Dear Reader,

I know, you must hate me. I promised months ago I would write during summer. Summer ended like two weeks ago. I am sorry. It just turned out to be busier than I thought. I was planning to write today (Thursday 9/9/10) or this weekend, but I just can't right now. This is basically why:

A few years before I was born, my parents got my brother a nice cat. His name was Furball. Sometime after I was born they got a pretty little Persian, her name we already Ellie, and we didn't change it except I sometimes call her "Princess" or "Baby". I didn't know Furball too well because was I was three or four years old, he was hit by a car. :(
Since he was my brother's cat, the next cat we got became my brothers. When my parents told me it was
his cat, I said: "Fine, then can Ellie be mine?" My mom said "sure" thinking it wouldn't make a difference. I decided to spend all my time with Ellie from there on. She was a very nice cat, so she didn't mind, and she acted like she loved me, too. When I moved for the very first time, to a whole new country, when I was nine, she became my best friend. She usually sleeps in my room, unless I have to sleep in a different room for some reason, then she sleeps there, too.
Recently she hasn't been eating so we took her to the vet, I was scared. She lost three pounds in two months. The vet said it was probably just a kidney and gave her some medicine. She didn't get better. Last night the vet called my parents. My little girl has a tumor on her lung and there is nothing they can do. We have to put her down
tomorrow because she might not make it to Monday. She has tried to eat a little bit of food today but she just couldn't do it. She can only breathe through her mouth now.
I read most Persians live to be seventeen years old, so I always thought I would have more time with her, and would be able to handle her death better if I was older, but I guess not now. She was one of the sweetest cats I ever met, and I can't remember not ever having her. I will miss her sooo much, but I just keep telling myself "life goes on".

So I hope you all understand why it will be hard for me to write my stories right now, but I promise I will try to soon.

Love, Lexi