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A moth to the flickering flame

London, England 1880

Her dark blue eyes were open wide as they stared at me. They were bright, shining; I could see the stars in them. She moved towards me, this dark goddess. Her raven hair falling in waves down her back, her dark dress hiding her from my drunken gaze.

She was beautiful. My breath hitched in my throat as she swayed towards me, my eyes flickered down and watched her narrow hips as they moved this way and that. She stops in front of me and holds a slim finger to my lips "Ssh" she whispers, her cockney accent strong "The stars whisper to me, they want me to make you mine, my shining knight, my sweet William" her voice is low, husky. I can feel the stirrings in my lower belly and swallow nervously. I never told this woman my name.

She inches towards me, pressing her chest against mine and kisses me softly. I close my eyes and tip my head back. She moves slowly, her lips leaving a trail down to my neck, I groan loudly and reach up to wrap my fingers in her dark tresses.

As her sharp, glittering fangs pierce my flesh I gasp in shock. My eyes open wide and I yell in pain. I glance down, she is purring softly, her sharp nails are digging into my back and gripping my hair tight. I groan again, the pain is unbelievable.

I feel my eyes start to get heavy, my breathing becomes labored and everything becomes blurry. I'm lying on the ground, in the lap of this dark, seductive goddess. Her lips and chin are stained crimson; her eyes shine with a bright demonic light. But she is still beautiful to me.

I blink slowly and notice her bring a bright red-stained wrist to my mouth. I try to push her away but I'm weak, and dying. I swallow the red liquid in one desperate gulp, and then continue to drink, the blood trickles down my throat, warming my belly. I begin to feel sleepy again and I smile. Some part of me knows this will not be my eternal rest.

Only the thought of seeing this charming, ethereal goddess-of-a-woman again allows me to close my eyes and drift from this world. Perhaps I will see her again, in heaven.

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