I was bored when I wrote this! I thought there are a lot of pairings on Teen Titans and I hate a lot of them. Yes, I know I'm fussy lol! So I was thinking how the Teen Titans would react if they saw all the fanfictions we fans write! :) I would've made references to peoples' usernames but then I would have to ask everyone's permission and yeah...I thought I should set this story before Trouble in Tokyo to make everything more awkward! MWHHAHAAH!

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans. If I did there would be more episodes! And a gazillion seasons!

It was a perfectly normal day in Jump City. There was traffic, swearing, people walking around happily and school students were just exiting from school. The sun was shining and Titans Tower was standing as grand as ever. Indoors everyone was in the Ops room, either reading, playing video games, making Tamaraen food or sitting bored.

"Beast Boy may you pass the dried zorka berries?" asked Starfire while she stirred some pink goo. Beast Boy looking extremely bored as he sat on the chair. He passed the dried zorka berry dish to Starfire, and he was even bored enough to know what zorka berries were. He would be playing his favourite rap music but the Titans were complaining it was really loud and Raven had sent Beast Boy's stereo to a different dimension.

"Man, Raven, why did you get rid of my stereo!" Beast Boy suddenly whined.

"Because you were getting on my nerves when you playing it on full volume!" Raven said.

"Yeah, you were distracting me from beating Robin in Mega Monkeys 5!" Cyborg added. "Take that!" Cyborg said to Robin.

"You're good, but when I do this!" Robin pressed a button and there was an explosion noise. WINNER flashed across the screen.

"Yes!" Robin cheered.

"Aw, man! See Beast Boy, even when I'm talking to you, you make me lose!" Cyborg moaned.

"Don't blame Beast Boy for your losing against me!" Robin said. "I'm just better than you!"


"You're on!"

Now Beast Boy was really bored. He couldn't be bothered to ask Cyborg and Robin if he could play so he sat there. Then he got an idea on what to do so he got up and said.

"Hey Robin! Can I borrow your laptop, thanks!" Beast Boy ran out of the room.

"Yeah sure- wait! Beast Boy!" Robin left the sofa and started running after Beast Boy.

"Yes! Ha! I won, man!" Cyborg cheered. Robin stopped.

"What...I...you...argh!" Robin continued running after Beast Boy.

"Would you like to try some Zorka-Gluforg cream?" asked Starfire. She was carrying a pot which had overflowed a lot but still was full to the brim of before pink but now dark purple thick liquid. "It is great with the ice-cream!"

"Err..." Raven went a bit pale when she saw the concoction Starfire had created. "I'll just try a little bit." Starfire handed her a spoon and reluctantly dipped the spoon in the liquid. She started to pull it out but it just stayed there.

"Starfire, the spoon's stuck." Raven said.

"What?" Starfire looked inside the pot herself. "Oh dear...let me see..." Starfire attempted to pull the spoon out.

"Is it supposed to be that sticky?" asked Raven.

"Yes, and this is only a small amount of Glorg juice!" Starfire said. Finally she got it out but it went flying through the air behind her just when Beast Boy and Robin were walking in.

"Beast Boy, let go!"

"No! Dude, I'm bored!" They were tugging the expensive looking laptop back and forth.

"Beast Boy!"


"Let go!"





"NO-" The sticky spoon landed smack bam on Beast Boy's nose. He went cross eyed to look and what had landed on his nose which Robin took the chance and snatched his laptop away from him.

"Starfire...what is this?" he asked.

"Oh! This requires some Klorflug juice!" she said and rushed to the kitchen counter.

"Beast Boy you're not allowed to go on my laptop...I need to put a password on this..." Then Robin noticed what was on the screen.

"Beast Boy, you wanted to go on 'Fanfiction'?" Robin asked puzzled. There was a loud 'pop' and the spoon was removed from Beast Boy's nose.

"Fanfiction? What's that?" asked Cyborg, coming over. Robin showed him the screen.

"Fanfiction? What? I've never heard of it!" Beast Boy insisted.

"What is this 'Fanfiction' Robin?" asked Starfire.

"Dude, how did that happen?" asked Beast Boy.

"I think we were pressing the buttons by accident," Robin said.

"Well, dudes, I'm bored so I'm going to check it out!" Beast Boy took the laptop from Robin (even though Robin had told him not to) and sat down on the table. Surprisingly, Robin didn't say anything as he was curious too. Raven silently came over just to see what everything was about.

