Ugghh my head! Wow! Must have banged it off something hard!

I opened my eyes and sat up.

Wow what the heck happened.

All I could do was rub my forehead. Jeez, I felt like I ran into something hard. I closed my eyes and tried to squint out the pain. That throbbing ache started to grow. I moved my fingers along my forehead and tried to massage my pain away…haha no luck there.

"Hey, Mary, we got's ta go. They won't like what ya done ta dis place"

Where the heck am I? I blinked a couple times as I turned to look at the voice that just spoke. A man was towering over me. His brown, wavy hair encompassed an adorable face, before I could look at him closer my head throbbed again. I moaned as I closed my eyes again and rubbed it. Whoa, where am I, what is going on, who is this,…who am I? I shook my head, took a deep breath. My senses slowly started to creep up as my throbbing started to lower. Sounds that I never had noticed filled my ears and my headache almost disappeared. I could here sirens in the distance gradually get louder… and smell…umm…I took a deep breath….ash and cigar? I tilted my head back and looked up at the man; no duh, he had a cigar lit in his mouth. I rolled my eyes at my own stupidity and breathed again. Man, I could use one right now. I closed my eyes as I breathed in the aroma of the sweet tobacco. That sensation began to calm me down, just that second-hand smoke. I don't know how it did that, but just for one moment I laid back and forgot my fears…just breathed.

"Man! Wat happen to ya?" I slowly opened my eyes and saw him staring at my head in this…well weird way. His one eyebrow was raised and he wore a frown of confusion.

What do you mean what happened to me? Who is this guy? He just comes running up here talking to me like he knows me. Ok I must know him from somewhere…think…think…nothing! Wait what? I can't remember. I started to freak out at that point, my own eyebrows scrunched together in thought. My memory, gone? No, no, no, stop being melodramatic. I probably am just having a brain freeze up! Yea. Or I'm dreaming. I took my eyes off of the man and looked around for any possible clue. Wait it looks like I've been through a LOT. Maybe I just… need to go somewhere else. I'm just…short circuiting.

I realized that I was lying on the ground the whole time with my hands behind my, supporting the upper half of my body. Well that's embarrassing, just sitting there chilling in the dirt. I quickly jumped up onto my feet and stood up. I noticed to dirt that was covering my blue jeans and black tank top so I started to brush it off.

"You'd best b getten outta here." The man spoke, interrupting my clean-off. "Coppers ain't gonna like ya fer wat u did here." I gazed up at him in question, what did I do? He was looking over his shoulder while I was looking at him. I noticed first how short I was…not that much, but he was still more then a tad taller. Then his words sunk in what's up? I took a step to his side in the direction that he was facing. My mouth dropped as I saw maybe 20 cop cars were pouring in about 200 feet away. Then I looked at my surroundings. I was outside, in some sort of…facility. Dirty concrete towers were towering everywhere. Dust also had risen around us, clouding my view slightly of distant objects. I took a deep breath and smelled something fresh…water? I follow my nose around to point to the source of the scent and I saw another 200feet away a medium sized river. I followed it upstream to see how long it stretched, but the top half got lost in the dust. I could see the same river wrap around the land from both of my sides and behind, I judged from that that water surrounded the place, island. It also looked like the only way to leave was a single bridge to my right, I made note of that…you know… just in case. I took my eyes off the water to see the rest of this island. Something strange hopped into my vision as I gazed at the bottom of the tower closest to the bridge. I saw a neon yellow blur appear in the dust and I squinted to see it, luckily the dust also started to settle. I could now make out that it was a yellow rectangle sign with some sort of black letters. A few seconds later I saw it said, in bold writing "Warning, contents very reactive." I thought about that and frowned. Wait why would they need that sign, must be there for a reason…holy crap…reactive…. am I in a reactor! I took another deep breath and smelled that foul smell….nuclear? Nuclear reactor! How'd I end up here? Wait…HIM! I shot a glance back at the man next to me who, too, was surveying the scene. It's got to be him. He knew something… and I'd take ANY info at this point.

