Naruto the Fox Sannin

Chapter 7

New Teachers, New Jutsus

Naruto sighed as he walked down the road of Konoha, he was alone though because his secretly, no longer a secret 4 tailed kitsune, Shizuka was feeling a bit drained after using the foxfire so much and not to mention he didn't have a sensei to train him for the exams.

'Great, just great, Kakashi-sensei bailed on me to teach Sasuke-teme and left Sakura and I without trainers, I mean sure Sakura's weak as hell, but she's still a member of the team' he thought. Naruto looked up at the sky and watched the clouds float by. Naruto stopped when he heard a shift in the wind and a figure landed in front of him. Naruto looked at the man, dressed in navy blue shirt and pants with matching colour sandals and a bandana hitai-ate around his head and wore dark glasses like Shino's.

"Ah, Ebisu-san, what's up, shouldn't you be teaching Konohamaru?" the kitsune hanyou jinchuriki asked. Ebisu adjusted his glasses and grinned.

"Yes, well Kakashi-san told me that since he would be training Sasuke, he gave me the task of training you" Ebisu explained. Naruto groaned in annoyance before he complied and then he followed Ebisu to who knows where to train for the finals.

Konoha Hot Springs

"So you brought me for a bath?" Naruto asked the closet pervert as he stared at the inviting warm waters of the hot springs. Ebisu adjusted his shades and chuckled.

"Oh no, young Naruto, we are here to train, I will now teach you to control that immense amount of chakra you have, you see you have an enormous amount of chakra, even without the Kyuubi and so we must have you learn to control that chakra" Ebisu explained. Naruto nodded.

"Demo, how will taking a bath help me with this?" the blonde jinchuriki asked.

"Have you learned the tree walking exercise?" Ebisu asked. Naruto nodded, "Well I shall now teach how to walk on water." Naruto's eyes widened and then he remembered how Kakashi and Zabuza were standing on water when they fought on the mission to Wave country.

"Sugoi, teach it to me" Naruto said excitedly.

"Ok well you see in order to accomplish the task of water walking you must first concentrate chakra to the bottom of your feet, then you take a step onto the water while continuously releasing a steady amount of chakra and voila water walking" Ebisu explained. Naruto processed what Ebisu just told him and then nodded.

"Ok I will now show you a demonstration" Ebisu said. Ebisu made the ram sign and then he took a step onto the scalding hot waters and then another. Ebisu kept this up until he finally reached the centre of the spring bath. Naruto looked at the special jonin with awe.

"Ok here I go" Naruto said. Naruto channeled chakra to his feet and then took a step forward; Naruto then took another step before he fell into the hot waters.

"AHHHH HOT, HOT, HOT!" Naruto yelled as he scrambled out of the water.

"Remember Naruto-san, keep the flow of chakra constant, unlike the tree climbing where you just focus chakra to your feet and climb, you must keep releasing the chakra you generate for THIS exercise" Ebisu said from his spot. Naruto nodded and stripped down to his green boxers since his other clothes wee soaked. Naruto continued to try and master the water walking and finally after his 20th try, when Ebisu thought all hope was lost, he heard a cry of joy. Ebisu looked up and saw the blonde boy standing in the surface of the water, but his excitement caused him to lose focus and he fell. Ebisu chuckled as Naruto got out.

"Well done Naruto" he said as he jumped over to Naruto. "Now then just keep going until sunset and you can go home" Naruto whooped with joy and then continued his water walking. Ebisu smiled as he watched the boy and then he heard a giggling. Ebisu looked and saw a white haired man peeking into the girl's bath house.

"Ah you vile person, I cannot let such horrendous acts be done" Ebisu said and then rushed at the white haired individual. The man turned and then slammed his palm on the ground. A large toad appeared, about the size of a small horse and then wrapped its tongue around Ebisu before slamming him into the ground knocking Ebisu out like a light. Naruto turned from his water walking and jumped over to his substitute sensei's side.

'Woah he's out cold' Naruto thought and then glared at the toad man.

