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I have never had so much trouble getting the plates and silverware out before. I was so nervous. I had asked Charlie about Jake and he seems to love him as if he were his own son. You'd think living with him for a week he would have mentioned him at some point. Apparently my dad went fishing with Jake's dad, Billy, the day before. We really needed to work on our communication.

Throughout dinner my dad did nothing but tell me how great Jacob was and that he was happy I was making friends. I didn't think he'd be as happy if I told him about the very friendly thoughts I was having regarding Jake. I couldn't get him out of my head. I could still feel his lips and his overly warm hand. It was almost as if I was craving him wanting to smell him and touch him nearly as much as I needed air. I am seriously loosing my mind. It must be all the dampness in the air, yes that must be it. There is no way I could be feeling this way over a guy I don't even know. Yes I know a little about him and if the police Chief thinks so highly of him he must be a great guy.

"Well Dad I better go get ready. Although I have no idea what I am getting ready for."

"I called Billy while you were cleaning up after dinner, he said Jacob can't stop talking about you and he thinks Jake is planning on taking you to a bonfire with some of his friends."

"WHAT?! You are like a gossiping old lady Dad!" I can't believe him, well yes I can. At least I know I can be comfortable.

"yeah yeah yeah. Now go get ready kid, you don't want to keep him waiting."

One hour three pairs of jeans and ten shirts later I was ready. I had on a sexy, yet understated pair of dark blue jeans that were a little bit on the low cut side, but not in a skanky way. I paired them with my favorite blue blouse. It had three-quarter sleeves and cute little buttons with crimping in the middle. My shirt was low, but it didn't show any cleavage. I brushed my hair into a fun pony tail and I was ready for my, well whatever it was.

I could hear a car pulling into the driveway. My heart immediately went into over drive and my legs got a little wobbly as I made my way to the door.

"Have a good time kiddo, don't worry about what time you get home, I trust Jake." My dad said to me as I walked past him. Great that's all I needed, permission to spend alone time with Jake.

Jake stood there looking positively stunning, any model would be jealous. He had on a deep blue button up shirt and jeans that were snug in all the right places. I made sure to look at his face last; I knew that if I looked there first I wouldn't have the opportunity to appreciate his body. He had to be at least 6'4, to my 5'4 that was huge. Of course he had the sexiest smile showing those brilliantly white teeth and a slight dimple.

I just stood there looking like an idiot staring at him. He chuckled a little and yelled over my shoulder "Hey Charlie, I'll keep her safe. We'll be out late with the rest of the pack so I'm not sure when I'll have her home. If it gets too late do you mind if she crashes in the twin's old room?"

What did he just say? Did he seriously ask my dad if I could spend the night at his house on our first date?

To my complete surprise Charlie replied "Sure, I wouldn't want you driving all that way so late at night. Tell Sam and the guys I said hi."

Jake said his thanks while I stood there frozen in shock and in all honesty, a little bit excited. He grabbed my hand and like the first time I had to fight the urge to attack him. What is with me? He brought me to his car and opened the door for me. It was an older car, a Volkswagen of some sort. Once we were on our way I was able to form coherent thoughts. "Jake?"


"Are you kidnapping me?"

"ahhhhhhhhhaaaaahhhaaaaaa! No! ahhhahhaha" Jacob managed between hysterics.

"I don't see why you are laughing. You kiss me earlier in a meadow after not seeing me for years then convince my dad that you need to keep me over night. How else am I supposed to take this?"

"Bella you kissed me and I didn't do any sort of convincing." he looked at me with playfulness in his eyes "We are going to hang out with some of my friends and then I wanted to show you something." The playfulness quickly turned to fear. What the heck?

"Right, yeah sorry about that." I said blushing

"Don't apologize for kissing me. It was the most amazing kiss I think the world has ever known."

"pshaw, sure it was Jake."

"No seriously Bells you have no idea."

"I think I do." I mumbled

Some how he heard me and he said "yeah, I know. Look I don't want to force you into any sort of relationship with me, but I feel like maybe that is how we are meant to go. You know? I know you feel the connection I do. I couldn't stop thinking about you all evening after I walked you home. I missed your touch, your scent, your lips..." He looked so sweet and sincere. "Bella I'm serious. I have had a crush on you since I was two all I ever dreamed about was you. I know it's been several years, but I never forgot you. When Charlie told us you were moving back here I was terrified and excited all at once. I was afraid you'd be a snooty girl who wouldn't want a thing to do with me. Now here you are going on a date with me." Oh so this was a date.

I had no idea what to say. He was very obviously sincere. I felt way more than a connection. It was like this cosmic force was pulling me to him. But of course you can't go and say that to someone on your first date. That would send him running, but then again he just confessed his undying crush on me. My response was a pathetically dreamy sounding "yes." I wasn't sure what part of his little speech I was saying yes to, but apparently that was what he wanted to hear because he smiled his beautiful smile and grabbed my hand.

