his digivice had been formed. Then everything had gone haywire. For a few months he had tried desperately to conceal Terriermon's existence from everyone. Terriermon would pretend to be a doll in front of the rest of his family, but this wasn't really a good thing, because Henry's little sister Suzie liked to dress up all her dolls and took an instant liking to Terriermon.

But eventually he had met other Tamers, and even Suzie, after finally learning that Terriermon was real, got her own Digimon, and in a bizarre twist it had been discovered that the Digimon of Henry's sister had been the sister of Henry's partner in turn. She was Lopmon, a small rabbit almost identical to Terriermon save for a few key points:- she was brown and pink instead of white and green, had three horns instead of one, and was most decidedly the opposite gender. Plus, she was extremely polite, while Terriermon often went out of his way to make remarks about people. Although they were rarely ever serious.

After the incident with the Devas, the Sovereign and the D-Reaper, Henry had started to find himself with a growing infatuation for another one of the Tamers. Rika Nonaka was the same age she was, and she was a fiery, red-headed girl who was extremely impatient at the best of times and was most decidedly a tomboy – she refused to wear a dress except on rare occasions, usually when trying to console her model mother.

But Henry had thought that he would never act upon this. But he had, thanks to his partner, who had in turn fallen in love with Rika's own partner.


Nobody would have guessed that Terriermon and Renamon would end up together when they had first met, and it wasn't just because of the height difference – Renamon was the size of a grown man and Terriermon came up to her knee. Their personalities had been so completely at odds with each other. Renamon, a tall, yellow, bipedal fox Digimon was a warrior to the core, whereas Terriermon was practically a little clown.

But then Goro had entered the picture. He had been a human collector, who liked rare animals to stuff into little cages in his house. Using a sticky compound fired from a gun he had managed to surprise Renamon and Terriermon, gluing the two of them together. He had taken them back with the intention to rape Renamon, but Terriermon had kept him at bay, and that had been what drew them together. They took their first meal together while Renamon had been tied to a post, and that had sealed the bond, as was the culture of the fox's species.

The two had mated the very night they had escaped. That meant that they were joined for life, and also gave them the ability to communicate telepathically. They literally could not hide a thing from each other due to their bond, which had made Christmas extremely difficult as neither was allowed to know what presents the other had received, or it would have been pointless to try and surprise them. And since Renamon could communicate with her Tamer with her mind, she became part of this too. Lopmon, being Terriermon's sister, and her Tamer Suzie, also became part of it. But Henry too was able to speak to the others with his mind, although he didn't really know how that had happened. He strongly suspected a Digi-Gnome, but he had no proof to back this up.

Then Ogudomon had come along – the massive Demon Lord who had the ability to nullify the attacks of any Digimon with even a trace of malice in their hearts. They had battled him for days without having any affect beyond some slight pain on Ogudomon's part, even with six of the Tamers biomerging to Mega, Impmon in his Mega Form of Beelzemon and several other Megas and four Ultimates all fighting one opponent, but eventually they had discovered the Rika and Renamon's Mega form had a Mode Change which enabled them to cancel out Ogudomon's power, allowing the Mega versions of the two bunnies to finish him off for good.

Terriermon's mind could tell that Renamon was awake. The others, apart from Henry, were still asleep, and all four of them could at least close their minds if there was something they didn't want the others to know about. But Terriermon and Renamon didn't have an off switch. They were permanently linked.

Hey Rena, he said with his mind. Do you ever sleep?

You know full well that I do, Terriermon, came the reply. Nice dream by the way.

I don't know where it comes from but all my dreams seem to have an element of weirdness about them.

Well, perhaps they come from the bits of fluff where most people keep their brains.

Oi. Do you want to have our monthly night together next week?

Of course. And I know that you wouldn't cancel it just for that.

Is there anything that I can threaten you with?


How about if I start to sing "Ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall" in my head?

Oh, please God, don't do that.

Momentai. I won't. You'd cancel out monthly night together if I did.

True. I suppose we're still scheduled to go on the camping trip today.

Rika still complaining about it, huh?

Rika is not one to change her mind in a hurry, but she's more than willing to go as long as Kazu and Kenta aren't there.