I turned to face him and grabbed the opening of his brown coat in my fists and pulled him to me. I had to look up at his face and for that moment, I saw the most terrified and shocked face ever! Then before I could process what had happened, his terror was wiped from his face and returned to a black, almost 'your pathetic' type of gaze. I looked back down at my hands around his coat, shocked that I had even done that. I got ready to let go and just apologize for that weird event, but then a sudden click happened in my head, I got to get something out of this guy and scaring him is the best way to do it, shake him up a bit. I growled and shook him a bit. I gritted my teeth and stared intensely back into his eyes. Whoa, where'd that come from? I kept that stare going, not sure what to do. I felt terrible inside, but at the same time, I need answers.

"Whoa, whoa, wait" he rose his hand and lightly touched my shoulder, "I'm a friend. Trust me." I looked into those reassuring eyes, trying to find some sort of lie. Wait, wait a minuet! Give this guy the benefit of the doubt! He may actually help you! What kind of cruel beast are you? I nodded and slowly pushed him back and removed my hands. What else am I supposed to do. He might be right. Well I'm never going to know unless I trust him.

"Come on…follow me!" He started to run. I stood there a minuet just contemplating what to do. He ran not where I thought he would to get out of here…but rather in the opposite direction of the bridge. I looked at the bridge then looked at him, why does he want to go closer in the island, the exit is right here. He stopped and turned around, clearly shocked that I was no longer following him. He gave me a questioning look and raised his hands. "Ya comen'" I exhaled slowly and nodded. I didn't like the feeling of this, but I listened anyway. I quickly caught up to him and we started running faster. I grew more suspicious with every step, but I still followed him. I had to look around for a hint to where he was going…or where I was...something to snap me back to reality. All I could see was rubble, dust, and those dang towers. Something blew up, and shattered EVERYTHING in sight. But it was strange, I couldn't see any people except me, the man, and the cops. Normally in an explosion you see chaos, and nothing but people running around like idiot, but not here. Not a single human being.

And as if on cue, I saw someone lying down. I don't know what but...something made me freeze where I was. I stared at the person and dropped my mouth. What HAD happened here? I seemed to forget where I was and I ran over to the body. It was a man, he was so...hansom. I touched his face softly, he's still warm. He must have died recently. I grazed my fingers down his pale skin and checked his pulse...none. Why was he here… And the only person? What killed him? And all that happened was questions and more questions building, and building! how is it that someone can have SO MANY QUESTIONS little answers? All I could do was look into those eyes... that, I guess, were so full of life at one point. Something inside me...I don't know what...but something ached, hurt, pain. I raised my two fingers and closed those creamy brown eyes.

"Do ya know him?" the stranger asked. He stood behind me; I could feel his eyes watching my every move. Somehow I just blocked him out. I just didn't care.

"No" I said, but I couldn't help but to keep staring. What's wrong with me? Haven't u ever seen a dead guy before? ...I don't know! I chuckled at my own problems and looked back up around me. Right, I got to stay focused. But my eyes instinctively returned back to the man. His dusty, brown hair was laying everywhere and his face….looked so peaceful.

"Kay, well we'd better keepa moven" I looked up again, not at the man but rather at the bridge now a long distance away. Something in my gut told me that I shouldn't go with him. It was not because he's dangerous, but instead I needed to sort this out alone. I put on a firm, emotionless face and stood up, facing him.

"No, I'll find my own way." I shook my head at him and read his face closely. I had to admit, he controlled his emotions very well. Not a single emotion I could really tell from that face. He just stood there. It's the only way I can hope to get everything to comeback to me. maybe if I'm alone, with sometime to think...then maybe... just maybe... I can get SOME memory back. He smiled slightly and nodded.

"yea, I get it. You always have been more of a loner. It's been a pleasure worken wit ya" he said with a bigger cocky smile. Without another word he turned on his heals and started to run off. I just watched him go. Maybe I should have gone with him? He seemed to know me. But something inside of me jerked me toward the bridge. Like some... instinct. Well, heck, just go with it. so I stood up, ready to run, when a thought just hit me.

