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Organization Reborn!


"What are you doing?" The man in the cloak demanded as he started to disappear into the darkness.

"I'm tired of your ways Xemnas," The short one in the cloak replied. "The way you lead this Organization will lead my friends to their downfall."

"They will have had no purpose in their empty lives."

"But you think you could give them that life?" Xemnas exclaimed rhetorically.

"I want my friends to feel like I do." The short cloaked figure replied. "To have a heart."

"You'll rue this day." Xemnas caused the figure standing next to his degrading body, on the peak of the Alter of Naught where a giant heart stood in the air.

"I doubt that," The figure said as Xemnas finally disappeared. He turned to the heart floating in midair.

"It's about time, down with Kingdom Hearts…."

-To Begin-

I hope you enjoyed this short Intro and will be looking forward to more.