Be fair on them. They've improved an awful lot of the last six months, ever since Kenta figured out how to biomerge, Kazu had been taking the rip out of him less and less, although he does still go on about how Jeri and Elecmon still managed to beat him to it. But they're not going so we'll be fine. It'll just be you, me, Henry and Rika, and Suzie and Lopmon.

Can you at least not declare an eating contest again this time?

Why? Because you know I'd kick your ass?

No, because if you do, I'm going to tickle you until you pass out and you'll wake up to find that I have removed my gloves and wrapped them around your body and my chest in a very familiar position.

That just makes me want to do it even more.

Renamon chuckled. Perhaps I'll do that next week, but I wouldn't really do that in front of Suzie.

Henry looked at his partner. He noticed that Terriermon had the glazed expression on his face that meant he was talking to Renamon. He wondered what it would be like to talk to Rika like that, but it was impossible for him to communicate with Rika using his mind without both Renamon and Terriermon hearing what he was saying.

So when do you reckon Impmon is going to make his move? Terriermon was saying. Over the six months since the defeat of Ogudomon, Suzie had been hanging around a lot with the other two youngest Tamers, brother and sister – Ai and Mako. They had become extremely good friends, and their hanging out meant that Lopmon and Impmon spent a lot of time together, so the friendship between the two of them had notably increased.

Terriermon, they're just friends, replied Renamon.

Yeah, but for how much longer? Lopmon wants a mate one day, she told me after she first found out about us, and as far as I can see, Impmon will definitely be the one she goes for. He's mellowed out slightly, that's for sure.

Only time will tell on that score, noted Renamon.

Yeah, but I'd say things are really moving along for us now that Takato and Jeri have finally got it into their heads that they like each other.

Oh, I well never forget that one. That was you at your best I think.

It was so funny to see them pinned together like that. Good thing you found some more of that gallium stuff at the furfag's place. The glue definitely seems to work.

Indeed. Well, I should get Rika up so she can finish packing, or she won't be ready to leave in time.

I'll leave you to it then. Talk to you later. "Now, what's for breakfast?"

"Pineapple," grinned Henry.

"I hate you."

Lopmon's ears twitched and she woke to the sounds of footsteps walking past the door where she and Suzie slept. She could hear Terriermon saying, "…did they model the hand grenade after…" before whatever he said next was lost on her ears. She glanced at the digital clock, an device far less complex than her own digital self. It read 9:08.

Lopmon's enormous ear reached over and grasped Suzie's shoulder gently, shaking the little form with a slow, rocking motion. "Suzie," she whispered. "Wake up. We've only got a few hours before we have to leave."

Suzie's eyes fluttered open and she said, typically, "Five more minutes."

"No, Suzie, we need to get up now, so that we have enough time to finish getting ready."

Suzie nodded blearily and sat up. Lopmon got to her feet and hopped off the small bed and walking towards the door. She leapt upwards and pulled down on the handle with a practised ease and then pulled the door open with both hands. Suzie followed, rubbing her eyes and the two of them walked into the kitchen to get their early morning Coco Pops.

Henry was standing idly beside the toaster, having just put in four pieces of bread, and Terriermon was guzzling down a Frube, some of the strawberry yogurt down his front.

"Good morning," said Lopmon. "Sleep well?"

"Never again," said her brother, shaking his head. "I don't care about my five-a-day anymore."

"But Mummy says that having five a day is really important, or you get really fat," said Suzie, not quite old enough to fully understand everything about eating healthy yet. "Is there any ice cream left for us to take with us?"

"We can't take ice cream with us, Suzie," sighed Henry. "It'd melt before we even got a chance to eat it. But there will be plenty of apples and other nice, green things."

Suzie grumbled, but said nothing. "So," said Terriermon. "How was your day yesterday with Ai and Mako and Impmon?"

Lopmon didn't particularly like the way Terriermon had said Impmon's name, or the way he had glanced meaningfully at her when he had said it.

Suzie, who hadn't noticed, said, "It was really good. We went to McDonalds and played in the ball pool. It was really funny, because Lopmon and Impmon kept disappearing under the balls and we couldn't find them, and me and Ai threw the balls at Mako."

