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End of the World: Part One

Chapter 5

I have a Bad Feeling about this…

A week has passed since Naruto made his little bet with Tsunade, and Naruto has been training his ass off. With the help of approximately ten thousand Shadow Clones, and Tsunade's chronic bad luck, Naruto managed to master the Hiraishin with his own personal touch within the time limit of a week. Now all he needs to do is show Tsunade the technique and rub his victory in her face.

"So here's the plan Hinata, since Grandma Tsunade is meeting you almost every day to teach you medical jutsu. You can use the few moments you meet her in the Hokage office to place this seal anywhere you want in the office. Then once the seal is in place, I'll use it to surprise Grandma Tsunade and win the bet that we made" Naruto explained to Hinata while giving her a piece of paper with the Hiraishin seal on it.

"Alright, I really think that Lady Tsunade will definitely be surprised when she sees you using your father's jutsu. By the way, how will you know when the seal will be in place?" Hinata asked.

"It should only take you about five minutes to get to the Hokage Mansion, right?" Naruto asked.

"Yes" Hinata answered.

"Then that means that when you head off for the Hokage Mansion, I'll just simply have to wait for five minutes for you to get there and then an extra minute for you to place the seal somewhere in the office."

"You really thought this through, haven't you?" Hinata asked.

"Of course! I think all of my pranks all the way through when I want them to be near perfect!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Then I guess I'd better get going then, I have to get back to practicing my medical jutsu, and set up your little prank, Naruto" Hinata said while smiling sweetly at Naruto.

"Yeah, see you in six minutes!" Naruto laughed out before giving Hinata a quick kiss on the lips.

Hinata then left the Namikaze mansion at top speed, hoping to get to the Hokage Mansion ahead of time.

Tsunade really had a bad feeling about today. It may have started off normally with Shizune somehow managing to wake her up and drag her out of bed, and then facing off against the bane of her existence (paperwork). However, she just simply has the odd feeling in the back of her mind telling her that something was going to happen today that is going to give her a serious headache.

'I'd better prepare to break out my hidden sake supply… I have a bad feeling about today…'


"Come in!" Tsunade shouted in a slightly agitated voice.

The door then opened and Hinata walked in and said, "I'm here to continue my medical jutsu lessons, Lady Tsunade."

"Ah, thank you for reminding me, Hinata! I almost forgot. Now let me just grab the scroll that has that half-dead rabbit and we can get started…" Tsunade trailed off, mumbling the last part while rummaging through desk drawers.

Hinata then used Tsunade's momentary distraction to take the seal that Naruto made for the Hiraishin out of her pocket and placed it on the front of Tsunade's desk. Tsunade then looked up and saw Hinata placing something on her desk and asked, "What do you think you're doing, Hinata?"

Hinata then immediately stood stiffly straight and stuttered out, "O-oh u-umm nothing, L-lady Tsunade! N-nothing at a-all!"

"You're a horrible liar, Hinata. Now what exactly are you up to?" Tsunade questioned with an eyebrow quirked upwards.

"U-umm… I…" Hinata stuttered, but before she could say anything coherent, there was a flash of orange, and when the flash faded, Naruto was standing in-between Hinata and Tsunade.

"I win!" Naruto stated bluntly while grinning like an idiot at Tsunade's stupefied look while Hinata just stood behind him with a smile on her face.

"B-but… how could you have managed to master an S-Rank technique like that in just a week?! Even with Shadow Clones it should be impossible!" Tsunade gasped out with eyes still comically wide.

"Well, Grandma, I really thought that you would have learned by now that doing the impossible is my favorite thing to do. Also, Grandma, shouldn't you have figured out that the only time that you would have ever won a bet would be whenever something bad is going to happen within the week. Isn't that right, Grandma?" Naruto mocked while making sure to place emphasis on the word Grandma to rub the fact that he won the bet in her face, much to Tsunade's chagrin.

"Naruto, I really think that you shouldn't rub this in Lady Tsunade's face, please be nice, you're making her angry…" Hinata pleaded, wanting to save her boyfriend from receiving a one way trip to the moon from the now greatly put-off Hokage.

