Well everyone this is one of my first stories I hope you like it. So you know if you do not like Yaoi then do not read. The romance and other things won't start until later in the story. Also if you do not like anything with rape and abuse and stuff then don't read. But it won't happen until later in chapters. I will make sure to tell you this stuff beforehand. This is a sasuke and naruto story. There might be other pairings and if you have any opinions please do not hesitate to tell me. If you have suggestions or just plain criticism I will read, but please don't be to hard on me since this is my first SASUNARU ever. I thank you personal for reading and reviewing my story.

****Naruto does not belong to me it belongs to Mashi Kishamoto (I think I spelled that wrong)***

Safe In Your Arms


The remnants of time cannot be changed. For a young blonde everything seems to go the same; time going in a complete circle. The blonde hides behind so much pain, but the grin he always wears seems to never fade. The torment of each day takes its toll. Scars cannot be erased so easily.

Scars are left on one person or another same goes behind a raven. A boy living life just as it comes by; caring for no one. Not wanting to get close. Not leaving anyone in. his heart used to weep, but now all those tears have frozen over his cold heart.

Darkness and light, what if the two would meet? Would the darkness befriend the light? Would the blonde melt the frozen raven's heart? Will the raven be strong and show the blonde there's nothing to be afraid of? Light and darkness together; what could these opposites bring?

Authors Note: I know it's not the best beginning to a story but I promise you it will get better. I hope that you liked the opening. I'll add a chapter as soon as possible. Don't be afraid to give your opinions. Please don't be to hard it's my first fanfic. Happy Holidays!