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A figure, a man, sat with his legs crossed regarding the person that sat across from him.

The figure quirked an eyebrow at his companion. His companion brought a small tea cup to his lips, taking a breath, breathing in the scent of jasmine and tea before answering the unspoken query.

"It was necessary."

A disbelieving look crossed the figure's face.

"Explain," he demanded.

"They needed to meet. You know that they are aware of who he is now."

The man sighed dejectedly. "I know. Perhaps we've should have hidden longer. Coming here, so close to the others may not be a good idea."

His companion shrugged. "The others are here and His Highness will need their protection."

The man smirked. "Don't let him hear you say that. The gaki is very independent."

"So he hasn't changed much then." A statement, more than a question. " That's good. He will need it."

"Back to the matter at hand. I certainly hope you do not plan on taking such drastic measures again. He could have been seriously hurt."

"Ahh, but I always nearby. His Highness was in no real danger," the companion replied cockily.

"Hmmph. See that he isn't."

"Momo-senpai sure is troublesome," Ryoma murmured to himself. Since Momoshiro had lost his place as a regular to Inui he hadn't come to practice and everyone was worried. He knew Momoshiro would get out of his funk sooner or later, but this was beginning to annoy him, since Horio was always on his case about Momoshiro. Always asking if he was going to do something about it. Jeesh, if Horio was so worried, why don't he do something himself.

With a swoosh the doors on the train slid open and he stepped out, tugging his cap low and hefting his tennis bag over his shoulder into a more comfortable position, then Ryoma walked on. His destination was the street courts. He was sure that Momoshiro would be there, since he's following his golden string to Momoshiro. Sometimes, the strings has it's uses he guessed.

"Eh?" Ryoma paused and looked down. At his chest. His blood red string was drawn taut and tugging, like a fishing line that had caught a large fish. And like the fish on the other end of the fishing pole, he was being reeled in.

"Shit!" he cursed and started to jog, just to keep up with the tugging, so that it would not be so painful. He had gone fishing a few times and when the fish struggled against the hook in their mouth,he is sure that is just more painful. He didn't fear pain, but this is a string at his heart. What if he resisted and the string just kept pulling and pulling? His heart can't just come out of his chest like that... could it?

He stopped his jog at the foot of the steps that led up to the courts. He looked up, in apprehension and excitement. When he met the one on the other end of his left wrists a few weeks ago, he hadn't felt this kind of emotion. He remembered being shocked that one of his 'Destine One' was a guy. Will this one be too?

Why did it have to be a guy. I've got nothing against boyxboy relationship, but why me? But on the other hand... Oyaji is going to flip out when I bring home a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend. Hehehe. That makes it all worthwhile.

Taking the step one by one and at a leisurely pace from his previous one getting there, Ryoma could feel his heart thump with each step. Reaching the top, he smirked at his senpai, acting nonchalant.

"Hey, are you slacking off today too, Momo-senpai?" When Momoshiro and the girl, An looked at him in surprise, he tilted his head. "S'up?"

He tried his best to ignore the person at the other end of the string. Great, another guy. Then the red head did a somersault and landed behind Momoshiro. Ryoma had to say he was not impressed. Kikumaru is much better at it than this redhead...Hmm were all redhead acrobatic players?

"NO!" Both he and Momoshiro refused when the redhead challenged them. He and Momoshiro in doubles was not a good idea. He sucks at doubles. But that Momoshiro didn't have to go around announcing it.

"I want to play you, but Echizen here sucks at Doubles!" Momoshiro told the redhead.

Offended, Ryoma glared at Momoshiro. "You're the same, running around like a boar!"

"What! You can't be calling your senpai a boar!" This time, it was Momoshiro glaring at Ryoma, offended. "You just can't!" And the arguing started.

The redhead stared at them, disbelieving.

"What's with these two?" The redhead muttered, a sweatdrop forming.

Ryoma guess he can no longer ignore that other's presence. His heart string tugging at him, as if in annoyance...so it can give off some emotions now? Ryoma thought, then turned and walked toward the stone benches.

