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"Hey Yash, is this a good idea?"

"I told you, I don't like this school. So shut up Miroku. Keh."

Inuyasha was walking down the woods of Shikon High. Along with his friends, yes his friends, they boycott their meeting regarding of the transfer. It was rather boring according to Inuyasha. They are just going to sit there and do nothing.

His full name was Inuyasha Takahashi. The Takahashi's are the second to the Higurashi's Shikon. They are always at second best but they really don't care. As long as they can maintain everything and put things in order, they won't lead to bankruptcy.

The Houshi family, which is Miroku's family, is the owner of most of the museums in Japan and he is good at art. He can sculpt, paint and gosh, even knitting. He has this 'killer smile' that all the girls love about him. (AN: In this story, Miroku is less perverted. -phew-) They also support many malls and what I mean about support is financial support.

The other thing about this Miroku guy is he is the most renowned playboy. It's like every famous and pretty girl out there have dated him. But, he never slept with any of them neither did he kissed any of them. He said that he will only give his kiss to the girl he loves.

Inuyasha said it was impossible.

"Brother, I don't know you're that persistent." Sesshoumaru said.

Well here is Sesshoumaru. The ever so cold brother of Inuyasha. Oh wait. Half-brother. He is the oldest brother and soon to take over half of the company while Inuyasha is taking the other half. He has this aura about him that is so weird.

For the girls.

He is always cold and rude like it will hurt to crack a smile. Fighting with Inuyasha is his hobby and it will be a miracle if he let a girl enter in his life.

"Well, he is the Inuyasha Takahashi, the second of the youngest richest people." Kouga said.

Kouga is a wolf demon. His family of wolf are the owners of large companies of cars and owned many airports. They specialized in transportation and has good connections with the army.

He is kind of a playboy too but not as much as Miroku. He is very choosy with girls and what I mean about choosy is very strict when it comes to his type of girl.

Inuyasha smirked. "Correction to that. I'm soon to be the youngest richest person. The Takahashi is in level with the Higurashi. Almost."

Kouga snorted. 'What a weirdo.'

It was true that the Takahashi's are able to compete with the Higurashi's. Shikon is the very well-known while the Takahashi is at second. Other big companies are trying to talk to them about having a merger between the two. Though, it has not been settled.



"What the heck?!" Inuyasha covered his sensitive ears.

"C'mon!" Miroku said.

They all went to where the voice came from and found five boys surrounding a terrified girl. It looks like the girl noticed them and gave them pleading eyes. Desperate pleading eyes.

"Yash, wanna kick some ass?" Miroku asked.

"Who doesn't want to?"

"Hmm..." Kagome moaned as she lay down on a tree branch with her hands on her back and an opened book covering her face.



"What the heck are those noises?" She winced as she took the book out of her face and sat up.

As if on cue, the noises have stopped and she heard someone talking just beneath her.

"Oh thank you for saving me!" Was what she heard.

Curious, she jumped from the branch and landed gracefully on the ground. She stretched her arms and yawned. Looking at her surroundings, she saw a silver-haired boy with dog ears looking at her. Not lustily but...


And that's the first time she ever saw a man look at her with no lust. Who the heck was this guy?

She suddenly felt the urge to smile. "Good morning! What can I do for the four civilians?" Oh my gosh she smiled.

She's going to slap herself for that.

Repeatedly. She thought.

But then again, this was a way to look polite. Without them knowing what her true nature really is.

Having no response, she repeated her question with a smile. Oh she was going to bang her head for that.

Privately. She thought.

Ah she was addressing the four of them. Not only me. Inuyasha sighed.

"Uhm... These boys..." Inuyasha pointed to the boys who laughed and insulted them.

Kagome didn't need another explanation as she can see what was happening. "Oh yes. Another harassment eh Nobunaga?" She crossed her hands on her chest.

Then the saved girl came launching at Kagome. Hugging her fiercely. "Kagome! Hojo is harassing me again!" The said girl buried her face at at Kagome's shoulder.

Kagome sighed.

"Yo Nobunaga! Go get detention slips for the five of you and go to the faculty room and announce what you have done." She narrowed her eyes.

Hojo's eyes widened as he took a step closer. "Wh-what? Announce?"

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Oh please. And you were in third place too."

"But Ms. Midoriko is-"

"I know! Ugh! For the love of... Keh. Just do what I said!" Kagome threw her hands in the air.

Inuyasha's ears twitched earning a quick side glance from Kagome. Did his ears heard right? She just said his own word 'keh'? Not liking the way this girl said it...

"Hey wench." He called.

Kagome turned to the demonized person or whatever you call him. She just doesn't care anymore considering the fact that she was comforting this girl and Hojo just left with his boys to go nowhere.

"Is it me you're calling wench?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Darn right woman." He clenched his fist.

Trying to pick a fight eh? She thought. "Why is it that you call me?"

"Because you just used my word. Which means its part of my damn vocabulary and my fucking trademark." Inuyasha's friends sighed.

Kagome was about to put this guy off the edge when her phone rang. Wincing, she put the phone by her ear. "Sango... No-uh yes. No! Jeez. Wait-uh. Oh c'mon! Will you shut up?!"

"I'm listening."

"Sango, pick me up here by the Southern Forest. I-"

"How the heck did you get there?!"

Kagome sighed. There was no way Sango would listen. She looked around and saw this guy with a small ponytail. He looks familiar... Ah yes! He's Miroku!

Then she remembered about this Miroku guy she heard Sango talk about. And by the looks of it, Sango liked the guy.

So now that's settled and Sango won't mind to listen to her and she will just have to do things on her own...

It's time for a distraction.

"Sango! Don't you know Miroku is in the hospital? They say he has an arm injury!"

"What? No way? Oh I'll call you later!" Great she had fallen for the bait.

As she hung up, she can see the weirdness in the faces of the boys. Especially this Miroku guy. So they think I don't know him.

"Listen Miroku Houshi, I just did that to get my crazy girlfriend who has this somewhat obsession over you to back off. Since she won't dare to listen to me anyway." Kagome explained.

Miroku just blinked and nodded. Kagome sighed. "And you dog boy." She pointed to Inuyasha.

"What about me?" Inuyasha narrowed his eyes.

Kagome rubbed her temples. "Just forget that I said your word and I won't use it again." Holy crap. Did I just aplogize?

She will shoot some arrows later.

Non-stop. She thought.

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