Tsunade then started to calm herself by inhaling a big breath of air, and then exhaled before speaking again. "Alright, fine, you win the bet, Naruto, but could you at least try to restrain yourself when calling me that?"

"No promises! Grandma" Naruto stated while placing an arm over Hinata's shoulders, causing her to blush while he had a smug look on his face.

Tsunade then just sighed deeply while trying to soothe an oncoming headache. 'I really need to drink some sake right now, but I just have to wait until Hinata is gone or she'll just confiscate it just like Shizune. She's actually worse than Shizune because it's even harder to hide my sake hiding spots from her due to her Byakugan! Maybe I could hide it in my medicine cabinet…'

"Umm… Lady Tsunade… I think you were about to hand me a scroll for me to use to continue my training?" Hinata asked.

"Thanks for reminding me, Hinata" Tsunade said while still rubbing her temples in an attempt at getting rid of a serious migraine, "the scroll is right here on my desk, just take it and find a room to practice in" 'preferably one far away from this one…'

"I'll get right on it, Lady Tsunade!" Hinata said as she left Naruto's grip and grabbed the scroll Tsunade left on her desk. She then headed for the door, planted a quick kiss on Naruto's cheek (causing both of them to blush), and then left for a room that she could use to practice her healing techniques.

"Oh, and Naruto…" Tsunade said in a dangerously calm voice.

"Yeah, Grandma?"

"GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!" Tsunade shouted out in a voice that practically shouted 'I am pissed off!'

"Yes ma'm!" Naruto panicked with wide eyes while looking like a frightened rabbit.

Naruto chose to play things safe and chose to get as far away from Tsunade as possible, but before he got very far at all, he ran into Shizune… literally.

"Whoops… sorry Shizune! I'm in a bit of a rush to get away from Grandma Tsunade as fast as possible!"

*Sigh* "And I'm guessing that she forgot to give you something too, didn't she?" Shizune sighed.

"She forgot to give me what?" Naruto asked.

"She said that she was planning on giving you a battlefield promotion to Chunin for what you did in your battle against Pein" Shizune explained.

"REALLY?!" Naruto shouted out in glee.

"Yeah, now why don't you come with me so that you can get that promotion of yours"


The two then returned to the office, both hoping that they don't invoke Tsunade's wrath.

"What is it now, Shizune?" Tsunade sighed while rubbing her temples, still agitated from the events from a few minutes ago.

"Didn't you plan on giving Naruto that overdue, battlefield promotion today?" Shizune asked while holding up the ninja flak jacket that most ninja in the village wear when they reach the level of Chunin.

"Gah! I completely forgot! Now we have to go find that brat, and he's probably halfway across the village by now!" Tsunade shouted out in panic while flailing her arms around comically.

"Um, actually… I'm right here, Grandma" Naruto said while walking into the room.

"Oh… well then, Naruto… congratulations… you're a Chunin now" Tsunade said sheepishly while Shizune handed Naruto the ninja flak jacket.

"Thanks! Now if you excuse me…" Naruto said as he put the flak jacket over his orange and black jacket while heading for the window and then eventually jumping through it, "I'll be going now, I have scrolls to read and jutus to learn!"


"NEVER!" Naruto responded with an equally loud shout while he was still descending onto the streets before disappearing in a flash of orange.

The rest of the month was rather uneventful, Hinata continued to balance clan stuff, medical training under Tsunade, and dates with Naruto. Naruto balanced locking himself away in the Namikaze mansion library with his Shadow Clones, slowly becoming a seal master like no other, and dating Hinata. Tsunade was still battling her mortal enemy, paperwork, and Sasuke was still wandering around in the general direction of the Leaf Village, trying to find a way to return without getting himself captured or killed by ANBU.

All of this changed however… when a calamity fell from the sky shortly after Tsunade won the top prize of the Land of Fire lottery…


Everyone in the Village Hidden in the Leaves, and maybe everyone on the entire planet heard Tsunade's screech of horror.

"Lady Tsunade! What is it?!" Shizune cried out as she burst through the door to the Hokage Office, "Lady Tsunade? Where are you?" Shizune asked as she looked around the supposedly vacant room.