"Well then, the Monkey King over there. Have a match with me." Golden eyes peeked out from underneath his cap to stare at the other person. Wow...Ryoma felt his heart skipped a few beats. Sitting there with his left leg crossed over his right leg, left hand flat against the stone bench and right arm rested on his left leg, was that other person.

The person was dressed in a dark grey jogging pants and white/ light grey jersey. He had a powerful presence, even Ryoma could feel from where he stood on the courts. Light brown hair looked neat and tidy, framing a gorgeous face with a square jaw, straight nose, high cheekbones, and a mole under his right eye, blue eyes..

Those eyes, they seem so familiar. Like I have seen them before, a long time ago, but I've never met this person before... It's piercing...

Just like with the other teen, he immediately felt a sense of familiarity, a connection. However this one seem to be more deep, causing his heart to throb so painfully in his chest. Could it be because it was connected to his reddest string ever?... Could that be why? Because it is in the place where my heart is? He felt like a part of him, a part he didn't even knew existed, had awakened.

"Don't be so impatient." The other guy stated and Ryoma's heart skipped again. His voice was so deep and and sensual.

Ryoma let none of his thoughts or feelings show on his face, challenging the teen again with a smirk.

"Are you running away?"

He watched the teen got up to his feet and from where he was, the teen looked really tall and imposing from down where he stood. This teen wasn't pretty like the one he had met a few weeks ago, but nonetheless, he exudes and aura that says ' I am King and you will bow down before me.' and a face that screams absolute arrogance.

"At the Kantou Regionals. Ore-Sama will personally defeat you."

He calls himself ' Ore-Sama?' Ryoma watched the teen and his teammates leave with an impassive face. At the Kantou. I will definitely play you, Monkey King. Ryoma can't wait. From the looks of things and the way the others just followed, he was the captain. So he must be strong. Ryoma loves a challenge and this is one he will certainly not lose to.

Momoshiro shook his head. "That Echizen. Always challenging others," He murmured with a smile.

"Momo-senpai, that was Hyotei, ne?"

Momoshiro nodded, "Yeah, that's them. Our next opponent. Anyways, Echizen. Why'd you come here?" He asked curiously.

"No reason at all." Ryoma answered, and with a toss of his head, dismissing Momoshiro, he turned around and walked away, back down the concrete steps. He had to look up some info on Hyotei and find out who that Monkey King is.

Days later, when it was announced that Seigaku will be up against Hyotei in the Kantou Regionals, Ryoma wanted to jump up and do a victory dance. Atobe Keigo. It was the name of the teen he had seen on the street courts a week ago. From what he could find out, Hyotei has no vice captain. Only a captain. Captain of over 300 club members. Ryoma had even let out a whistle at that, impressed. He couldn't wait to play. Hopefully he would get to play Atobe. But for now, he's bored. So what to do?

"Oi, Kajimoto, what the hell. This is the fifth ball that you let get passed you!"

"Ahh, sorry, Wakato."

Wakato Hiroshi took off his cap and ran a hand through his reddish -orange hair. Sigh.

"Whatever, it's the weekend anyways. Let's go to an arcade. We practice enough during the week, don't you think?"

"There isn't such a thing as too much practice."

Wakato chuckled. "That's the captain in you speaking. Come on, you're seventeen, live a little, Kajimoto-Buchou," Wakato teased.

"Alright, alright. The arcade it is." Kajimoto smiled and placed his racquet back in his tennis bag. The two walked out of the gates.

Tan hands worked at the controls on the five feet tall machine. Right hand punching buttons and the left hand working the joy stick. Up, down, left , right. The figure on the screen played responded with according to what those hands did. The screen flashed ' Winner' and lips smirked as the hands released the controls. One hand came up and tugged his white cap low.

"Hmm, Mada mada dane." His left wrist twitch a now all too familiar twitch. The twitch that his... someone.. was near. Since it was his left wrist, he concluded it must be that pretty guy that had saved him a couple weeks ago.

