A/N: Woodstock

Blood, drugs and rock n' roll

Bethel, New York, USA

August 16th 1969

The Who stood up on the main stage. Pete on guitar, John on bass and Keith at the back on his drums. Rodger was up the front, his hands cupped around the microphone as he belted out the words to I can't explain.

Dizzy in the head, I'm feeling blue

I nodded my head in time to the music and shouted at the top of my lungs, raising my hip flask in the air and enjoying the music.

Dru sways her hips as she dances next to me, her long hair flowing down her back as she closes her eyes and raised her arms above her head. She is wearing a long white skirt and a brightly coloured shirt with a brown leather vest. Her hair is pushed back from her face with a white lacy headband.

All around us people are moving to the music, men and women in various states of undress and intoxication, grinding against each other, and us. Interesting to say the least, but not altogether unpleasant as a young brunette rubs her ass against mine.

The late summer night was clear and crisp, a light breeze kept the field cool as the bands played through the night.

Dru and I dance together, moving against each other, getting drunker and drunker. Dru was twirling around, raising her arms into the air and shouting at the heavens.

I laughed and grabbed her around the waist, kissing her firmly on the lips as she pressed her body against mine and grinded against the front of my pants. "Ugh" I mutter, letting out a harsh breath "Ya, killing me here luv" I say into her ear.

She giggled again and twirls away, taking my hand and pulling me through the crowd.

We walk away from the stage, bumping into people and push them away. I see a guy sculling a bottle of jacks, two girls kissing, and even a couple of chicks walking around topless.

We're stumbling over drunk, Drusilla, grabbed my flask and took a big gulp. She hardly ever drinks, but from the heated look in her eyes I know she is feeling the energy from the crowd, the pulsing music and the beating of the thousand of hearts around us.

A girl stumbles into me and I turn. She is half naked, her long blonde hair tumbling over her shoulders and coving her breasts, she has a half empty bottle of spirits in her hand; her eyes are glazed and unseeing.

She holds onto me and starts giggling hysterically. I glance at Dru out of the corner of my eyes and quirk an eyebrow. She smiles at me, an evil quirk of her lips and tilts her head down to look at me through her eyelashes.

"Spike" she whispers

"Yes luv"

"I'm hungry" she said

I smirk and turn to the blonde who has sided up closer to me and was swaying towards me. I grinned at the girl and before she could even blink I had snaked a hand around her waist, jerked her forward and jerked her head to the side. Pushing her hair behind her shoulder I sunk my fangs into the side of her neck. The girl screamed and jerked in my arms,

Dru moved towards us and pressed her body against the girls back. Her face changed as she moved the girl's hair out of the way and sunk her own fangs into the girls flesh.

As we drain the girl I start to feel lightheaded, spots appear in the corner of my eyesight. Swirls of colour and light move around in front of my face.

As the last drop of blood trickles down my throat, Drusilla and I move back, letting the girl drop unceremoniously to the floor.

I stumble back a few steps and fall to the floor in a heap, Drusilla collapses beside me before bursting into giggles. My head is spinning, I raise a hand in front of me, and move it slowly to and fro, watching, fascinated.

"Bloody hell" I mutter to myself "What the hell was she on"

Drusilla giggles softly "Such pretty flowers" she whispers, stroking my chest. I start laughing and for the life of me couldn't stop

This wasn't good. The music pulsed through my veins, my head starting to pound in time to the music.

I groaned and placed a hand to my head "Ah, damn" I murmured. "This isn't good"

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