"HEY!" I screamed toward where the man was running. I hoped that I had screamed loud enough for him to hear. A second later, however, he quickly turned around and ceased running. "WHAT'S MY NAME?" I shouted.

"ANA" he simply replied and started running again. I smiled. Ana, I kinda like that. Well one piece of the puzzle is down, a bunch more to go. Now its time to focus, then you can be all happy and proud. I turned and ran in the opposite direction of the man, toward the bridge. It was a little far away, but I could do it. I ducked down behind a large chunk of cement as I heard so voices shouting.

"Did you hear that?

"What? I ain't heard nothen."

"Yea, it sounded like a scream."

"I think we got the menace now."

"Come on, follow me over there" I heard a bunch of car doors slam and ignitions start. I couldn't let them cops see me, what I got from what's-his-face, they were after me. I heard the cars slowly moving, I assumed it was to where I was. GHAAAHH you idiot! And I mentally slapped myself for my own stupidity. I pulled my head slightly around the cement and eyed the cars, just to make sure they were driving toward me, yep slowly but surely they were coming right to where I was hiding. I knew that I had to move away from here, be a ninja. I smiled and exhaled deeply as I prepped myself to dart somewhere. Moving to the bridge would be the smartest place, that's really the only way I know how to exit. So, I located another big piece of rubble that was in the direction of the bridge and I took a step toward it.

Before I knew it, I had leaped up and tucked into a perfect summersault-like roll and pressed my back into the new boulder, hiding me from the cops. I widened my eyes and dropped my jaw in amazement. What the crap just happened. I smiled and looked at where I had just come from. My eyes widened even more as I realized what I just did. It was like a switch in my brain somewhere had turned itself to auto-pilot mode or something. I just did what came naturally, like a survival instinct. I suddenly heard the cars moving closer so I shook my shockness out of my head. Focus on the task at hand. I bent my knees and sunk down into the ground. I stealthfuly crawled until I could see out the other side. I could feel my brain switching back into survival mode and I grabbed the top of the 4ft boulder and pulled my self on top of the rock. Before I was all the way up, I kicked my leg off of the rubble I was on and shot myself a good 7ft to the next hiding place. I landed very softly on my knees and again hid behind the rubble. I was right next to another one of the large towers. I cunningly smiled as I weaved my way, with great ease and slyness around the south end of the tower. I couldn't believe how those blind coppers seeing me! I was PERFECT. My nimble limbs were supporting my flexible body as I weaved around the rubble. It was like my body just moved by itself. I could also sense everything. I could hear each cop move and speak...even breath from a mile away! I could smell them, the exhaust from the car, even the faint hint of peppermint chewing gum….wait…not good. That means they are to close for comfort. I made my way to the opposite end of the tower and looked out onto the bridge. There it was. A huge arrogant smile crept its way up my face as I gazed over at my escape. I was untouchable.

NOTHING could catch me!

"WHO GOES THERE?" a voice yelled. CRAP! One saw me! How'd I slip? I feverously snapped my head around me. Then I noticed a look out tower was a good 100ft behind me and a man with binoculars was watching me all along. One of his fat hands was gripping the binoculars while the other was turning white from holding onto the metal railing keeping him from falling down. He was actually in the tower RIGHT BEHIND ME the WHOLE time! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU, HUH! I should have totally seen YOU watching me! How'd I slip up so bad?

"GET HER!" a cop yelled into his radio and all together the cars tuned their wheels sharply in my direction.. Panic took my wheel. And the bridge is RIGHT THERE! Not even 50 ft away! I can still make it, but I can't out run a CAR! I have to try anyway. I will not let them win!

I focused my eyes on my target, getting to the bridge. Rage filled my stomach as I thought about being captured. No, not this time, and I ran for the bridge. I knew had to come up with ANYTHING to get these cars off my tail...and FAST! Desperatly, I looked back at the cars that were speeding my way and I kept sprinting as fast as I could. No matter how far I want those cars were still gaining up on me! Don't just keep running like an idiot, DO SOMETHING!