"Hey you Ero-baka, what the hell do you think you're doing knocking out my sensei in the middle of my training" Naruto yelled. The white haired man looked at Naruto and frowned.

"What you mean the water walking exercise?" he asked. Naruto nodded.

"By the way who are you?" Naruto asked. The man smirked before doing a strange dance.

"I am feared throughout the elemental nations, may tremble in fear when they hear my name, I am the Gama Sannin of Mount Myoboku, I am the Gallant Jiraya…also author of Icha Icha Paradise" he added as he pulled out the dreaded orange book. Naruto gasped and pointed at the book.

"I've seen that book before" Naruto said as he remembered Kakashi. Jiraya grinned.

"Really, it's been getting pretty famous these days" Jiraya said.

"That book is a disgrace to all mankind what is wrong with you and besides you knocked out my sensei so y!" Naruto cried. Jiraya's face became full of rage.

"It is not, this book has changed the lives of many" Jiraya said, "besides I don't think you're even worthy enough to have me oversee your training" Jiraya said. Naruto growled and then formed the ram sign.

"Orioke no Jutsu" Naruto said and then in a poof of smoke Naruto turned into the naked blonde female we all know and love. Jiraya's eyes widened and then began to take noted in his book.

"Sugoi, this is amazing, you are a genius, what's this called" Jiraya blabbed as he tried to resist the urge to have a nose bleed.

"Uh, it's called Orioke no Jutsu" Naruto said as he scratched his head.

"Well kid looks like you got yourself a sensei" Jiraya said.

"So you'll help with my training?" Naruto asked putting on a cute face.

"Yes, but on one condition" Jiraya said.

"One condition, what is it?" Naruto asked. Jiraya got a blush on his face and then looked at the female Naruto.

"You have to stay like that whenever you're around me" Jiraya said while giggling perversely. Naruto reverted to normal and had wide eyes.

"You sick pervert, you disgust me" Naruto yelled.

"Nani, gaki, I am no ordinary pervert I am…a MEGA-PERV ROOOAAR!" Jiraya said. Naruto shook his head.

'This man has no shame' he thought. "Look can you just oversee it please, by the way in case you were wondering, my name is Uzumaki Naruto" Naruto said. Jiraya's ears perked up at the name.

"Uzumaki you say" Jiraya said, "ok gaki come with me I have something for you"

Naruto went and followed the perverted Sannin. A few minutes later the two shinobi arrived at a small area near a flowing river.

"Why'd you bring me all the way up here Ero- Sennin?" Naruto asked. Jiraya scowled at the nickname that his new student gave him.

'Geez he and his father have the same kind of nickname for me' Jiraya thought before removing a scroll form his back about as tall as Naruto.

"What's that thing?" Naruto asked.

"This, gaki, is a summoning contract, it's a high level transportation jutsu in which you sign a blood tie with an animal and then you use the jutsu, Kuchiyose no Jutsu to summon the animal to your side whenever you want" Jiraya explained.

"I see; which animal is this?" Naruto asked (A/N: I know Naruto's asking too much questions).

"Have you heard the story about the village of Uzugakure?" Jiraya asked. Naruto shook his head. "Well you see your mother came from that village and the people of that village were very strong, in fact even though they had a small population they were strong enough to take on one of the Elemental countries and win" Naruto was wide eyed, his mother was that strong.

"Now you see because of their strength, they caught the eye of one of the most powerful summoning clans, the dragon clan" Jiraya said.

"Sugoi" Naruto whispered. Jiraya nodded in agreement.

"I know, and now this scroll is yours since your mother is in like a really long coma" Jiraya said, but then stopped as he looked at Naruto's face which was full of shock.

'My mother's alive' he thought, those words ran through his head a large amount of times until he started to whoop with joy, he wasn't an orphan anymore.

"Kuso, I wasn't supposed to tell you that" Jiraya said. Naruto stopped.

"What, why not, she's my mother and you want to keep the fact that she's been alive all this time A SECRET WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?" Naruto practically screamed.

