'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, there was a creature stirring.

And he was definitely not a mouse.

Rhymes aside, the house itself would probably be better classified as a "death trap," or "pit of doom." Right now it was no place any normal human being would want to call their home. Bakura hadn't worked his ass off all day long for nothing.

It had all started the previous morning, when Ryou had decided that perhaps some holiday spirit would cheer up the grumpy thief lord. The hikari had been quite confused to find that the Egyptian actually started to show interest in the festivities, and soon interest turned into a rather odd obsession. Unfortunately for Ryou, by the time he realized this his plan had completely backfired and would not return to its original course.

"You do realize that it's just a story," he had said, already forced out of his own body and trying to dissuade his other half. "He doesn't exist."

"You're starting to sound like Seto Kaiba," Bakura had growled, amidst the arrangement of lights and trip wires. "Now shut up before I make you."

Willingly or not, Ryou complied and had since been silent. If your wondering which option he chose, just imagine whatever suits your mood at the moment. This is not the point of the story, and should remain that way.

If you were standing on the ground, the outside of the house looked like a normal settlement around the holiday season. Random lights, flashing arrays of colors, the usual. That was what the untrained eye would see. If you had been trained as a spy, bodyguard, or any other profession that involved spotting danger, the tranquilizer darts hidden on the rooftop would have been noticeable. And yes, all 10 had placed exactly one reindeer-length apart.

Oh, and if you were coming in from the air the flickering lights would show something that look suspiciously like a hand that was, well, doing what hands to when they flip somebody off. But that was beside the point.

Starting at the chimney on the inside of the house, there was a varied range of tripwires and cameras, made to set off alarms at the sight or feel of anything large, jolly and red. Once the alarm was sounded a mix of acetone and sodium hypochlorite fumes would drift in and render any living being unconscious.

And the next part was something Bakura planned to do himself. It would be a good way to break in his new knives. If that didn't work, however, then the exploding Christmas tree would do its job.

But for the moment, the white haired spirit was staring very impatiently at the computer screen, watching as a little red dot slowly moved over a world map. NORAD had absolutely no idea that they were a vital part in the murderer's plan.

And hour crept by, and by this time Bakura's eyes were sufficiently red from lack of sleep. For some reason his host's body refused to adapt to the ways of the nocturnal, and it infuriated the spirit greatly. In fact, he was about to nod off when suddenly he shot up into a more lively position. The red dot was here. The hour had come.

The sudden thumps on the rooftop were accompanied by the barely detectable "Shft!" of the darts. The thief king rose silently out of his chair, a shining blade in each hand as he approached the living room in way eerily similar to that of a stalking predator. His face lit up with a wicked grin as he imagined what would come next.

Santa Claus had come to town, and Bakura was ready for him.

Author's Note: So, basically this idea came to me out of nowhere and I had to write it. I know it's a little late for a Christmas special, but it's still techinically the twenty fifth where I live and so I plan to make the most out of it. Hope you enjoyed! ~ Mystic