I swiftly ran to the bridge in hope that SOME idea would come.

"There she is. She ain't got no where to run" the cop said on his speaker. The others agreed. And they are right, OH CRAP! No! Think...think... then the glorious idea came!

The bridge was maybe 3 stories off of the ground with the murkiest water EVER underneath. 2 choices...either attempt to run across the bridge and hide in the forest up ahead...or jump .But there was a problem. I didn't know how deep that water was. That could be 3ft for all I know and I'd go SPLAT! So I can run across the bridge...but it's too far. I won't make it. The coppers will get me, and what will they do to me? Keep me in some dingy prison and say "state your name" and I'll have NO choice but to say "I don't know" and get a one-way ticket to the nut-house. NO! not an option. or...I could... possibly risk it, and jump. I mean from this height I won't die but it'd hurt A LOT! No...I GOT to I stopped running and climbed onto the metal railing. I was about a quarter way down the bridge which I figured was enough away from the shore to give my some depth, plus the cops are too close behind you to run any further. I swung one of my long legs over the railing, followed by the other one and grabbed the railing behind me.

"Wait!" one of them cried into radioed, "she ain't gonna jump, is she? Oh CRAP she is! GET HER BEFORE SHE ESCAPES!" all of the cars suddenly seemed to be going 10times faster than before...trying as HARD as they could to get me. I turned back around and looked at the water. Come on...DO IT! Look at you, you poor baby! Can't even jump. Ready...1...2...3! and I did it. I jumped to my death. I knew I was sure of it! Soon I'd hit the bottom and to KER-SPLAT and...and...I hit the water. It took me down, and down, and down. The water was actually pretty deep! And it wasn't just a little stream as i thought before...IT WAS A RIVER! The current started to pull me and toss my body around in it's depths. I need air...need air...air! The current kept me down, like a big hand was holding me, pressing my back to the bottom of its pit. I tried to kick and swim but the river was soooo strong. Panic broke inside of my gut and I felt my heart quicken its pace! Swim...swim...great now instead of cops killing me, it's WATER! ahhh. I had to grab something to pull me up, and the current was grabbing me further and further down the river. HELP! HELP! I knew no one could hear me, no one cared. I have nothing! No memory, no love, no hope to go somewhere. My arms were flailing in the water, desperate for something to cling onto.

I peeled my eyes open and could see a little up ahead...of course if I thought life couldn't get any worse...IT DID! A massive pile of boulders and river debris were in a mountain on the bottom. At this rate, within a minute, I'd be dragged into them and surely crushed. More panic. My arms went flailing even more! All I could do was say my death prayer and hope God has mercy on my soul, for what ever sins I had committed in my past, I don't know. Something inside of me couldn't help but think there was hope, there HAD to be. God couldn't bring me here and end me in 5min! God, please help me! I beg u! That's all I could say, over and over again, that simple prayer for help. I could see the pile clearly now. Then I knew. My time had come. I had no air in my lungs and the current had control. All i could do was close my eyes... our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy Name. How I knew that, I don't know but I kept on. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. WAIT! Did something hard touch my hand? I felt a hard solid run across my hand. Could it be? Did He answer? I opened my eyes and saw a huge tree trunk floating right above my hand. Happiness flew in me and my hope, restored! yes...Yes...YEs. YES YES YES! I grabbed on with dear life and with all my strength pulled on the tree. I flipped a leg over and felt the air on it. OXYGEN! My head rushed to the surface and... I breathed in that sweet air! Never in my LIFE (well the 5min that I knew of) had I ever been as thankful of such a thing as air. We are around it ALL the time, every day and appreciation. A huge sigh broke through my lips, which were pulled up into the biggest grin known to man. Then as I thought life was all good, the tree turned over in the current, and I was back in the dang water. Ohh crap! I HATE WATER! before I could think another thought I banged my head off of those pile of rocks...