Disappeared under the balls, huh? Terriermon's voice filled Lopmon's head. What were you doing under there exactly?

Nothing, sighed Lopmon. But it's really difficult to stay above the surface when you're my height and Impmon just liked to pop up in random places and jump on his Tamers.

Sure, sure, whatever you say, Terriermon grinned, before turning back to the conversation. Lopmon shook her head exasperatedly. Terriermon was so convinced that she and Impmon had a thing going on but the truth was that they were just really good friends now.

"Well, we had Takato and Guilmon come over here," said Henry. "Which meant that we had to hide the bread amongst the garlic so he couldn't sniff it out."

"I thought it smelled funny," said Lopmon.

"We didn't do much," said Henry. "We just played videogames."

"And I, of course, poned you all," cheered Terriermon. "There's no way any of you could beat my high score now."

Lopmon smiled. There was just no way of restraining Terriermon from coming out with these comments of his unless you stuffed something into his mouth, something which his mate, Renamon, had got in the habit of doing. Despite their connection, the two of them often puzzled her. She couldn't imagine just how deep the bond between them actually went or what it would be like to experience that bond for herself.

But they were her family, and she couldn't ask for a better one. She had once considered the other Devas to be her family when she had worked with them, when she had been one, but that didn't even compare slightly to her real family. She was much closer to Terriermon and Renamon than she'd ever been to any other Digimon. In fact, Terriermon and Lopmon had even discovered that the two of them, if they worked together, had a new attack in their Rookie forms. Their attack – Terrier Tornado and Lop Twister – were exactly the same, involving spinning in a circle at rapid speed to create a miniature whirlwind.

But they had discovered that if they both did that while holding ears they formed the Twin Cyclone, an attack which produced a funnel with the strength of an average Champion Digimon attack. This had come in handy occasionally when a random digimon had bioemerged. The three of them made such a great team that they had even gone through training sessions together, and now they were capable of giving any Champion and some weaker Ultimates a workout without even having to Digivolve or having any Modify Cards used on them.

Life was good.

Rika was awoken by the calm paw of her partner. She didn't need any words to be told why she had been awoken so early, as Renamon usually let her sleep in if she wanted. Grudgingly, Rika sat up and began to set about piling what little clothing she wanted to take with her into the large rucksack that had been provided by her grandmother. It was a mark of how much Rika's mother trusted her now that she allowed her to go. Before she knew about Renamon's existence she used to baby Rika, despite her daughter's complaints, or at least whenever she was around. But now Rika's mother was home much more often.

"What time are we supposed to be meeting at Guilmon's old hideout again," yawned Rika as she did up her belt and attached the digivice to it, ready to use it should the need arise.

"Noon," said Renamon, "but knowing Terriermon he's bound to do something that will slow the others up so they'll be ten minutes late. He's already planning something to do with a bucket of water."

Rika chuckled. "There was once a time where I thought he was so annoying, but you know, the bunny kind of grows on you."

"My thoughts exactly," said Renamon.

"Right," said Rika, straightening up. "Let's go get some breakfast."



Rika traipsed into the kitchen, Renamon striding calmly behind her. The only creature in the kitchen was the jackal, Isis, who had unknowingly helped Renamon to escape from Goro when Terriermon had managed to get him to chew through the ropes around her knees and ankles. The rare Egyptian Jackal had been taken in by the Nonakas and had been named by Terriermon. Renamon walked over to Isis and placed a paw on her head, causing the pointed ears to fall flat along the head in a comical manner, as Rika went scrounging in the cupboard until she pulled out a box of Frosties.

"Are you alright, Rika?" asked Renamon. "You seem to be a little more subdued this morning than normal."

"It's probably nothing," said Rika. "But do you remember what Fanglongmon told us when he entered the human world?"

Renamon nodded. Fanglongmon was the Digimon God, and once the six of them had brought about his rise he had given them a warning. A warning stating that this was not the end of their adventures and that the future definitely held more in store for them than the others.

"It's been some time," said Rika. "And whatever he was talking about could spring up at any time. Even on this camping trip."

"You are having second thoughts about going?" asked Renamon curiously.

