I know that it has been about 3 years maybe longer but I just wanted to let all of you know that I will be continuing with the story. I had gotten really focused on school and sports and just everything in life and wasn't taking time out to write for all you that I were reading my story. I am currently in the second semester of my first year of college! I live on campus, and I really miss writing and its good outlet for stress, losing your thoughts in words of a story. I just got done re-reading the book and re-read my story I was writing, even though I think it is a good story I want to re-write it. Don't worry! I want to keep the same story line, but after re-reading the book and then re-reading my story I see many flaws and I think I can make the story more interesting for you guys. So I hope that some of you who were following the story will be open to keeping up with this! Feel free to private message me or leave comments I would love to know what you guys think about me re-writing it and if some of you are even still there and know that I still have some blood and chocolate supporters out there!

-Thanks, Hailey! (I changed my name to my actually name so no more confusion on who I am)