Meanwhile in the Konoha hospital- Secret hospital room # 231

A young red haired woman stirred in her sleep as she awoke from a 12 year long coma, green eyes surveyed the completely white room she was in. Wearing nothing but a hospital gown, the red haired woman sat up and yawned, cracking her stiff joints and stretching her tight muscles.

"How long was I out for?" she asked the ceiling. This was Uzumaki Kushina out of her 13 year long coma, then she stepped out after removing the IV tube from her arm taking in a long breath of fresh air. A nurse was passing by and saw Kushina and immediately ran to tell the other doctors. Kushina sneezed before walking after the nurse. Kushina walked down a few flight of stairs and saw a whole lot of people standing in front of the door and smiled.

"Welcome back, good to you're healthy Kushina-san" they chorused. Kushina smiled.

"Arigato, now I want to see my little Naruto-kun" she said. The whole room paled when they heard the name Naruto. "Did you follow Minato-kun's wish and make sure my baby Naruto was seen as hero" she growled. The whole room became silent.


Kushina became red with fury and sped off to the hokage tower.

Hokage tower

Sarutobi Hiruzen was doing a whole set of paperwork and was beginning to crazy after doing so much. Sarutobi looked up at the ceiling and prayed to Kami.

'Please Kami-sama, please do something to keep me away from this paperwork' he thought. A knock came on the door and the secretary entered.

"Hokage-sama, you have a visitor" she said.

'I love Kami-sama, thank you' Sarutobi thought, but his happiness was short lived as he came face to face with an angry Uzumaki Kushina. Sarutobi paled.

'I hate you Kami-sama' he thought as his ears were now filled with the sound of Kushina's loud and seemingly endless rant.

1 hour Later

Sarutobi was on the verge of going deaf as Kushina continued her rant of death, and he then decided to end it.

"Look Kushina I understand that you're very, very, very, VERY disappointed with the villager for not seeing Naruto as a hero, but a least he's on his way to being a chunin" he said.

"What you think I'm just gonna forgive those…. Did you just say my Naruto-kun's in the chunin exams?" she asked. Sarutobi nodded. "Ha, in your face Sarutobi, now you still owe me that 500 ryu from 13 years ago" she said holding out her palm. Sarutobi was shocked.

"You still remember that, after 13 years in a coma" he said with wide eyes.

"Yup, now then where's Naruto?" she asked.

"I think he's by the Nakana river with Jiraya" he replied. Kushina's eyes widened and instantly left, but not before buying some clothes and THEN going to the river, 'I swear if Naruto's a pervert I'll pound Jiraya into dust' she thought.

Back with Naruto

Jiraya sneezed and then watched as Naruto signed the dragon contract.

"Well now that you've signed the contract, bite your thumb and then form the signs Boar, Dog, Monkey, Bird and Ram and then slam the hand with the thumb you bit on the ground and voila Kuchiyose no Jutsu" Jiraya said. Naruto nodded and then formed the handsigns.

"KUCHIYOSE NO JUTSU" he yelled slamming his palm on the ground. A large plume of smoke appeared and then when it cleared there stood a saphire scaled dragon, with four legs each with 4 sharp claws ready to slice anything it slashed to ribbons, along with razor sharp teeth and sapphire blue eyes that looked like they were on fire, two horns protruding from its head and a row of spikes going down its back and ending at a spiked tail and it was humongous about as tall as the Hokage Tower.. The dragon looked around and then sniffed the air. The dragon twisted its serpentine body and spied Naruto before showing a toothy grin.

"You smell of Kushina" the dragon said. Naruto looked puzzled.

"Who's Kushina?" he asked. Jiraya sighed.

"That's your mother's name" the Toad Sannin said. The dragon continued.

"I am Ragnarok, dragon of lightning and you are most likely Kushina's son… Naruto I think was the name she gave you" Ragnarok said. Naruto nodded. "Well I am the eldest son of the dragon king, Gendora the black dragon" he said, "we dragons are one of the rarest species of summons and therefore there are only a few of us, I think approximately 10 species of dragons, and only 5 of each species however Gendora is the last of his kind" he said. Naruto was wide eyed; he multiplied the number of species and five and calculated the number of dragons left to be only about 41 left.

