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Sasuke's Decision

Sasuke thought that after he'd finally killed Itachi, his troubles would finally be over. He'd finally return to the Leaf Village and accept their judgment pertaining to his actions. What he didn't expect was falling into the clutches of Madara Uchiha himself. Madara had just told him the truth about Itachi and what really happened at the Uchiha Massacre, and right now a thousand thoughts were running through Sasuke's head right now. Only Sasuke knew what he was thinking.

'So… my clan was planning a coup, and Itachi was ordered to put it down, and he succeeded with Madara's help. However, the coup was only planned because my clan was being isolated in one sector because the elders were suspicious. They believed that an Uchiha was behind the attack, and in a way, they were right. I don't care what Madara said, I could tell that Itachi wasn't lying when he said Madara was behind the attack. Because of the attack, the elders and Danzo got suspicious of the Uchiha clan, which caused my clan to become isolated, which then caused my clan to plan a coup because they felt threatened, which forced Itachi to enlist Madara's help in putting down the clan… all roads point back to Madara…' Sasuke thought.

"Hn" Sasuke grunted.

"It looks like you've come to a decision Sasuke, so what'll it be? Will you join me in wiping out the Leaf Village?" Madara asked.

Without any warning, and without any chance of avoiding the attack, Sasuke shot a blade of lightning out of his left hand. The blade made solid contact with Madara, and pinned him to the wall of the cave they were in by his gut.

"I decline, there's no way I'll ever join you… you're the root cause of my family's destruction, and all the strife that's in the world today! You should've died in the Valley of the End decades ago. Now I'll finish what the first Hokage started all those years ago…. by ending your life!" Sasuke proclaimed.

The end of the lightning blade that was lodged in Madara's gut branched off into more blades, much like the first attack Sasuke used on Itachi's clone yesterday. The various blades of lightning pierced all of Madara's vital organs, killing him in a very painful fashion.

Madara Uchiha was now dead, making Sasuke the last Uchiha.

An hour later…

Sasuke was now up and about again and found his squad, Team Snake. When he informed then about what happened, he tossed Itachi's body into the sea and pocketed the vial that contained Itachi's Mangekyo eyes. The grief that he was feeling for his brother right now was so intense that it involuntarily activated his Sharingan and transformed it, giving him his own version of the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Sasuke looked at his team and said, "Starting now, we have a new goal and name… our new name is now… Team Hawk… and our goal… is the destruction of Akatsuki!"

Meanwhile, near a village just south of the Land of Rain…

A woman that just so happened to be an expert healer like most of the people in her village, her village had no name, and was not very well known. The only ninja to ever visit the village was Tsunade of the Sannin, and that was because she was wounded and desperate for help. This village was also the place where Tsunade learned how to be a medic.

Anyway, the woman was gathering water in a bucket to carry back to her family, when she noticed that the water in the river started to take a red hue, the very same color as blood.

The woman immediately looked upstream and noticed that the body of a shaggy, white-haired man with only one arm drifting downstream.

The woman's medical instincts kicked in and immediately ran over to the man and dragged him out of the water. She also noticed that he had black metal rods that were also spiked, lodged in his back and his throat was almost completely collapsed, making it almost impossible to breathe. All in all, it was a miracle that he was even alive.

The woman first removed the metal rods from his back and preformed healing ninjutsu on his wounds. She then did the same with his right arm, and once she deemed that he was fit for transportation, she dragged him back to the village, hoping that it was not too late to save him.

End of Chapter

Jiraiya: Did you have to make me show up like that?

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Riku: No, you'll be killing Kisame at that time while the rest of your team is killing Zetsu.

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