Howdy! Due to serious issues that have just now and have already been plaguing , I've been transferring all my stories and adding others to Archive Of Our Own. It is the main reason I have been so SLOW on updates of any kind. That and I'm re-writing Forever new and giving it some linear thing that makes it cooky, sad, and all around sideways. Especially since, ya know, I LOST THE EFFIN' FILES AGAIN and now am re-constructing it from the get go while keeping the general premise. But, yeah. Below is my new address. You can find my most recent update to Tipping the scales there as well as another adventure into Ron's and Jake's sex life. Whoo!


Sorry about this, all. But FF is getting a bit too crazyWTFiswrongwithyou for me to stand anymore. Upside, I can now post a lot more smut and people won't give a flying eff-yew-see-kay. ^^ So my Love Red, Green Envy is going to be littered with TONS more of slutty!Zim and cute!uke!Harry (cause what kind of girl am I if I don't do the traditionally biased BS in most Asian and male-related porn and manga?) and my promised work to others (like aliengirlguy) is going to be soooo much more fun to write... D