"No," said Rika. "It's not that. It's just that I think we should be careful because for some reason," she paused, sighed and then went on, "I have a bad feeling about this."

The blue-green crystals glittered in the early morning air as the one sun of the planet rose high into the sky. It was a rather welcome sight. The troopers found the nights on this planet covered with the hexagonal blocks crystals with cities built upon them slightly creepy, considering it was without a moon. The city of Chaleydonia shone as the sun cast an orange tint over it. But only the colours were pretty. Everything else almost seemed to be in ruins. Buildings had practically been uprooted and overturned. The glistening streets were marred and pockmarked with debris.

A ruthless battle had been fought here, and with an enormous surge of desperate strength, it had been won, but at a terrible price to the clones. The charred and shattered and often sliced remains of battle droids littered the alleyways, while the bodies of anything alive had been laboriously cleared away. The capital city of Christophsis was still free.

But for how long? The mining world was not free yet, and the humans that lived here, the Christophsians, and the other species which resided on it, nestled in the Outer Rim, were still not safe from the threat of the Separatist Alliance, and wouldn't be until the Galactic Republic drove them from the planet again. The first time the Confederacy had invaded the population had already fled, but this time there were still numerous humans and a few Rodians still left cowering in the natural crystal spires which had been converted into skyscrapers.

The Separatists wouldn't have been able to get this far, had it not been for one single clone.

CC-2224, known better to all as Commander Cody, commander of the 212th Attack Battalion, sighed through gritted teeth at the thought. Sergeant Slick had been a member of his forces, but he believed that he and his clone brothers were being used as puppets in this war by the Jedi, and had developed a hatred towards them, which had led to him selling out vital information on their attack plans to one of Count Dooku's Dark Acolytes, Asajj Ventress. Once discovered, Slick had then used thermal detonators to destroy all of the AT-TE walkers and LAAT gunships that the clone army had, leaving them with just Heavy Cannons to combat General Loathsom's forces. The battle that ensued had been hard on the clones, forcing them back towards the capital, as they were unable to hold their ground against the huge mechanical army.

Eventually they had struggled it out, but over three-quarters of all of Cody's forces had been slaughtered by the merciless droids.

"Any sign of a counter-attack?"

Cody turned to see another clone heading towards him. Like him, this clone's armour had numerous patches of yellow across it, unlike the armour of the ordinary troopers, which were just pure white. This was CC-5052, commander of the 327th Star Corps, nicknamed Bly. He was a recent arrival to Christophsis, as was his brigade, but they had been a welcome relief. The only reason he was here was because CC-7567, Captain Rex of the 501st, had been called away from Christophsis along with the Jedi Commanders Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, in order to sort out some sort of incident on Naboo. The 327th, famous for one of the most active and feared clone forces in this war, had been of huge assistance in liberating the capital, as they had brought a few fresh Gunships and Walkers with them.

"Not yet," said Cody. "But we've received word that another fresh shipment has arrived thanks to our scouts on the Recon Transports. Whatever it is the Clankers want this planet for, they sure are not giving it up without a fight."

"But we're going to keep fighting them back," nodded Bly, brushing the scar above his left eye with his index finger. Cody fought the urge to rub his own scar, which was almost like an intricate pattern on the same side of his own face. The two men, identical in every facial detail apart from hair and injury, turned to survey the recuperating clone army.

"How are the men of Slick's old brigade?" asked Bly. "They pulled themselves together yet?"

"Yes," said Cody. "Since I assigned them to work directly under me. Slick hadn't been lying about one thing – those men of his are the best darn troopers I have."

"Shame their leader didn't follow their example," Bly grimaced.

"Where's the General?" asked Cody, eyes scanning the crowd for any sign of his new, temporary Jedi Leader until he was reassigned back under General Kenobi. But she was difficult to spot as her skin blended in quite well with the crystals.

"Over there," Bly pointed with two of his fingers. Cody spotted her then, assisting a wounded clone to his feet with the help of another clone called Gus, one of Slick's old platoon, and walking him slowly over to a waiting Medical Droid. The care the Jedi showed towards them always astounded Cody. Most people simply viewed the clones as laser cannon fodder, tools of war, which had perhaps been what instigated Slick's hatred of the Jedi in the first place. But not General Aayla Secura. She was no exception to the Jedi belief.