"'Browse Fanfiction'?" Beast Boy read. "What's Fanfiction?"

"I think its stories that fans write." Raven said.

"How do you know that?" asked Beast Boy.

"Well it has the word 'fan' in it and 'fiction' and I'm guessing by 'fiction' they mean stories." Raven explained.

"Right, well let's see...err...what about 'Clash of the Planets'?" said Beast Boy. "But which category would it be on..."

"Why are we even looking at this, man?" asked Cyborg.

"Yes, I want everyone to try my Zorka-Gluforg cream!" Starfire said.

"Ok, Beast Boy what are you looking for?" Cyborg didn't really fancy eating one of Starfire's dishes.

"Let's see 'cartoons'..." Beast Boy said. He scanned through the lists.

"Why do we want to read 'Fanfictions' anyway?" Robin said. "Beast Boy, give me my laptop-,"

"DUDES!" Beast Boy shouted.

"What?" everyone else said in unison.

"Teen Titans' on here!" he said. "Dude, why are we in the cartoon column?!"

"Let me see that!" Cyborg budged Beast Boy out of the chair and clicked on 'Teen Titans'. "Man...Beast Boy's not kidding!"

"Why is my name on here?" Starfire asked, pointing to her name on one of the Fanfiction summaries.

"What are these fanfictions about?" asked Raven.

"Uh...some are about 'Humour' and 'Adventure' and 'Crime'." Cyborg said.

"There's even one about Romance!" Robin said. "What on earth...?"

"Ha-ha!" Beast Boy laughed when he got up. "It's about you and Starfire!"

"What?" they both said in unison and they both pushed Cyborg off the seat to see if Beast Boy was right.

"'Bunch of short stories about the cutest couple ever Robin and Starfire! Chapter 2 up! Please review!'" Starfire read. "What are they talking
about. We are not a couple..." Starfire was very puzzled. She couldn't help liking the idea though.

"Here's another one...'Robin and Starfire are about to be married but they get into a huge fight and Robin leaves her'?!" Robin read. "This makes no sense!"

"We are...married...?" Starfire asked Robin questionably.

"Ha-ha!" Cyborg and Beast Boy were laughing.

"Raven, what is rated 'T'?" asked Starfire.

"I think it's for what age group can read that story." Raven said. "Ok, so people write stories about couples for their amusement?"

"Beast Boy there's one about you and Raven." Robin said.

"Dude, what?!" Beast Boy stood up abruptly and Raven came over to the laptop screen.

"'Raven is carrying Beast Boy's baby and she doesn't tell him for three months. When she does Beast Boy and Raven get in huge argument and
problems occur. Chapter 25 up!'" Raven read. "These stories are mostly about drama that's never going to happen to us."

"This...is...weird..." Beast Boy said slowly. Raven was really freaked out.

"OK...these people are crazy!" she said.

"Dude, I know..." Beast Boy was staring at the screen.

"Ha! Beast Boy and Raven sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage then-" Cyborg stopped singing when he saw the look on Raven's face.

"The next time I date Beast Boy is the next time I decide show my emotions!" Raven said.

"Ok, ok!" Cyborg put his hands up for defence.

"Is it not strange how people think you should be 'together'?" said Starfire. "You are complete opposites!"

"Let's not talk about it. Or I might throw up." Raven said, but secretly she knew she was lying. So then they looked through the other fanfictions.

"Some are humour as well." Robin said. "So are people just writing stories about us?"

"Yeah, looks like it."

"Dude! Is 'rob/star' the Robin and Starfire pairing? And is 'bb/rae' be and Raven?!" Beast Boy said. "...Hey! There's Cy/Bee! I'm guessing that Cyborg and Bumble Bee!"

"You what?!" Cyborg read the description. "Ok this website is weird..."

"Robin and Raven are doing the dating!" Starfire said. "Look!" she pointed to a Fanfiction called 'Birds of a feather'.

"How come you never told me, Robin?" Starfire asked, hurt.

"Starfire! I am not going out with Robin!" Raven said. "People just want us to for some weird reason."

"Yeah Star, I won't go out with Raven in a million years. No offence, Raven." Robin added.

"None taken."

"So people just want us to do the dating?" Starfire said. "Oh..."

