The plane pitched and rolled slightly as I sat reading my magazine. I could honestly care less about the words and pictures on the page that were in front of me, I didn't even know what I was reading. I could honestly care less. My mind was, I hate to say it, still in shock. My eyes might have been unfocused on the page but my mind was repeating the events that just happened. Robert on the floor, all the blood, Matt on his bike….

"Would you like a soda, Miss?" I jerked my head and jumped slightly at the suddenness of her voice. The flight attendant wore her kind smile and gripped the metal cart waiting for me to order some beverage.

"Ohh," I said, snapping back into reality. I looked away from her and stared out the window of the plane. I couldn't even think of food at the moment. My stomach was doing summersaults just thinking about the bubbly liquid. "No." I spoke to the window. I couldn't bring myself to look at her, or anyone else for that matter. I crossed my arms over my abdomen and closed my eyes, deeply exhaling. Sadness and loss was just overwhelming me so much that I was happy to be leaving for England. I still couldn't believe that I let the two men in my life die and I did absolutely nothing.

"Well if you are that sick, Miss, a Sprite would cheer that tummy right up." She bent down and retrieved an aluminum can. Setting it on the top of her cart she spoke to me, "I'll put this on the house, seeing how sick you are." I was about to give her a look that would question her sanity, I am not sick you half-twit, but then I noticed my posture. I was sitting in the seat with my knees propped up on the seat in front of me. I also looked at my arms that were clutching my stomach trying to support me. I would also bet that I was as pale as a ghost, no duh she thinks I'm sick, just look at me. I had better cut out my pity party before others take notice too. People can never feel bad for me; I hate it when they do. Everyone around me has so little life to live. It's criminal of me to steal even one second away because of my problems. "Here." She handed me a plastic cup filled with ice and Sprite. "Also, if you get overheated you can turn the knob and open the fan." Her perfectly painted creamy pink fingernails pointed above my head. I followed her with my eyes and noticed a tiny grey tube, next to the switch for the light. Being my first time flying, I did not know how to work this 'fan'. Ever so carful, as to not break it, I unsurely twisted the opening of the hole and a nice, cold breeze of air hit me. Ahhh much better.

"Thanks." I said to her and leaned back into my itchy, grey seat. I took a small sip of my pop and it ran cold down my throat. I didn't realize how thirsty I actually was.

"Yea, well," she said combing her fingers through her golden bangs, fluffing them a bit, "It's my job." She said unenthusiastically as a man rudely shouted 'lady, over here!' from the back of the plane. I gave her an empathetic smile and nodded my head 'thanks' again. Her nude lips pulled into a grin, although her hazel eyes still looked very tired. She gripped the cart with her very delicate hands and walked toward the man who called her a second time. I shook my head and resumed my former position, knees on the seat in front of me, hands fingering over my magazine, eyes reading over the words, brain drifting off into la la land.

I gasped loudly as I felt a strong hand grab my shoulder and shake it. My eyes shot open as I stared wildly at me attacker.

"We're going." I looked up at the owner of the voice speaking to me and the hand that grabbed me. I recognized him as the man who was seated to the right of me for the flight. He was standing in the isle, one hand was backing away from my shoulder while the other one was clutching a leather briefcase. A yawn slowly worked its way out of my lips as my hands snaked above my head stretching.

"Thanks." I smiled to him. He just glanced at his watched, groaned, and waited impatiently behind a line of people in the isle too. I giggled at the man in such a hurry but I felt my brain going fuzzy again. My eyelids turned heavy, I don't remember the last time I slept this good. Wait, my eyes shot open, did we land? I quickly looked over my left shoulder and out the window noticing the airport outside. I swiftly collected all of my belongings, the IPod I found at the airport 'lost and found' and my magazine. After stuffing them into my black drawstring bag I jumped into the line of people waiting to get off the plane. Two hours, after getting lost, finding my bag, getting lost again, and getting confused by the strange accent, I drove off to the train station that would deliver me to London.

"Thank you!" I said to the driver and handed him the money for the ride. Thank God that I saved most of my money for emergencies! I pocketed my change and headed up the old, stone steps to the train ticket both. After purchasing my ticket to London I checked my watch, wow! I still have a good two hours to waste. I turned on my heel and walked past giant groups of tourist. I climbed back down the steps, returning back outside, and looked up and down the street. Little shops and boutiques lined the cobbled road and traffic was heavy through here! British cars and buses were going about their way and people were chaotically crossing the roads and disappearing into shops. I couldn't help but smile, this place had a homey feeling, so with a deep breath, I gave my tan suitcase a squeeze and headed off down the road. All kinds of stores were selling their goods to us, from pets, to clothes, to make-up, to food…wait. I sniffed and my eyes automatically rolled back into my head. Ahhh, I smelled the delicious aroma off…cinnamon…icing…bread…and… ewww coffee. I made a face. I never did like coffee. I went to walk on down the road, but the scents danced around my nose, just enticing me to take a bite. I patted my hand on the front pocket of my old skinny jeans feeling my money. Well, what the hey! I can treat myself a little. I pulled my soft lips into a grin and stepped of the curb with my worn down tan fake Uggs. Quickly crossing the hectic road I walked into the small corner café that was causing me the wonderful sensation.