"Well I would like to know more about you dragons and your abilities" Naruto said and sat down. Ragnarok cleared his throat as he prepared to go into lecture mode.

"Ok Naruto well you see, dragons are separated into species depending on their colour we have names but I'm too lazy to say them all right now, now as I told you blue dragons also known as Aqua Draco have the ability to fire a blast of water and ice from our mouths and we can form hail storms along with blizzards and manipulation of water" Ragnarok said and then demonstrated by making a mass of grey clouds appear and then hail fell and pelted Naruto in the head and the a quick blizzard appeared and froze the nearby river and then a blast of water followed by an ice blast. Naruto's eyes widened as he looked at the tree which was now splinters and

"Sugoi" Naruto whispered. Ragnarok was about to continue before he felt a very strong killer intent heading towards the 3 of them. Ragnarok quickly wrapped his body around Naruto, but Jiraya was left hanging as an angry red head ran towards them. Kushina stopped running when she saw a large blue dragon.

"Ragnarok?" she questioned. The blue dragon nodded before Kushina hugged his nose. "It's been so long" she said, "13 years to be exact" she said. Naruto wriggled out of the dragon's coils and looked at the red haired Uzumaki.

"Okaa-san" he said with tears in his eyes. Kushina looked at Naruto before grabbing him and enveloping him in a tight hug. Naruto cried into his mother's shoulder as the two of them were finally reunited.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, I'm so sorry that I left you like this" Kushina said as she released her son from the back breaking hug. Naruto wiped his eyes.

"It's alright mom, I'm fine, in fact I'm doing great, I made genin with Kakashi-sensei along with my teammates, Haruno-teme an Uchiha-teme and I'm going to the chunin finals" he said. Kushina grabbed her son by the ear.

"Itai, Itai, Kaa-san stop that hurts" Naruto wailed.

"Don't use language like that in front of me young man, but I still agree with you on the Uchiha and Haruno being temes, they were always this way" Kushina said. "Now then Ragnarok, I believe you were explaining to Naruto about your clan" Kushina said to the great blue dragon.

"Right" Ragnarok said as Naruto and Kushina sat down, but Jiraya made the mistake of trying to take notes for Icha Icha Paradise in front of the female Uzumaki and was met with a slap to the face, knocking him out and Naruto kicked him in the balls making the unconscious man tear up from the pain.

"Well done Naruto" Kushina said and then Naruto listened to every word Ragnarok said about the dragon clan, from weakest to strongest.

Grey dragons, Terra draco, the weakest species had the power to shoot out a toxic acid that immobilized the enemy due to its viscosity and it also burned the flesh of said enemy and can manipulate stone. They have smaller horns and spikes and are able to fly due to having wings.

Brown dragons are grown up versions of the grey dragons. Their ability to control the earth had increased along with their strength and speed. They can also fire their claws and coat them with stone as hard as diamond like missiles and the claws can quickly regenerate as the claws are made entirely of keratin, the substance that fingernails are made from. Can also call upon a shield of earth that is as hard as metal and lose the ability to create the acid.

Yellow dragons, Fulgur Draco are next in line, they have the power to control lightning and can create lightning storms as well as fire a blast of salt water from their mouths to allow a power up for their electricity. They have wings which allow them to fly and longer horns and sharper teeth claws spikes etc. (A/N: Alright just to save some time, the claws, teeth, spikes and horns all get longer and sharper as the dragons progress up the chain), Can form a dome of lightning to protect them.

Green Dragons, Ventus Draco, have the manipulation over wind and can create tornados, hurricanes and any other type of wind storm. They can fly due to having two pairs of wings enabling them to move faster and be more agile in aerial combat. They can also create a shield of wind by spinning rapidly to defend themselves.

Purple dragons, Helios Draco, have the power to summon up gigantic crystal structures and spikes from the ground to impale their opponents therefore they cannot use a breath move (fire blasts that kind of stuff). They cannot fly, but they have an additional ability that when the sun is at its brightest it can use the crystals to reflect sunlight rays and fire concentrated rays of sunlight that can burn through anything. The crystals when surrounding the dragon in a circular pattern, the dragon will be able to reflect light rays and form a shield of light that can protect itself from anything except for things that come underground and if the crystals are knocked down, but this rarely happens.