Ryoma eyed the strand of red string and followed it all the way to the entrance of the arcade. There stood the that person and his cap wearing friend.

Kajimoto eyed the arcade that Wakato took him to. It's not too bad. A good size place for all the games they have there. The lighting was kind of dark though, he thought. He let his gaze wandered around the room, going from one game machine to another. One person to another. Like he was looking for something.. or someone. The feeling was almost like it was the other day, but without the sense of danger and apprehension.

"Hey, look over there, Kajimoto. It's that kid you saved the other day." He looked at where Wakato pointed and there he was. That kid with those golden eyes that haunt his dreams. The one you are to protect. Kajimoto shook his head slightly, shaking away the voice. He must not be getting enough sleep at night, he concluded.

He took a step and pause. Should he approach the kid? Yes..


"Eh? Why not?"

Kajimoto blinked at Wakato, not understanding. " Why not what?"

"Play on that motorbike racing game over there." When Kajimoto still blinked at him, Wakato frowned. "Oi, are you alright?"

"Just tired," he answered and looked back at where Ryoma was at, to see Ryoma looking their way. Not thinking, he took a step forward only to fall flat on the ground.

"Fsssh, baka-peach head. Look what you did."

"Me? Mamushi, you're the one who wasn't looking!"

"You're the one that pushed me!"

"Oi! You two need to apologize now." Wakato growled at the two. Kajimoto got up and dusted himself off, regarding the pair that was arguing, not even paying aware of the attention that they were drawing.

The two had the grace to look shamefaced and profusely apologized, bowing repeatedly.. Kajimoto quickly accepted their apologies, his eyes going back to where he saw that kid. But the kid was not longer there. He frowned, wondering where he could have gone. He scanned the area, but no sign of him. Disappointment curled in his belly.

"You okay?"

He gave his friend a nod. "I'm not in the mood any longer, though. Sorry, Wakato."

"Nah, S'alright. Let's just head home." Wakato shrugged good natured-ly, gesturing for Kajimoto to go on ahead, he followed, but paused and glanced back at the two, glaring specifically at one, who turned and shrugged apologetically.

"Kaido Kaoru and Momoshiro Takeshi. Hmmm." Smirking, he rushed after Kajimoto.

Looking left, then right, Ryoma walked out of the back door to the arcade and out to an ally. Even though he wanted to know more about the person tied to his left wrist, he didn't feel like dealing with Momoshiro and Kaidoh's constant arguing, so when he spotted them, he made a quick exit.

He supposed he would see this other guy another time. After all, with them being tied to each other, Ryoma was sure that if he wanted to, he can follow the string and it would lead right to him. It had worked with Momoshiro.

"Hmm, wonder if he plays tennis."

"As a matter of fact, I do."

Whirling around at the unexpected reply, Ryoma scowled. Couldn't this person see that he was trying to make a get away? He lifted his chin to look down his nose at the taller person. A foot taller at least. The hat sat sideways on his head, the person looked down at Ryoma, amusement twinkling in his eyes.

"Or maybe you weren't talking about me, eh?" Clapping his hand in enlightenment, he smirked. "Does someone has a cruu~sh?"

Light pink hues crawled up Ryoma's neck. He did not have a crush! And beside, this guy's friend was his destiny - Gack! Can't believe I just thought that! My Destiny?!

A smile flashed against that handsome face. "Oh-ho! So you do have a crush on Buchou."

Ryoma stubbornly lifted his chin. "Hn, who has a crush?"

Wakato inwardly chortled. The brat was just too cute. Going all pink but still denying it. He just couldn't help but tease.

"Well, I guess it can't be helped. Buchou is quite handsome. Though nothing compared to me, of course."

Ringing was heard and Wakato answered his cell phone.

"Moshi-moshi." Wakato's lips thinned. "Yes. I understand."

Hanging up, he gave Ryoma another smile. "Well, chibi. Gotto go!" With a wave, Wakato turned and ran off.