She was what was known as a Rutian Twi'lek. They had a basic humanoid shape but their most distinctive feature were the shapely, prehensile tails, also known as lekku, which dangled from the backs of their heads. Twi'leks came in a variety of skin colours, and that was why Aayla was designated a Rutian, which meant that their skin could be anything from dark blue to aquamarine, one of the rarest skin colours for a Twi'lek. Aayla herself had skin that was a cerulean colour, with faint white speckles on her lekku, which were used for communication.

Unlike most Jedi that Cody knew, Aayla did not wear the traditional robes that people associated with them. She wore, instead, a dark brown top which left her belly exposed, and which had one sleeve that encased her left arm, while the other was left bare. It had to be said that it was quite tight-fitting and revealed a supple, curved frame and extremely well-rounded breasts, although the clones would never comment about this. The bottom half of the Jedi was garbed in equally tight trousers and long brown boots. Cody had been told that this was traditional Twi'lek clothing, or at least for those females of Aayla's species that led free lives.

Cody had encountered numerous Twi'leks in his life, and most of them had been slaves to wealthy people. All of these had been female, as they were well renowned for having the most beautiful amongst the galaxy. As far as Cody knew it was impossible for there to be an unattractive female Twi'lek. Aayla had also been destined to go into slavery, before she had been discovered by Jedi Padawan Quinlan Vos, who has asked that she be taken for testing at the Temple. She had passed, and had become Master Vos' own Padawan when she became old enough.

Cody knew that Secura had a reputation. She was an extremely skilled Jedi Knight, perhaps the most skilful Jedi alongside Skywalker that had not yet been promoted to the rank of Jedi Master. And indeed, she had proved to him and the other clone of the 212th that her skills had not been exaggerated, as she had held back the advancing battle droids with her flashing blue lightsaber.

Once Aayla had deposited the clone with the Medical Droid, she turned and sought out Commander Bly. She spotted him standing atop a fallen spire with Commander Cody, and she strode over towards them. She knew that the clones turned their heads towards her as she passed them, and being a Jedi she could sense their emotions. She could easily sense the admiration that they all felt towards her, in more ways than one.

Once she reached the base of the building that Cody and Bly were standing upon, she jumped, using the Force to power her legs, and performed a graceful flip, landing neatly feet-first on the crystal beside the two commanders.

"Show off," muttered Bly with a smile. Aayla smiled back. Bly would often make joking comments. The two of them had developed a close friendship what with all that they had been through. One particular time had been when they had been stranded on Maridun with Anakin, his Padawan Ahsoka Tano, and Captain Rex. The two of them had saved the life of the other numerous times, although, admittedly, Aayla had saved Bly many more times than vice versa.

"I think that's the last of the wounded," she commented, her voice with a strong accent that people from Earth would call French, but of course Aayla had never heard of Earth. "You're men are strong, Commander Cody. You should be proud to call yourself their commander."

"I am, General," nodded Cody respectably. "You can't get better than a lot of them."

"Indeed," said Aayla. "And I have worked with a few clones since this war began." Then her eyes narrowed and she stared out over the horizon as if scanning for something. Cody and Bly immediately tensed, hands moving almost of their own accord until they came to rest on the blasters holstered in their belts. They had both learned to trust a Jedi's instincts.

"What is it, General Secura?" asked Bly. "Can you sense something?"

"Yes," said Aayla quietly, shutting her eyes completely and delving into the Force. "I can sense something unusual. I think something is coming."

"Friendlies?" asked Bly, the grip on his blaster tightening.

"I am not sure," said Aayla. "It is faint, far away. But it is there. I do not believe that it is the Separatists, but I cannot yet tell if it is friendly. It almost feels like a sort of ripple in the fabric of existence."

"A ripple in the…?" Cody's brow furrowed. "What does that mean, sir?"

"It means it's almost like something is straining at the barriers of this dimension," said Aayla. The two clone commanders looked at each other with a slight apprehension. Aayla sensed their anxiousness, and since she was unable to discover anything more from the Force, she withdrew and opened her eyes. "But whatever it is, it's nothing to worry about yet and it may not be anything to worry about at all."