Orange Dragons, Igneoterra Draco, have the ability to call forth lava and fire lava blasts from their mouths. The lava is not your ordinary molten hot rock thought. It's exploding molten hot rock. The lava is filled with magnesium, which is very explosive when heated to high temperatures. Also they can make their molecular composition be like that of lava and can therefore become partly liquid, but the catch is that although it's a lava dragon in that form it still extremely vulnerable to any form of moisture, snow, hail, rain, even saliva, but the damage depends on the amount of that liquid (A/N: Just so you know, I did do not look this stuff, I know this stuff because I'm a biology and chemistry wiz so I know my stuff).

White Dragons, Glacies Draco, are younger versions of blue dragons and unlike their adult forms cannot manipulate water, but can use ice. They form high powered blizzards and ice beams and can call upon ice spikes to impale their opponents. They can fly, but they are very vulnerable to fire because their scales are partially made of ice and also anything it touches with its claws freezes instantly, but the scales can regenerate slowly. They lose the ability to freeze things and call upon the ice spikes when they become blue dragons.

Red dragons, Igneo Draco, have the power over fire and can shoot fire blasts up to 9000 degrees Fahrenheit. They can spin at high speeds while shooting a stream of fire to form a tornado of fire around itself and this attack is both defensive and offensive. The red dragon can also fly and then perform an attack known as meteor strike in which it flies up surrounds itself with fire and, well, dives.

Finally, the black dragons, Maxus Draconus, have the ability to command all dragons other than their own kind, can fire blasts of black fire as well as have enhanced strength; speed, agility, endurance and they also have the ability to create any kind of natural disaster. The black dragons can coat themselves with liquid diamond that is secreted from their scales, fly, and can bend the elements of fire, earth, wind, lightning and water to their will which is why no dragon can oppose them. Some who have tried have never returned and others are held in the darkest dungeons of the dragon's lair.

"And that is the clan of the dragons young Naruto" Ragnarok said. Naruto's jaw was hanging as he absorbed all that information into his human brain.

"Sugoi, you guys are like the awesomest clan ever, I mean I can't wait to summon Gendora" he said.

"Now Naruto, I know you have a large amount of chakra at your disposal, but it requires an extreme amount of chakra to summon our leader and father. In fact only, Uzumaki Arashi, leader of the Uzumaki clan was the only one to ever summon him" Ragnarok said. "Call us when you need us, also Naruto I'll leave behind a friend to be your primary summon, this young dragon is a young hatchling, about 10 years after hatching, take good care of him for once a dragon becomes your partner he/she cannot go back to the summoning world, also his name is Kioshi" Ragnarok said and then went back home in a flare of water and ice. The water an ice left and there where Ragnarok stood was replaced by a red dragon, it had golden yellow eyes and then eyed Naruto before letting out a sort of growl, revealing 2 rows of sharp teeth and a few embers flew out too. The dragon hatchling was about the same size as Shizuka.

"Well you must be Kioshi" Naruto said. The young dragon growled and then nodded.

"Hai, and you must be Uzumaki Naruto" the young dragon said. Naruto nodded, but before he and the dragon could talk, Kushina intervened.

"Alright Naruto, now that you're done with Ragnarok, I shall now teach you some new techniques that you, and ONLY you can know" Kushina said.

"Why is it that only I can know these jutsus?" he asked. Kushina smiled a toothy grin and then said the words that made Naruto's jaw drop.

"It's your bloodline" she stated simply.

(A/N: Well that's chapter 7, also since Jiraya has no real reason to stay now, Kushina will now supervise Naruto's training and he will now learn to master his bloodline of the Uzumaki's. Look I know Naruto's the 'Fox Sannin' but I mean come on I gave the boy a fox tail, ears, a pet 4 tailed fox and the ability to transform into a kitsune isn't that enough. Also please review this chapter as next is chapter 8: Bloodline of the Uzumaki).