The rest of the ride was silent. I looked out the window enjoying the scenic view. When we got to his old red house he once again opened my door for me. Then he said "The bonfire is down on the beach. We'll just walk down ok." Before I had a chance to look around to where I thought the beach would be he kissed me. It was full of passion; I would have fallen if he didn't have me pressed against his muscular chest. Like before, the kiss sent my body into overdrive. It felt like we were the only two people in existence. Just when I was about to move my hand to his stomach to feel those muscles he pulled away with a goofy grin on his face and said "Come on Bells lets go."

Holding hands we made our way down to the beach. I was still a little weak and breathless from that kiss. I wish I had his control, if he wouldn't have pulled away who knows what I would have done. I certainly wouldn't have regretted it. I wondered who we were meeting at the beach. "Jake will I know anyone? I mean I know I have met a bunch of the other members of your tribe, but it's been a while and I feel a little out of place."

"Don't worry I told them all about you, some of them remember you. All of them are looking forward to seeing you. Besides we won't be there long, just long enough for you to meet the rest of the pack and some of the girls." He said smiling at me and winking.

"Why won't we be there long? I thought you said we'd be out late and that is why I have to stay with you tonight." He was keeping something from me and I don't like surprises.

"We are going to be out late, but not necessarily with them. I said I'm not kidnapping you, now just trust me, ok Bells." Jake said practically in a panic.

"All right, but I don't like surprises, like at all. It'll do you good to remember that Jake."

"Really, who doesn't like a good surprise?" He chanced a glance at me and saw that I was not joking and continued "Right you don't like surprises, got it." He squeezed my hand reassuringly.

Looking up I saw there was a huge bonfire with at least ten people surrounding it. They all seemed to be deep in conversation when my lack of balance caused me to stumble. Good thing Jake had my hand; he was able to grab me around my waist and prevented me from falling flat on my face. That left me dangling over his arm with my butt up in the air. As I righted myself I saw that every person around the fire was looking at me with amusement. Blush instantly over took me and I looked down avoiding eye contact with anyone.

"Well if it isn't Bella Swan. Glad to see you came back to poor Charlie. He certainly missed you. Jake here tells us you ran into him in the woods today." A tall boy/man was smirking at me. He wasn't as tall as Jake, but he was definitely strong and handsome. I thought about what he said and thought; oh gosh what did Jake tell them? I chanced a glance at Jake's face and he seemed to be glaring at the other man.

"Yeah, I was taking a walk and I guess Jake was too." I said hoping that would stop that train of thought. "Am I supposed to know who you are? I'm really sorry if I am, it's just that none of you look familiar. Well she does," I said pointing to a pretty woman with straight black hair and a body to die for "aren't you Leah?"

I knew it was Leah because she used to hang out with Jake's sisters. They were a couple years older than me and the three of them didn't really care for my company, which is why it was always Jake and I. Jake is only eight months younger than me, which means he just had a birthday three months ago. My birthday on the other hand is in a couple of weeks.

"That's Leah alright." The same man as before spoke, Leah just glared at me. Wow what did I do to her? "and I'm Embry, Jake's BFF. Isn't that right?" he said punching Jake in the shoulder.

"For now." Jake replied with a note of challenge in his voice.

Embry just laughed and said "Now why don't you two come and sit with us for a while before Jake decides he needs you all to himself."

Jake still had his arm wrapped around my waist and he was able to guide me to one of the logs that had just enough room for one person. "Jake what about you, where will you sit?" He looked at the ground in front of us. "You can't sit on the ground."

"It's ok I don't mind. Unless you'd prefer to sit on my lap." Jake's eyes twinkled with hope.

"No you can sit on the ground if you insist." I smiled

"As you wish." Jake said as he gracefully sat on the ground with his back against the log. I attempted to sit just as gracefully but of course I made it look a lot more difficult than it really was. With this Jake adjusted himself so that my legs were dangling over his shoulders with his back towards me. He was awfully close to my body now. I could feel the heat radiate off of him. He was hot in more ways than one. In all honesty I would have loved to sit on his lap. Unfortunately I didn't think I could control my desires for him in front of all of his friends. The last thing I wanted to do was give them a peep show.

Now that I was beyond aware of the very attractive man between my legs I was having a hard time keeping up with introductions. To my surprise I did know many of the people. I remembered Embry and Quil the most. They were Jake's usual side kicks when I would visit. There was an older couple I didn't remember though. Sam and Emily, Emily was beautiful, except the hideous scar that ran the length of the right side of her face. It looked like it went past her neck as well. I wonder what happened to her. Poor thing. The rest were just a blur I nodded and smiled enough. I don't think anyone noticed my blush every time I looked at Jake or my heart quicken every time he touched my legs. I did notice Jake smile every time I felt a surge of lust, I wonder if he could some how sense it from me.