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Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley waltzed arm in arm, into the Great Hall. Sitting side-by-side at the Gryffindor table, they began to chat excitedly.

The two best friends had not seen each other in a year, and they, like many other friends, were using all their spare time to catch up.

Hermione, Harry, Ron and all the other seventh years from the previous year, had been invited to re-do year seven. So here they were, sitting in the Great Hall on September the second, starting their long-awaited, final year at Hogwarts.

Harry glanced up to the teachers table; a warm smile crept onto his face as his eyes roamed over to the new Defence against the Dark Arts professor. Remus J Lupin had not looked better in years, he had finally been accepted by the Wizarding World, and had a loving family and supportive job. He had, in retrospect, everything he had ever wanted.

Harry was pulled from his musings as Headmistress McGonagall stood to speak. He sat up, listening attentively to his mentor, even though he already knew what she was about to say.

"Good morning students," The Scottish lady started, "I have some good news. Recently there has been a new discovery. Professor Callory, our own Muggle Studies professor, has invented an instant messenging device. Mr Harry Potter has paid to supply every student in the school with one. We hope for this new discovery (in the long run), to stop house rivalry and bring unexpected people together as friends. You will be required to spend at least thirty minutes on your instant messenger daily.

Please do not take this lightly, the failure to do so will result in loss of house points, and potentially, a detention. Thank you."

The headmistress sat down, and the Hall immediately erupted into chatter, a new era at Hogwarts had begun.

It was nine o' clock at night and Hermione lay on her four poster bed, totally exhausted from her first day back at school. Groaning, she realised she had not yet spent the required half an hour on Hogwarts Messenger. She reluctantly reached down and pulled the device out from under her bed.

Little Otter has signed in

Grey Prince: Who's that?

Little Otter: Who?

Grey Prince: You. I'm all alone on here and I've been waiting for someone to log on. Who are you?

Little Otter: *smirks* none of your business. Who are you?

Grey Prince: A person.

Little Otter: Figured.

Grey Prince: Ok then, tell me, what house are you in?

Little Otter: You first.

Grey Prince: Slytherin.

Little Otter: *dies* I've been conversing with a Slytherin? How could I have lowered myself so? *laughs*

Grey Prince: You're a Gryffindor aren't you? Only they hate us so much, *smirks*

Little Otter: Yup, I am. Although, that was a joke.

Grey Prince: I realised. Haha.

Parselmouth has signed in

Little Otter: Hey Harry! :)

Parselmouth: Um? Who is this? How'd you know who I am?

Little Otter: A fellow Gryffindor. You're the only student in the school who speaks parseltongue, it's easy enough to put two and two together and realise that parselmouth is you.

Parselmouth: Ok...

Grey Prince: It's difficult I know, he or she won't tell me who they are either. Lol, I think we have to figure it out :)

Parselmouth: Oh hi Malfoy, I guess we'll just have to figure it out then :D

Little Otter: Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy?! Talking?! Civilly?! I think I'm going to have a heart attack! What on earth brought on such a sudden change?

Parselmouth: *laughs* we were talking before and put aside our differences. I guess we started to actually like each other, lol.

Little Otter: *gasps* I didn't know you swung that way Harry!

Parselmouth: I DON'T! I'm in love with a GIRL!

Little Otter: Ginny :D

Grey Prince: Are you a girl or a boy Little Otter?

Little Otter: Fine. I'm a girl.

Grey Prince: Truth or dare?

Little Otter: I'm not gonna play, but you can ask me one truth question, besides "who are you". And NOloopholes!

Grey Prince: Favourite pastime?

Little Otter: Reading (:

Grey Prince: I know who you are!

Parselmouth: SAME!

Little Otter: Who?

Grey Prince: Granger.

Parselmouth: Mya! :D

Little Otter: Ok ok, you're right! (: How'd you guys guess?

Parselmouth: Mi, It's obvious, you speak to me as if we've been friends for years, you know heaps about me, and you love reading! Not to mention, your patronus is an otter! Who else could it be?

Grey Prince: Yeah. Apart from the patronus thing, it was pretty obvious, towards the end :)

Little Otter: Whatever Malfoy, lol

Italian Snake has signed in

Grey Prince: Hey Blaise!

Italian Snake: Drake my man! What's up?

Grey Prince: Ahh, I've been stuck talking to Granger and Potter for the past half an hour! Save me! Jokes :D

Italian Snake: Lol XD

Little Otter: Well that's nice isn't it Malfoy

Grey Prince: It was a joke :(

Parselmouth: Calm down Mi. It was only a joke!

Italian Snake: Yeah Granger! Don't go getting your knickers in a twist!

Little Otter: It's been half an hour? Bye.

Little Otter has signed out

Grey Prince: Blaise! You made her go!

Italian Snake: Sorry mate, lol.

Parselmouth: Don't worry 'bout her temper guys, she's tired. The poor girl's had practically no sleep since the Final Battle. Nightmares. :(

Grey Prince: Poor Hermione. That must suck, I hate nightmares!

Italian Snake: You like her!


Parselmouth: You feel sorry for her and you're being nice to her and you called her Hermione. ;) not to mention, you're pretty defensive about it.

Grey Prince: ...doesn't prove anything.

Grey Prince: Bye.

Grey Prince has signed out.

Italian Snake: He totally likes her. He's my best mate, I can read him like a book.

Parselmouth: Time for some matchmaking I think ;)

Italian Snake: Give them some time first :D

Parselmouth: What do you mean?

Italian Snake: Head Boy and Head Girl have to spend some time together ;)

Parselmouth: Ahh. Good point lol. I have to go, bye Zabini.

Italian Snake: Potter.

Parselmouth has signed out

Italian Snake has signed out

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