It was another boring day on the Bebop, Spike was lounging on the couch, it seemed like weeks since there had been any decent food. The woolongs from their last bounty where depleted, and Spike was getting tired of bell peppers and beef, without any beef.

Jet walked in holding a frying pan with a grim expression on his face.

"What is it Jet?" Spike said barely opening his eyes.

"You want this?" Jet said as he lowered a pan of burnt bell peppers to Spikes face.

Spike opened his eyes to look at what his nose already told him. "I thought you could cook Jet."

"I can… Faye can't." Jet pointed behind him at Faye.

"So I left them on for too long big deal." She said with here hands behind her head.

"Have you ever cooked a day in your life? You don't go and leave food unattended!" Jet yelled.

"Whatever, I've never needed to cook before, and now I know I shouldn't." Faye said this as she sat down.

"Jet, I'm hungry" Spike said, even with the smell of burnt bell peppers in the air he couldn't drown out the sound of his stomach.

"Well the little food we had was just burned to a crisp, thanks to Miss Valentine over there."

"Hey, if you had cooked them we wouldn't be in this situation!"

"Oh, so now you're blaming me?"

"Yeah I am!" Faye said as she walked up Jet arms crossed.

Throughout the whole argument Jet sat still with his eyes closed, only moving to light a cigarette.

Ed, who had been lying on her back for entirety of the argument sat up "Faye Faye, Ed is hungry." as she said this she had started to cling to Faye's leg.

"Well what do you want me to do about it?"

"Well since you did ruin the last of the food you could take your share of the bounty and buy some more." Jet said as he lay perfectly still.

Faye looked at him and began to scowl.

"Oh come' on now Spike you know she can't do that, after all we did give her the share in front of a casino." Jet said with a slight grin on his face.

"Oh yeah, hey Faye how where the tables that night?" Spike said with the slightest indication of sarcasm.

"As a matter of fact, very well." Faye said.

"Oh really?" Jet said with every notion that what Faye said was a lie.

"Yes really." Faye said with the up most seriousness.

"Then go get some food, we haven't had anything but bell peppers for 10 days." Spike said.

"Fine." Faye said this as she walked to the ships hanger.

"Wait you can't be serious." Jet said as he threw the contents of the frying pan into the trash.

Spike got up and walked with Jet to the Bebop's hanger, "Faye we both know you lost your share of the bounty gambling!" Spike yelled at Faye as she climbed into the Redtail.

"Oh don't you think I know that?" She said that as she pulled out card.

"Hey that's mine!" Jet said as he frantically checked his pockets.

"See you later boys." She said as she closed the cockpit of her Zipcraft.

"Hey make sure you bring back some food!" Spike yelled at as the Faye started the Redtail.

"I will." Faye said sighing, then she left as Jet was escorted out of the hanger by Spike.

"How can you just let her leave with my money Spike?" Jet said almost whining.

"Did I?" Spike said this as he held a card in-between his two fingers.

"Spike… This is Faye's card." Jet said after he examined it more closely.

"Oh well, I tried, anyway I hope she does bring back some food and if she does Jet, make sure you cook it." Spike said this as he walked back to the couch to sit down, while Jets expression was turning from sad to annoyed.

Meanwhile, Faye was traveling to the nearest Astral Gate to go to Mars, not only was it the closest place to where she was, but she knew of a good casino that she hadn't gone to yet. While she was flying she took Jet's card to see how much money was one. After a second of processing the screen showed ₩200.

"What!? 200 Woolongs? Oh god, Jet had less money than I do… Wait a second!" Faye checked her pockets but her card had been stolen. "Spike!"

"Yeah what is it Faye?" Spike said casually as he appeared on the communication screen.

"Faye, I hope you're as happy with my card as I am with yours." Jet said holding Faye's card in front of the screen.

"Jet why don't you have any money?" Faye asked, angry that she didn't steal more.

"Well you know that the Bebop doesn't have a full fuel without putting some money into it once in a while." Jet laughed at his own joke as Faye turned off her monitor.

"I guess I have no choice but to go to the casino now." Faye told the card as she entered the Astral Gate to go to Mars.

Faye got out of the Redtail and walked into the casino, a soon as the doors closed Faye was pushed out of the building by two large men and she landed on the sidewalk. "You need to have at least 5,000 Woolongs to play in this casino." One man in a black suit said as he held Faye's card.

"And there's a fee for anyone who enters with less than that amount." The other man said as he signaled the other to go, and they both turned and walked back into the casino.

Faye started to get up when she heard a voice "Need a hand."

The owner of he voice had his arm extended towards Faye, he was wearing a red blazer and had his hair combed back.

"Who are you?" Faye asked.

"I'm just a gentleman looking for a beautiful lady to share this gorgeous evening with." He said with his hand still extended.

"Ok." Faye said softly as she held on to his hand and she helped him up.