Cody and Bly relaxed. Bly spotted something rounding the corner of some of the buildings ahead. "Sir," he said, pointing. "The scouts have returned. Perhaps they have some more intel for us on the Seppie's movements."

"Good," said Aayla. "See to it that they…"

"General!" came another clone voice. Aayla, Bly and Cody looked around to see Punch looking up at them. "You've got an incoming transmission from the Jedi Council."

"Thank you, Punch," said Aayla, then turning back to Bly she said. "Find out everything those scouts know. I'll come and find you when I've finished speaking with whoever is calling me."

"Right away, General," said Bly, signalling to Cody to follow and the two of them made their way towards the clones driving the two legged AT-RT walkers heading back into camp. Aayla leapt down and followed Punch to the large holographic projector that they used to receive transmissions. Punch activated the console and a hologram appeared. Aayla knew not to look up towards the head of where a human would stand until she knew who was calling, just in case it was diminutive but powerful Master Yoda who was calling.

And indeed it was.

"Knight Secura," said the lone figure of a small, elderly green creature with bat-like ears, traditional Jedi robes and a gimmer stick clutched in his three-clawed hands. "How goes the liberation of Christophsis?"

"Slowly, Master Yoda," Aayla inclined her head respectfully. "But the main assault has been driven back. So far as we know the droids are massing for another attack. I was considering gathering our troopers and ambushing them before they get near the city. The sooner we capture Loathsom the sooner we can gain a victory."

"Good, it is, to see that you are doing well," said Yoda's image. "Proceed when you can. Now, onto other matters, we must go. Sensed a slight disturbance in the Force, I have."

"A disturbance, Master?" asked Aayla. "I too felt something just now."

"Hmm, coincidence, this is not. For centred around Christophsis, this tremor is," nodded Yoda. "Like a slight fluctuation in the walls of the universe."

"I felt it too, Master. But dimension travel is unheard of. Is it possible that a hole might be opening on its own?"

"Unheard of, that would be, too. A flicker of something powerful, I felt. Something strong. But unable, I was, to determine whether this would a threat."

"How do you suggest I proceed, Master?"

"Cautiously, my best advice is. Wise, it would not be, to endanger the lives of your whole platoon. Suggest, I do, that you investigate on your own. That way, sneak away, you can, should whatever this is prove to be unfriendly."

"I shall set out immediately, Master."

"Rush not," smiled the wizened Jedi, whose species remained a mystery to all those except themselves. "Plenty of time, there is."

Aayla smiled back. It was almost impossible not to like the little Master. He had a quirky personality, and it showed in all but the most serious circumstances. Then she asked, "How goes things on Naboo now that Skywalker and Kenobi are there?"

"Received word, we have, of a Separatist plot there, involving the rebirth of the Blue Shadow Virus."

Aayla's eyes widened. "The Blue Shadow…?" She paused, collected herself and said, "Well I hope that Skywalker and Kenobi succeed, or we'll be overrun by the droids in a matter of days."

"Indeed," said Yoda. "Now set out, young one, and find the centre of this disturbance, you will."

"At once, Master," Aayla inclined her head. The hologram of Master Yoda smiled at her before fading away into nothingness.

Punch, who had watched the whole thing, asked, "What will we do if whatever this is turns out to be something unfriendly."

"We will do what we always do, trooper," Aayla smiled calmly at him. "We'll try and find a diplomatic solution and if that fails then we will do our best to combat it." She reached out a blue hand and rested it on the clone's shoulder. "Do not worry. I'll do my best to keep the rest of you safe."

Punch didn't doubt her for a second. Secura seemed to be an extremely compassionate Jedi. He had heard that this went at odds with many of the others, particularly her Master, Quinlan Vos, who hated everything about the clone troopers.

Then Aayla turned away and walked towards Commander Bly. She intended to commandeer an AT-RT and set out immediately.

There you have it. Introducing some of the main characters all around. Not all. But some. I thought it would be good to contrast the happy, joking atmosphere of Digimon with the serious atmosphere of Clone Wars. I hope you like Aayla, because we'll be seeing a lot more of her later on, and a lot more of Yoda too, if I can get away with it.

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