Shortly later my chipped nailed fingers held the most amazingly delectable cinnamon bun ever. My brown eyes closed as I took another small bite of the goodness, trying to save it for all eternity. I was in a very good mood. I started to walk with a new spring in my step down the road, causing my long brown curls to bounce down my back. My stomach growled as I took another bite, begging for me to satisfy my never ending hunger. I just never could afford the food to put some fat on my body. I eyed my small, delicate looking wrists with a small frown as my bones were popping out. I just rolled my eyes as usual, don't feel sorry for yourself, and I continued down the road.

Something suddenly reflected to sun into my eyes. Ahhh! I mentally yelped as I almost dropped my bun. I blinked a few times and looked at the cause for the spots now filling my vision. There was a full-length mirror propped up by the door of a small cheery looking shop. I read the letters written in yellow paint on the mirror. On the top it read, "Bored with yourself…" I felt my eyebrows come together in confusion and I read the bottom half, "Then change your look with specialty wigs and makeup!" hmmm I thought to myself as I eyed myself in the mirror. I could see my own face twisting into a sly smirk as I thought of it. I have always had to change my appearance. This is perfect! I have to make sure neither Frollo nor the Volturi finds me! I have always loved diving into a different personality. So I quickly walked inside.

"Shoot, I got to get to my train!" I peered down at my watch, pretending that I was running late, when in reality I still had a while. I started to fidget, hoping that she would get the picture that I had to go.

"Oh!" she chuckled in response to me, "You Americans and always being in a hurry. You know that kind of reminds me of when I was a lass I met this one girl and she…"

"Ok!" I interrupted, quickly grabbing my change. I couldn't stand to hear another one of her rants! "Thank you so much for your help!" A generous smile appeared on my face as I gathered my new plastic store bag. The stout woman crossed her arms and gave me a skeptical glance. "I love the wig." I sincerely spoke to her, running my fingers through my new hair. I just hoped she wouldn't find my rude, because she really was a great help! Thank God she smiled at me and nodded. I gave a sigh of relief and waved adieu as I walked out of the store.

I headed back towards the train station as the wind blew my new hair all around me. Nothing could wipe off the massive grin that graced my face. It was the new me, my new identity. I sent a quick prayer to God hoping that this new character I would play would work. I can't afford to get caught again. I brushed back some hair that was getting caught in my eyes. It felt exactly like real hair! I remembered the lady telling me that I could style and brush it just like real hair. Straitening or curling it, blow drying and brushing, moose and hairspray, it was all safe. This will work. However, she really did stress about never getting this wet. Something about the glue messing up…or I don't know, nor did I really care. I fluffed up long, side bangs a little with my fingers leading them over to the left side of my face. My golden hair fell just over my eye and landed below my cheekbone. Yea I could get used to this. The blond strands fell just above my shoulders and curled inward at the ends.

"Oh precious, you look simply precious!" I remembered the store lady complementing my wig when I first put it on. Her cute British accent replayed in my ears as I glanced at my reflection in a store window. Suddenly, it felt like a rock just collided into me. An 'umph' slipped out of my mouth as my breath escaped me for a minuet. I glanced up and found out it wasn't a rock, but a very tall man. He looked at my wildly, not expecting to get run into. I could feel the heat start to rise onto my cheeks as my cheeks tried to blush. No, stop over reacting. I fought back my blush.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry." I quickly apologized as I took a step back and looked at him to make sure he was ok. He readjusted the front of his coat and smoothed out some of the wrinkles I caused on it.

"No, your fine." He whipped at me, kind of harshly. I could tell he didn't want to be bothered.

"Ok, sir, but I really am sorry." And that was the truth. I felt so bad for not watching out for him.

"No, your fine." The words from his mouth lashed out at me and he flicked his hand toward me, trying to summon me away. I got the message and simply nodded my head to him. I didn't want to prolong the embarrassing situation any longer then need be. He nodded his bright red head back at me and turned back to two cars parked on the road. Turning on my heel, I realized that the train station was behind me, wow I walk far. That was really quick. Holy crap! I looked at my watch. I had 20 minuets before my train would come. I walked back up the same stone steps as before, up to my train. When I got up the steps I took a quick glance at the man I ran into. He was holding one of the car doors open as about maybe five people were hopping out. The same number of people was getting out of the car behind them, except a man in some sort of uniform was holding the door open. You know those circus clowns that unload 12 people out of a two seater car; well that was what I was looking at. Those cars looked to seat two, maybe three, however five was pushing it! The cars were a dark green color, not a usual color for a car. Hmmm. I felt my instincts start to work inside my mind. These people aren't normal. The other male in the uniform that almost matched the car color was unloading suitcases and…a bird? I widened my eyes. Wait, that can't be an owl? Who are these people, cause last time I checked Brits don't keep owls as pets. I looked around me. The stationed suddenly looked busier to me. People were hastily getting on and off trains. Can't these people see the owl in front of them! Its like a man-eating gorilla could be hanging on the ceiling, and none of these people would notice. I looked back to the strange group and their cars started to pull out onto the road, on the wrong side, I could feel my American self joke. They are going to have fun getting though that traffic if front of them.