Wow, my neck STINGS! uuugggghhh. I must be in Heaven. It was very bright out; even without opening my eyes I knew it. The light pounded at my eyes. I just couldn't handle it now.'s very bright. But WHOA is it I in hell? NOOO I CAN'T BE! I haven't been alive long enough to do anything wrong. Nah it's a dream. Lalalalala. I'm going to wake up any second and be in a big, cozy bed and have a home, family. Just wait. AHHH WHAT IS ANNOYINGLY STINGING MY NECK?. I tried to open my eyes to see where I was, hoping for Heaven, and I couldn't pop open my eyes. All of my energy seemed to have drained out of me. But, wait, this is a sign. I'm breathing! Good thing. I can tell that it's hot so I got feeling. Maybe try moving. In an attempt to figure out where I was, I tried moving something small, my finger. Wow! My finger weighs 3,000,000,000,lbs! Jeez. But I had to keep trying so after failure one I tried attempt #2. I focused all of my remaining energy on just moving that ONE finger, and it twitched! I moved it, I mean, sure it might not b a lot but its something! Then I wiggled it. Almost there! Then FINNALLY I got control! I moved it all the way! I repeated the same thing with the rest of my body and slowly, but surely, I got some movement. Now where exactly am I. I turned my head down to prevent some of the blinding light and opened my eyes a crack... well...I definitely ain't in hell. I quickly closed them back up and tried again, slower, until my eyes adjusted. I was still on the God-given log and floating down the same river.

Slowly, I sat up and my strength was returning to me. First thing I did was glanced around to c where was I. I did not recognize a thing. The water was also a little clearer than before. I must have been out for a while. I peered down river and saw the beginnings of a little town. No...Wait... A WHOLE CITY! A great length away, I saw a magnificent city that laid before me. The riverbanks were covered in forest and the city was just in it. Not a single tree was left in the making when the city was made. As soon as the city limits were reached, the trees ended. It was house after house, building after building. a huge building that looked like a church was in the middle, the tallest building. Wow!

I tried to recall back the events that just happened and tried to figure out were I was. Lets see, first I woke up at a nuclear reactor...that's no help. Well, the cops were speaking English, so I'm in America...or Britain...or Canada...or, well, just about everywhere they are SOME English speaking people. So no help. I'm in a forest and its not boiling, but not's like warm. Looks like summer so it can't be anywhere TOO far up north, can't b the equator, or TOO far south. So SOME help. GHHHAAA what is that stinging? I slapped my hand on my neck and OUCHHHH! Sunburn! Haha if NOTHING else could make my life worse! God must be haven fun up there making MY life miserable. So I tried to ignore that tingling sensation on my neck.

I was approaching the city more and more. I could see a LOT of people. At first there was a few, then as I came closer more, and MORE! The river I am on has gotten bigger since I hitched on my ride, it's HUGE! And runs right though the city! image what they would think if they see some...wait let me check...yes, girl riding a log on a river, dirty from head to toe, who has no idea where she is. I put 2 and 2 together and there was NO way I'm playing out with that scenario. So let me think...somehow I got to get off and get to land. I CAN'T draw ANY attention to me. If those police are still after me, I can't make this GRAND entrance into the city, otherwise they'd see me. I had to check the current to see if it was as bad as before. I carefully clasped my hands firmly on the log and put my body into the water, but making sure that I stayed clutched onto the tree. WOWEE! It's stronger! So I crossed off swimming. I looked along the shores. Further up ahead I saw a wooden dock sticking out. It was right before the city entrance, by river. So it would be perfect for me to get off there and not be seen. I also noticed no people, ahh yea! My log wasn't in the middle of the river, it was actually on the same side of the dock. The dock shot out, maybe, 30ft. rather big for a dock.

