When Life Becomes Hopeless

"I'm really sorry, Ivy, but none of the treatments seem to be working," Dr. Eve Russell said with a sigh. "The cancer has spread so drastically that I'm afraid there's nothing more we can do."

Ivy slowly looked up at her doctor with tears in her blue eyes, "But there has to be something else, something that can help. This can't be happening," Ivy rambled. She took in a shallow breath and held the smell of the hospital inside. In all the times she had sat in that room in the past few months the smell had never changed. Now the scents, combined with the news she'd just received, made her feel as if she'd be sick.

Eve put her hand on Ivy's frail shoulder, "I know this is hard but you have to try to enjoy the time you have left with your friends and family. I went ahead and had the hospital pharmacy fill your prescription of pain pills so you didn't have to wait for them; I know you don't feel like it. You can take them as the pain persists, but try not to become too dependent."

Ivy nodded and took the white bag that Eve handed her, "Thank you, Eve. I should be going now, though, I told Sam I would try to make dinner tonight and he'll be worried if he gets home and I'm not there," she said softly.

Eve's heart ached for Ivy and what she was going through, "Ivy, if there's anything I can do—would you like me to call Ethan to drive you home?" Eve asked Ivy as she helped her off the examining table. The once strong woman whom Eve had known and loathed so long ago was now weak from the cancer that ate away inside of her and the treatments that had not done their job.

"No, Eve, thank you. I need some time alone," Ivy responded as she put a scarf wrap over her head. Since she had begun chemotherapy treatments much of her hair had fallen out and Ivy was too proud to be seen that way; she didn't want anyone's pity so she wore the scarf to hide how bad things had really gotten over the months since she'd been ill.

"I'll see you at your next appointment then," Eve said.

A few minutes later Ivy had reached her car and was headed home. She felt as though the two hours since she had left there had been days and was eager to sit down and process everything that was going on, if that was possible. The drive seemed to take forever and her mind began to drift off to all that had happened the past couple years. She had finally broken away from her Julian and found love again with Sam and now this had to happen. Sam and Ivy had gotten married a little over two years ago. It had been a big adjustment for each of their families but now everything seemed so natural like they had always been just one big family. It had been the greatest years of her life; everything she had wished for had finally come true. Things had been going so well until Ivy found a lump in her breast; then she was diagnosed with cancer and things had gone downhill from there.