And they did! A traffic light ahead of them turned red, all of the cars in front of the green ones stopped, but they kept going. I could feel my mouth open and hit the floor as I saw the green cars actually going through the other cars! None of the innocent drivers detected two ugly green cars were traveling through them! My face was shocked with awe, but everyone around me continued to walk, totally unaware of the…well magic that just happened.

The cars disappeared down the road and my attention snapped back onto the group. Most of them I could tell were related, they were insanely ginger tall. There were a few misfits that I could see. A boy with midnight black hair and a girl that I could just tell was a nerd. They all had one of the metal trolley carts and were making their way up the steps. Crap, well I look like a weirdo just staring at them as they are walking up. I checked my watch. Crap! My train! I had 10 minuets. I looked up at them one last time; I could just feel in my gut that something was not right about them, nothing dark or sinister, but something….off. I made my way with my suitcase and my bag containing different bottles of hair product for my wig and some new eyeliner and lipstick I got at the wig store. I was thinking of going with a more subtle, natural look…but I don't know… things might change. Shrugging my shoulders, I weaved my way around the crowds of people and made my way to….platform 9 at the Kings Cross. When I arrived to the platform labeled '9' I sat on a bench facing the tracks and waited for the train.

It only took two more minuets for ne to get mixed up again with…those people. I just couldn't help but stare at them as they all gathered around the oldest man in the group. They stopped diagonal of my bench, in between platforms 9 and 10. Oh gosh, I hope they don't get on 9, please don't get on my train. I couldn't tell which one they were going to go on and it was driving me crazy. I looked back down at the floor and closed my eyes, what are you getting so worked up about? You're being overly dramatic!

But I have this feeling…

A feeling? Haven't you ruled out trusting your 'feelings'? Just move on!

But I want to know where they are going!

Why do you care? Just get on your train and head to your new life that you were lucky to receive from your NYC boss!


So…maybe they are mutants too? Ever think of that one. Maybe they are just like you.

I stared down at my hands and rubbed my thumb over my knuckles. It's been a while since I ever had to use my adimantium claws. I could just feel them trying to poke out passed my skin, to escape their bodily cage…cage, that is what you have become. A caged beast! Why do you keep living fake lives? It's no use to you! You always just have to pick up and move anyway! Think of all of the people who have died because of you! MATT, ROBERT! Who's next? Just live on your own, live by your own rules, be the animal you are.

I heard the group start to speak so I quickly jerked my head up to look.

"Right then," the head of the group spoke to them and he looked around. I knew that look, having seeing it many times before. The look a man gives when he doesn't want to be watched. I looked down at the floor when I saw his eyes glance over around me. Obviously he thought he was safe because he continued talking. Haha they clearly don't know about mutants. I keenly listened into the conversation. "Let's do this in pairs, as there are so many of us. I'll go first with Harry." The adult ginger grabbed a cart carrying luggage and walked with the black-haired boy. I am assuming his name is Harry? Anyway, I watched him closely as train 10 started to pull into the station. A flock of people swiftly crowded around the train trying to pile their way in. they got in my way and when I blinked, the two were gone. Gone? The rest of the group was still there but…the others disappeared.

"Alright, now how about Percy and Ginny?" the other adult of the group spoke up. She looked like an incredibly sweet woman, clearly the motherly type. She had red hair, like most of the others, and was a pushing a much younger girl up to another older looking boy. They looked like siblings; they had very much the same features. Percy, the older one, grabbed another cart of luggage and walked to the same stone pillar that the others had too. The young girl, Ginny, walked very excitedly behind him. Where did they come up with these names? Percy and Ginny? Percy gripped the cart a little harder and after winking at his sister they both shifted their weight and leaned onto the wall. Then they melted through!

I stared again as I saw them actually disappear INTO THE WALL! I kept my eyes on that spot, now empty. Who are these people? First the cars and now THEM?

The same event happened until the entire group was gone. I was just in total wonder. They vanished into the wall. I slowly got up and fearfully walked over to the same pillar. It looked solid enough. I went to reach out and touch it. My hand froze however when I saw train 9, my train, suddenly stop in front of platform 9. There's my train. I eyed the wall again, well it couldn't hurt. I slowly reached my hand out to it and it too went through the wall. I was, again for the fourth time today, in total shock! MY HAND WAS IN A WALL! I pulled it back out and looked at it, it was still normal. I looked back at my train. The people were almost done getting on and the whistle blew signaling that it's ready to move. Train or wall. Future or nothing. Knowing where I am going or mysterious adventure. I held onto my brown suitcase a little tighter exhaled a breath that I didn't know that I was holding. I looked again at the train. It was slowly starting to move. I could hop on now, go to London and live my life. But what about finding out whom these people are? I inhaled a deep breath and slowly walked into the wall.