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Chapter 1

As soon as my feet hit the ground I took off towards the forest I stopped a few feet in to drop my robe. As I changed into my fur Gabriel bit my tail. I was faster than him and he knew it. For a while I could here him behind me and smell him. But his sound and scent disappeared suddenly when I reached the clearing. (sounding kind of weird it'll get better I promise). I stopped and looked into the trees searching when he hit me from behind, thousands of thoughts are running through my head right now, 'do I show him my belly?', 'do I really love Gabe?" I knew for a fact that the answer to both of those questions were yes.

I finally gave myself to Gabriel, and I really know that I truly love him, now it's just a matter to tell him. I woke up my head on Gabe's chest, his arms wrapped around me. I laid there listening to his breathing. "Good morning princess wolf," he said a smile on his face as I looked up at him, moving to lie beside him so I could see his face. "Morning" I sighed.

"We should probably get going, Esme would want to see you're back to normal." He said standing up pulling me with him.

"Esme, I should probably tell her shouldn't I?" I said putting on my robe, when we reached my window Gabe said, "It's your choice to tell her or not, but she well figure it out, soon."

"I know," I sighed.

"I'll be here to pick you up 6, ok?" he said kissing me deeply. "alright." I breathed kissing him one more time before he left.

"VIVIAN!" Esme screamed pounding on my door. "You are coming out of that room today and talking to me. Before she could break my door down I opened it and said ok.

"Vivian! You're back." She squealed, pulling me down the stairs. "Gabriel said you'd be happy," I mumbled to myself, but Esme heard me. She stopped mid-hallway. "Gabriel?" she said a smile pulling at the corners of her mouth.

"Ummm….yeah" I said walking to the living room and sitting on the couch.

"Viv, you should accept him as mate already, why are you holding back?"

"Mom, I did, last night." I said keeping my tone quiet.

"Vivian I'm so happy for you, my baby is all growin up." She said in one of those happy mother voices I hate hearing. "Oh, and last night was full moon!" she said excitedly!

After I ate breakfast, I went to my room to paint. I heard Gabriel burst through the front door a few minutes later frantically speaking to Bucky and my mom. I went into the living room to see what was happening. Gabriel was immediately at my side arm around my waist. "Somethings wrong." I said taking one look at his face.

"Very wrong." Gabe said his voice low and defending.

I know its short but I just want to know what you think before I keep writing the beginnings kind of fast but it'll slow down with more chapters I hate getting started with a story…..so lemme know what think if i get good reviews ill post a second longer chapter….promise o_O

hear music in the back of your mind (and that doesn't make you crazy) and you can usually refer something back to lyrics you heard the other day. You have a very interesting thought process, and more likely then not, it is something you cannot explain. You are a musician and in turn, you can help the world through your insperational ideas, or condem it by depriving it of one of the most impactive forms of communication.