So I decided to maybe give my log a push in the direction of the dock. I dipped into the river behind my log, so that I could swim and steer the log to the dock. It was such HARD work! The current was sooo strong! But I had to do it! And if I was even a second late, I'd miss the dock. With all my might I swam, and swam, and swam. It was the HARDEST thing EVER! I made it though! Just barely. But right before I was there, a man walked out of the little stone cottage that was nearby it. I hid behind my log and peeked up to see if he was coming to the dock...and sure thing...he was. CRAP! WHAT NOW! You know what; I have been though hell and back just now! I almost died twice and all this other crazy stuff in a matter of a couple hours! I can do this little thing! I was so sick and tired of all of these stupid people getting in my way! A part of me wanted soooo bad just to run up the dock and CLOBBER that man! I had pure hatred for him. I just wanted to punch him out cold! But wait! What am saying? That'd be soo stupid! I can't punch him! He'd win! I mean yea he's an olderish man, but that's mean. I don't even know the guy. The smart thing would be to hide out under the dock and climb up and run away when he's not looking. But my other part said back NO YOU IDIOT! He'd catch you! The ONLY way to get away and not have him say anything would be to just lay my knuckles upside his head soooo hard he goes unconscious. Then I'd get away faster that anything! He'd never know. And by the time he told anybody I'd be 2,000,000 miles away! I tried to think. Don't think! That's what idiots do. Just do it! You're running out of time and he is a bozo getting in your way! Just get rid of him and be done!

My log stopped at the dock and the man stooped over.

"hmmm that's strange. What is that doing here?" but I had enough! Before I could stop and think I attacked. I jumped from the log and landed on the dock. With all my might I slammed my fist straight between the eyes. I did it so fast he couldn't even scream! ha the wimp! He fell to the ground with sooo much force he made an indent in the ground. I looked around for anyone who might have seen that, and of course no one. Out of no where I growled and crouched down. I ran straight into the forest gracefully dodging trees and just missing branches. YA WHAT NOW EL STUPIDO! YA WHO'S TOP DOG NOW! SHOW YOU NEXT TIME DON'T MESS WITH ME! I stopped.

WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH ME? Where'd that come from? I just punched someone I don't know and...Did I growl? I felt like something else took over, like a more animalistic being. Like...I don't know wow. Why did I just do that? It was like an instinct! All of a sudden I was just...rage. A fire just blew up in me. I just went total animal. I looked around. I heard a scream behind me. ohh no! I turned around and ran back to the man. I stopped right before the trees ended. Very quickly, I climbed into a tree so that I couldn't be seen. A woman was running to him. With each step she took she yelled "Robert". When she got no response she said it again, and again, getting faster with each time and her pace grew faster and faster until she was flat out running to him. It looked like she just came out of the same house. Then her left hand said it all. Wife.

She kneeled down beside him and grabbed his hand. "Robert" she kept saying. It gradually turned into a yell. Ohh gosh! What did I do! Look at the indent around him. I was sickened by the aftermath I caused. Me just wanting to get off the river suddenly turned me into almost...wait did I?...kill him. I breathed in suddenly. I started shaking. THAT CAN'T BE IT! I didn't just do that. No it wasn't me! Well it was...but it wasn't...but...IDK! I looked back down on that poor old woman. She was WEEPING at that point. She bent over her husband to check for a pulse. However I knew, I could hear it...the sound of nothing. It was weird how I could hear the teeniest sound, but I guess everyone can. She sat straight up. Nothing. Almost imminently her face, so full of grief and pain, turned to absolute rage. She stood straight up and shouted on the top of her lungs:

"I will get you son-of-a-gun! Just you wait. c'est impoosible for you to escape. I'll get you my pretty!" if I'm not mistaken, was that accent French? But no time to think now because she was running like a mad lady straight into the forest. Crap! Gotta go! And I leapt down with ease and ran. For some odd reason I was a tad faster than her, and quieter too. She was screaming and hollering, it's lucky that no one was around to hear us. I wove in and around trees so that she couldn't see who I was and eventually she slowed down well how far can an old lady run anyway? But I couldn't stop. I HAD to keep going. I had to go SOMEWHERE. My stomach gave a huge growl. And I've worked up an appetite. I could use some food, and water, and a nice bed. Well there is a HUGE city right there to take advantage from. So I changed direction and went head on to the city.