My Fair Chipette: Eleanor Edition

Chapter 1

The "Miss Wonderful Beauty Contest" is starting tomorrow and Alvin is at a stand marketing out that he could make any girl a Beauty Contest winner. Then he sees Brittney.

"How would you like some tips for beauty and refinement?" Alvin asked Brittney as she signed for the contest.

"Ha! You would not know beauty and refinement if it bit you on your nose" mocked Brittney to Alvin.

Then Alvin got an idea, "I bet one dollar that I can make any girl a beauty contest winner" suggested Alvin.

Brittney then thoughtfully searches the school campus for a girl to challenge Alvin. She finally sets her eyes on her sister Eleanor. Eleanor looks up on the sign for the beauty contest and signs sadly. She grabs her chubby belly and shakes her head not believe she could ever be in the beauty contest, let along being beautiful.

"How about Eleanor?" said Brittney pointing to Eleanor.

"What! You got to be crazy!" said Alvin not believing Brittney.

"But you said you can make anyone a beauty contest winner, right?" said Brittney reminding Alvin.

"But…well…your right, you have a deal" said Alvin defeated.

"Great, well good luck then, you'll need it" said Brittney shaking Alvin's hand to seal the deal. Alvin signed to himself; this is going to be difficult.

At the school Swimming Pool, Alvin catches up with Eleanor, it's tricky since she is very athletic, regardless of her shape.

"Hey Eleanor! How would you like to be in the beauty contest?" asked Alvin.

Eleanor stopped her swimming and walked out of the pool glaring at Alvin. "Is this a joke Alvin? Well if it is, it's not very funny" said Eleanor offended, "Just look at me Alvin; do I look like somebody who can be consider beautiful?"

Alvin takes a good look at Eleanor. He does realize that she is pretty short and a little chubby, but strangely he is attracted to her, she does look very cute. And besides Eleanor likes similar things like Alvin like sports.

"I don't see anything wrong with you Eleanor, you look great to me!" said Alvin trying to be nice to her.

"You really think so Alvin?" said Eleanor blushing as her heart beat rises. She is close friends to Theodore, but nobody ever made good comments of her looks.

Alvin was taken back from Eleanor's comment, it seemed personal to him. He started blushing himself. "Of course…Eleanor, then I guess I'll see you later for the contest" said Alvin as he waved goodbye and run off unsure of these new feelings he is getting for Eleanor.

"Bye Alvin" said Eleanor quietly out loud. She looks at herself and thinks maybe she will have a chance in the contest, besides she does not look that bad, maybe Alvin is a nicer then she think he is.

To be continued…

Author's Note: Well I got this far. Now I am having trouble of thinking of ideas for preparing Eleanor for the beauty contest and what she does for the talent portion of the contest. If any of you guys have ideas, PM them to me, but don't send by review or it would spoil the story. I think I know how I want it to end, but you guys can think of ideas for the ending, I will accept them.