"Right here…" Tsunade responded while waving her hand from below her desk.

"Lady Tsunade… what are you doing…?" Shizune sighed out.

"Look at this" Tsunade said while pointing at a ticket while still hiding under her desk.

Shizune then walked up to the desk and saw the lottery ticket that Tsunade had on the desk and the newspaper next to it. She then compared the numbers on the lottery ticket and the numbers until she saw that Tsunade's numbers had a perfect match with the grand prize of the Land of Fire Lottery.

"L-lady T-Tsunade… y-you just won the g-grand prize of the b-biggest lottery in the country!" Shizune stuttered out.

"That can only mean that something horrible, maybe even catastrophic is going to happen soon… the worst-case scenario is probably the end of the world" Tsunade mentioned from under the safety of her bomb-proof desk.

"I really doubt that it'll be that bad, but I do think that we should prepare for something bad happening" Shizune suggested.

"Fine! I'm going to put the entire village on high-alert until further notice! All shinobi should keep an eye out for anything and prepare for the worst!" Tsunade declared while jumping out from under her desk.

A day after Tsunade put the entire village on high-alert was when all hell broke loose. A certain tyrant that was on his ship was looking at a projection in front of him and saw the image of a village on high-alert.

"Zarbon! Get here right now!" Frieza shouted.

A green-haired humanoid answered his call by showing up at a moment's notice and responded, "What is it, Lord Frieza?"

"Did any of our troops do anything to give away their position?"

"Not that I'm aware of us, Lord Frieza, and I'm sure that this backwater world is too primitive to detect our presence from out here" Zarbon responded.

"Well it seems that this village in particular seems to be preparing for an invasion, so I'm assuming that we might be underestimation this world a little, but no matter. Not a single person on this planet is a match for me!"

"You're certainly right about that, Lord Frieza. We actually checked the archives of this world a few days ago, and the only person in this world's history that might have actually stood a chance against you died over a thousand years ago. I believe he went by the title, 'The Sage of Six Paths,' but even so, he is dead, so we shouldn't have any problem taking over this world" Zarbon said.

"I don't need a lecture on world history; all I need is for the troops to prepare for departure!" Frieza ordered.

"At once, Lord Frieza!"

The day after the Village Hidden in the Leaves entered a state of high-alert was when all hell broke loose. What was believed to be meteors fell from the sky near the village, and when a few ninja went to investigate, all that was heard and seen was a scream of horror and a flash of light. Many ninja then became frightened and wanted to demoralized, but still stood their ground, refusing to back down merely because they were scared.

When Tsunade caught wind of what was happening, the only thing she said was, "It has begun, all we can do now is fight with everything we have and hope for the best…"

Sasuke was not having a fun day at all, first these pod-like things fall from the sky, and then these monster-human-like things jumped out of them and suddenly attacked him the very moment they spotted him.

"Die!" the monster said as it shot a blast of energy at Sasuke.

"You first" Sasuke said as he appeared behind the monster and stabbed him in the heart with his chokuto sword as the energy blast destroyed what was now revealed to be a log.

Sasuke then looked around and noticed that he still had two more to deal with.

"This isn't going to be easy, but there is no way that I'll allow myself to die until I atone for what I've done…" Sasuke mumbled to himself before charging at the space monsters. They shot energy blasts at him, but they were only deflected by Sasuke's sword. Then in a matter of milliseconds, Sasuke was in their faces and beheaded both of them in one clean slash.

Sasuke then headed for one of the pods and immediately noticed just how high-tech it was, the entire thing was written in a language that he couldn't even decipher. It was then that he noticed that he was now facing a force far more advanced than anything that he or anyone that this world has ever faced before.

'Things are probably only going to get worse from here on in, this is probably only the tip of the iceberg too. I'd better get back to the Leaf Village… rouge ninja or not, they'll need all the help they can get!'

With that, the last Uchiha returned to the village of his birth in an attempt to save it from its imminent destruction.

Author: Before you say anything, I already know that this chapter was both short and most likely horribly written, but this is actually just part one out of three of what is known as the End of the World Arc.

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