Ryoma scowled at the ' Chibi' part. Only Kikumaru could safely call him that! Meh, whatever. Shrugging, Ryoma decided that he was rather hungry. He jiggled the coins in his pocket. First, Ponta.

One moment, Wakato was behind him and the next he was not. Kajimoto turned to address his friend , but found no site of him. He sighed. Guess he's on his own again. He's known Wakato for four years now. Ever since their 3rd year of Junior High. Now the both of them were in their last year of High School. He's learned that Wakato will disappear sometimes, and won't show up for days later, even.

When he asked about it, Wakato always laughed it off, saying that something came up and he had to take care of it. Kajimoto wondered if there was something going on with Wakato's family? Which always brought the question – Why haven't he ever seen Wakato's family? Wakato said they were overseas on a business trip; said that he didnt' want to go to school overseas, so his parents hgad relented and allowed him to stay on his own, sending him living allowances. Kajimoto thought that was quite irresponsible of Wakato's parents.. but even so... they had to come home sometime.

Not once in the four years have he ever met a single member of his friend's family in person. He's seen pictures that Wakato showed him. Of a woman and a man that he claimed were his parents. That was it.

But this disappearance act is becoming more and more frequent and he was getting worried. He's afraid that Wakato may be involved in yazuka or drugs, or both. Something illegal. Especially when he found his friend covered in cuts and bruises... and blood a month ago.


It was raining that day. A torrential downpour with low angry black clouds. The only light are the streaks of lightning that danced across the sky. After school practice had been canceled that day due to the rain. But Kajimoto was worried. His friend hadn't come to school in two days and their teachers had not heard from them either.

He had been on the bus, going home when he started getting a bad feeling in his guts. He was soaked and chilled to the bone when he arrived at Wakato's house. The door was slightly ajar, so he pushed it open, stepping into darkness, dripping water into a small puddle as he stood there, letting his eyes adjust.

"Wakato." Kajimoto called out, but no answer. He reached out to the light switch on his right – he's been here enough times to know where it was - and flicked it up, bathing the area with a bright glow. His eyes that was adjusted to the dark flinched and he bough this hand up to shield it for a moment.

When hi s eyes were adjusted to the brightness, he lowered his arm. Not bothering to take off his shoes, he walked forward, his heart thumping in his chest. The house was early quiet. The only sounds were the drip drop noise, the squelching of his wet shoes on the hardwood floor and the thunder rolling outside. He rubbed his left wrist, a habit and felt warmth.

His steps took him to the front of Wakato's room. It was closed. Kajimoto stood there, staring at the door, straining to hear for any sounds. There were none. But for reasons unknown, he knew Wakato was behind the door.

Kajimoto twisted the knob – slowly. It made a small squeaking noise and the door was opened. Like the house was earlier, the room was dark. A small beam shot into that darkness and grew wider as Kajimoto pushed the door all the way open. His heart leapt to his throat at what he saw.

There on the floor beside the bed was Wakato. His skin stood so white against the red that was pooling beneath where he lay. Kajimoto immediately knelt by Wakato, uncaring of the blood that was being soaked into his pants, checking for pulse and breathing a sigh of relief as he found one, even as faint as it was.

He had tried calling the police, only to have Wakato's hand came up stop him. Saying he was alright and not to tell anyone. He helped Wakato bandaged his wounds. They were serious wounds too. A large gash went from Wakato's left shoulder and curved down to the ribs. Bruises and various cuts marred his body, but a few days later, he even came to back to school like nothing happened. Like he wasn't laying in his own blood. And the gash, cuts and bruises were gone.

Flashback end

Kajimoto rubbed his arms. Remembering that night always gives him the chill. Sometimes he wondered if he had just imagined the serious wounds that Wakato had. If he just imagined how Wakato's eyes had flashed a bright silver when they had opened. But he knew that he had not imagined them. His bloody clothes were still in a bag in the back of his closet to remind him of that.

Whatever the case, Wakato did not offer up an explanation and he did not ask for one.

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that scene wher Ryoma met keigo was an episode (can't remember which).