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Alot of people thought Blaise was lying! You'll just have to read and find out!


Little Otter: Because MY tattoo is the same...

Italian Snake: NO WAY!?

Little Otter: I don't believe you Blaise. This simply can't be real.

Italian Snake: Well how would I know what your tattoo looks like? I described MY tattoo, for all I know, you're the one who's lying!

Little Otter: I don't lie Zabini.

Italian Snake: Oh yeah Granger? What was it you said to Drake? Something along the lines of always hating ferrets? And now you're friends with him? LIE!

Little Otter: That WASN'T a lie! He CHANGED! I would have NEVER have become his friend if it wasn't for Harry showing me his true side!

Italian Snake: Calm down! Your time of the month or something? I was just SAYING!

Little Otter: You should learn from your parent's mistakes - use some birth control!

Italian Snake: :'( I'm sorry Hermione. I lost my temper. Please don't say that about my parents, they're dead for all I know :(

Little Otter: You better be sorry! I am too...

Italian Snake: What are we going to do about this?

Little Otter: About what?

Italian Snake: Duh, the tattoos and necklaces.

Little Otter: Oh. Go to Dumbledore?

Italian Snake: I thought you were the smartest with of the age? Dumbledore's dead!

Little Otter: His portrait, idiot! (:

Italian Snake: Oh. I think I may have been naturally blonde lol :D

Little Otter: Yah-huh, I agree lol :)

Italian Snake: What do you think this all means?

Little Otter: Um, well, we have the same tattoo and same necklace, both the ONLY reminders of our biological parents. We could be related?

Italian Snake: Wow. That would actually be pretty cool :D. I mean, you're Hermione Granger, you're bound to turn out rich! If I was related to you I would have to get some! :P

Little Otter: Don't count on it Blaise! :D
Maybe we should see McGonagall?

Italian Snake: I agree. Dumbledore's portrait's in that office, and he's bound to know who we really are. He knows everything!

Little Otter: Wow, did you just say something smart? Lol, jokes :)

Italian Snake: Haha. See me NOT laughing!
Lol, we should go now. Meet you on the third floor, just outside the portrait of The Lone Wolf?

Little Otter: Sure :) see you soon

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