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How did Hellboy meet Harry?

Despite his age, Professor Bruttenholm felt like it was his first Christmas and has just discovered Santa Claus. He was so excited in meeting the agent that the British Magical Ministry of Magic was sending. A wizard! The only other wizard he had ever met before was Rasputin and he wasn't exactly a good example of the magical kind. So it was in great anticipation that the professor and his adopted son, along with several curious BPRD agents and Abraham Sapien aka Abe, awaited the arrival of the wizard agent called Auror.

When the dark-haired being stepped into the hall, along with his escorts, the professor's eyebrow lifted high into his hairline, though in all honesty, his wasn't the only ones.

The wizard agent was smaller than he had expected; petite really, and looked more like a teenager than a full-grown wizard. With a face that was more cute than handsome, the young wizard looked around the headquarters with polite curiousity before settling his gaze onto the silver-haired professor.

Later, in retrospect, the professor likened his emerald green gaze to looking into the endless depth of the sea. There was an unknown power brewing beneath the calm surface, a wild card that had too much wisdom and wit to be controlled. Just from that look alone, Charles knew that this young man was a force to be reckoned with despite his lithe size.

"Hello, I'm Harry Potter," the wizard said, shaking hands with the professor. "You must be Professor Charles Bruttenholm."

"Welcome, Mr. Potter," Charles greeted back cordially, once again feeling an overflowing anticipation to see this wizard at work. Then, he turned to introduce agents and his son. Predictably, the BPRD agents looked skeptically at the wizard but Hellboy grinned at the dark-haired boy man.

"Hey, it s nice to meet cha!" Then, to the amusement of those present except the wizard's, Hellboy began to ruffle the smaller being's already unruly hair.

The wizard looked annoyed for a moment as Hellboy patted his head patronizingly. Then, he smiled, in a I m-too-cute-to-be-evil way that made Charles feel a tad sorry for Hellboy. But his son really needed to learn his lesson on how NOT to underestimate anyone.

"It s nice to meet you too, Mr. Big Red Man," the wizard chirped adorably. "And the purple really suits you."

Hellboy blinked.

"What purple?" he asked, bewildered as the professor struggled to keep his chuckles hidden while the other agents gaped with wide eyes. Abe looked curiously at Hellboy, tilting his head in confusion.

Harry just continued to smile beguilingly.

"I believe he meant your purple hair," Abe finally answered as several agents burst out in laughter.

"What purple hair?" Hellboy reached up to pat his head but was unable to feel any difference. He looked around in bafflement as the agents around them continued to chuckle.

Well, then. Shall we make a move? Harry asked the professor, blatantly ignoring Hellboy's apparent panic.


End... for now.