Believe in me

Heero gazed silently at Relena. She was trying to convince him to stay. He silently pulled her close acting on impulse. "I'll defeat Zechs and then I'll go get Treize and if you make it through this they'll finally be peace"

"No!" She pleaded and his heart clenched, but he forced himself to ignore it.

"You have to allow me to fight!"

"No! No way!" She whispered fervently.

"Believe in me." He whispered and shoved. For a moment he watched her float backwards then he sat back and shut the cockpit. He smiled slightly as he heard her say,

"I do believe in you Heero, yes I do." As he prepared to leave he looked out towards her and whispered,

"Goodbye Relena." He heard her scream, but he was already gone.