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"Good morning class." The teacher said.

"Good morning Iruka-sensei." The class responded.

It was a beautiful day in Konoha, the bright blue sky was flawless, but the early sun cast shadows upon the school room and made it dark. Just another boring day in a boring school. A certain blonde thought glumly.

"Class, I'm pleased to tell you that we have a new student ." Iruka told them.

Oh brother. He complained yet again. I hope he's not a prick like Sasuke.

He yawned, and lazily tilted his chair back and rested his legs on the desk in front of him. Who ever he is, I probably won't like him. With that happy thought, he closed his eyes in hopes to get some sleep.

Iruka motioned for someone outside of the room to come in. Suddenly the air was filled with gasps, and quite a few whistles.

"Normally we would have everyone introduce themselves, but we are going to have a busy day today, and we need as much time as we can get. So everyone this is Hinata, we will have time for proper introductions later. Hmm, lets see, were can I sit you? Ah! There is an empty seat over in the back row. See that blonde guy back there who is pretending to be asleep?"

"Y-yeah." Hinata said stuttered.

"That is Naruto, you can sit next to him for now."

"O-okay" She said quietly.

After hearing his name Naruto slowly opened his eyes to study the 'newbie' for the first time. He suddenly lost his balance in the seat, and started to fall back, his arms pin-wheeled through the air madly in hopes to grab onto something.

"Ach!" was all he managed to get out before hitting the ground with a loud thump.

Everyone in the room erupted in laughter, even Iruka laughed, but Hinata only let a small giggle pass through her lips before sealing them shut.

Naruto hastily got up, scratching the back of his head, a wry smile plastered on his face. Great! He thought. I just embarrassed myself in-front of the new chick! Oh well, she was way out of my league. Just keep smiling and pretend that you meant to do that, after all, I am the class clown.

"Ha ha ha." He laughed along with them.

Eventually the class settled down and Naruto picked up his seat and sat down.

"Phew." Naruto let out a breath.

He rested his head in the palm of his hand to hide the embarrassment that threatened to reveal itself on his face.

"That was embarrassing… I hope the new girl doesn't think I'm a loser now." He muttered to himself.

The new girl next to him began to giggle quietly. He realized that she must have what he had said. He shot her a sideways glance.

Hinata noticed him looking at her, and turned toward him.

He gasped and instantly blood rose to his face, he had just noticed how beautiful she was! She had an hourglass figure, though she wore a think sweatshirt, it did not hide her curves that protruded out from the chest. But her body wasn't the only thing that was beautiful about her. She had long midnight-blue hair fell to her shoulder blades, she had pale flawless skin that seemed to glow in the faint morning light, and her pearl white eyes that conveyed only amusement and not malice that he thought he would find. She had a straight nose, that rested on a somewhat round but tender face. It was enough to give him a slight nose bleed. He hastily turned away covering his nose.

"Its ok" She said in a small whisper. "I don't think you are a loser."