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Chapter 4

Standing in the familiar living room of Jake's house I thought back to all the times we spent together as kids. I always knew he had thing for me, but did I have thing for him back then as well? That's something I'd have to think about later. At that moment I needed to use the shower.

"Jake?" I asked sweetly

"Yeah Bells."

"Do you mind if I take a shower before I go to bed?"

"You want to shower, here?" Jake asked me sounding surprised.

"I have sand on me and I smell like bon fire. I can't go to bed like this Jake." I said seriously.

"Sure, sure." He replied as he turned to walk down the hall toward the bathroom. "Here are a couple of towels for you; I know how girls need a separate one for their hair. When you turn the shower on the lever can be a little tricky. Just make sure you pull on it until it sticks."

"K, thanks." I smiled and leaned toward him so I could see into the shower. Jake jumped and ran out of the bathroom muttering about not being cool.

"All right shower time." I said to myself. I took a few minutes to look around the small bathroom. It wasn't fancy, with two guys I guess it wouldn't be. One wall held the cream colored bath and shower combo, while the opposite wall had your basic counter and sink with a long mirror and two soft lights above it. To the right of the counter was a cream colored toilet crammed into the small space. The walls had oak colored wainscoting on the bottom and painted a deep tan color the rest of the way up. The floor looked fairly new compared to the rest of the bathroom. I wondered if Jake had installed the faux tiles recently.

I turned to my right so I could turn the water on. The hot water felt amazing. I let myself relax for several minutes before I got to work with shampooing my hair. I decided that Jake and Billy needed better shampoo. This stuff was going to leave my hair frizzy and difficult to comb through. After about twenty minutes I got out and was drying myself when I realized I didn't have anything to change into. I wasn't going to put my stinky clothes back on, that would defeat the purpose of the shower. I wondered if the twins had left any clothes at home when they moved out. Wrapping my hair and body securely I opened the door, intending to find Jake and ask him about clothes, when I heard his dad Billy.

"Until you explain the imprint and all the stuff that goes with it she won't understand her feelings. She was just acting off of what she was feeling. I am sure she has never experienced emotions so intense. Just tell her what it's all about."

"I know her dad. What if she freaks out? What if it's just a strong sexual attraction she feels?" Jake said worriedly. "I mean the way I feel about her, its earth moving. Seriously, just being away from her earlier after I brought her home was like missing the part of me that meant the most."

"Oh I know." said Billy.

"I can't tell her yet. She's going to think I'm crazy. God why Bella! There isn't a single girl I would have preferred, but I want her to love me for me, not the imprint. That can't happen in less than a day." Jake finished.

"Son, Bella has known you her whole life it isn't like she didn't have underlying feelings."

"Underlying friend feelings dad." Jake said exasperated. "Telling her she's my soul mate isn't something I can spring on her like that."

"He thinks I'm what?" I thought trying to be quiet as I snuck towards the twin's room deciding that I should just find my own clothes. Of course I tripped, of course the towel fell off, and of course I was bleeding. "OW! Crap." I tried to get up just as Jake ran to see what happened.

"Bella what are you doing?" his voice thick with worry.

"Doing my nails." I replied with sarcasm. "Don't just stand there, help me."

"Sure, sure." Jake laughed as he tried to help me up without exposing me completely.

"Oh, just keep laughing buddy." I said pulling the towel back around me. Thank goodness I had the forethought to put my panties back on. I was sure I was as red as a tomato.

"Sorry Bells, but I can't help it that I find you sprawled out in my hallway half naked and bright red funny. What were you trying to do and how long were you out here?" He said the last part seriously.

I considered telling him I over heard his conversation with his dad, but thought better of it. I'd find out what it was about sooner or later. "I need clean clothes and thought I'd check to see if your sisters still had some in their room." I didn't answer his second question. I'm a terrible liar and figured it best to avoid the topic.

"I don't think they did. I have something you can wear." Jake said relieved.

"Jake, I don't think your clothes would fit me."

"I'm sure I have some old stuff that could work. Come one." Jake said grabbing my hand.

We got to his very messy room and he started throwing things around and looking in drawers until he popped up with a pair of old sweat pants and a t-shirt. The sweats were basic and had a draw string and the shirt said Mariners on it. "Thank you." I said sincerely.

"I'll just go put these on." I was blushing again. Mainly because I suddenly realized I was practically naked in Jake's room with him. I could tell he came to the same realization when his eyes got big and he started looking at anything but me. With all the strength I could muster I went back to the bathroom to finish getting ready for bed. Jake's clothes were huge on me, but they were clean and smelled like him.

Jake was waiting for me outside of the bathroom when I came out. When he saw me he took a deep breath and smiled. "I like you in my clothes." He proclaimed.

'That's good." I said with a wicked smile. Taking his statement about not going too far and remembering what I over heard earlier, I sauntered - as best I could - past him and went to bed.

Surprisingly I was able to fall asleep quickly. I thought I heard Jake come in and stand in the doorway, but I could have been imagining it. I had strange dreams all night.

I was walking in the woods and found myself in the same clearing as before, but instead of finding Jake, there was a massive russet colored wolf. I wasn't afraid of it; I would talk to it and touch it lovingly. Then the dream changed and I was running for all I was worth. The scariest part was that I was running from a vampire. In my dream I screamed for Jake and the same huge wolf came bounding from my left. He jumped over me onto the vampire. I was frantic and screaming like a mad woman.

I awoke to Jake "Shhhh Bella it's ok, calm down. It was just a dream. I'm right here honey." he said stroking my face with his warm hand. I flung myself onto his lap and nuzzled my head into his chest, his naked chest. I was shaking from the realness of my dream. It was as if it actually happened. "What were you dreaming about Bells? You were thrashing around screaming. Then you yelled for me and screamed some more." He was rubbing soothing circles on my back.

"I was in the meadow that we were in, but instead of you there was a big russet colored wolf and then I was running from a vampire and the same wolf came and attacked it." I said all of that with my head buried in his chest. I just knew he'd laugh at me again. Instead of laugh he stiffened and stopped rubbing my back.

He took a deep breath and said "oh".

I didn't know what to make of it so I looked up and saw his face. It was frozen, his eyes were wide and he looked upset. "Jake, are you ok, what's wrong?" Now he had me scared again. I touched his cheek and he blinked.

"What, oh nothing. The dream must be from the story I told you earlier." he replied. It was like he was hiding something, but what?

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Why don't you try to go back to sleep, it's only six in the morning." Jake suggested. I was still pretty tired so I agreed.