"When did Raven go out with Aqualad?" Beast Boy asked.

"What?!" Raven looked at the fanfiction Beast Boy was talking about. "Where on earth did they get that idea from?" Beast Boy looked at the fanfictions with the 'Raven' character out of interest.

"Hey! Look! There's a Speedy and Raven one!" Cyborg spotted.

"And a Jericho and Raven one!" Beast Boy said.

"And another Robin and Raven one!"

"A Red X and Raven one?!"

"Cyborg and Raven one?"

"Beast Boy and Raven?""

"Another one of Beast Boy and Raven!"

"There's a lot of Beast Boy and Raven!"

"Raven and SLADE!?" Everyone burst out laughing.

"Raven, you like a lot of boys don't you?" Beast Boy teased.

"Friends, why is Raven also paired with me?" asked Starfire. "They like what you say...'lesbian' relationships?"

All the boys were sniggering.

"OK, some people are kind of weird." Robin said. "But I guess everyone's different."

"A lot different." Raven muttered.

"Raven likes Jinx too!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"Let's see who you're paired with!" Raven said, extremely annoyed. She put Beast Boy in the character box and clicked 'search'.

"Beast Boy...there is one of you and me!" Starfire said. "Oh dear...where do they get all these, you say 'pairings'?"

"Oh my gosh...there's a Beast Boy and Cyborg Fanfiction!" Robin said shocked.

"A Beast Boy and Robin Fanfiction!" Cyborg said. They continued looking through the fanfictions. They weren't really interested in the 'adventure' or 'humour' fictions.

"There's a Beast Boy and Terra too!"

"What about you, Cyborg?" Robin clicked Cyborg in the character box. Then he noticed something. "They've got every villain and Titan here!"

"Everyone?" Beast Boy repeated. Robin nodded. "What?!"

"What?" Starfire said.

"There's even a Starfire and Cyborg Fanfiction!"

"What!?" Cyborg was shocked.

"I think there's at least one Fanfiction for any random person here with another random person." Raven said.

"What about Starfire?" Beast Boy clicked on Starfire on the character box. "Look, she's paired with Speedy...Red X..."

"Aqualad...even Slade!" Cyborg said.

Do people not know that this is not possible?" asked Starfire.

"Well yes, but I guess they just like 'shipping'." Raven said. "It's kind of pointless." Robin agreed.

"Yeah, some people love 'shipping' a lot."

"Oh, dudes, we haven't tried Robin yet!" Beast Boy realised. He started searching for Robin. After a couple of moments he found something.

"Dude, there's a Robin and Slade pairing!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"That's...wrong..." Robin said, shocked. "Most of these pairings are wrong..."

"Indeed. But it is a bit of fun finding about the many strange 'pairings' people have thought of." Starfire said.

"What about err...'Aqualad'?" Cyborg suggested. After a moment...

"Hey! They've paired him up with Speedy, y'all!"

"And Bumble Bee!"

"Do you think we should read any of these 'fanfictions'?" asked Starfire. The Titans looked at each other.

"Well, if you want fine but I'd prefer reading my book." Raven said.

"Um...guys..." Beast Boy said. "Look..." He pointed to Fanfiction summary: 'Robin and Starfire love each other and decide to do something to prove that. Rated M for rude scenes'.

Robin and Starfire immediately started blushing furiously.

"People are actually willing to write lemons?" said Raven.

"Lemons?" everyone else said in unison.

"Yes, it's those scenes that no one wants to read." Raven said.

"Ok...well we're definitely not going to read that!" Beast Boy said quickly. "Unless you do, Robin." Beast Boy joked.

"What?! Why I ought to-"

"Hey look!" Beast Boy interrupted. "There are even chatrooms about us!" The Titans continued searching for embarrassing pairings for a little bit.

"Well, dudes, this is getting boring. And I'm definitely not going onto this website again!" Beast Boy said. "Weird pairings..."

"Yeah, I'm not going read romance stories about myself!" Robin agreed.

"Yes, it will make very uncomfortable." Starfire said.

"Well y'all I'm going to go to my room so I can block this website from my computer!" Cyborg left to go to his room.

"Err...yeah I need to go to the bathroom." Robin took his laptop and left.

"Yes, I need to feed Silkie!" Starfire said and also left.

"I'm going to my room to meditate." Raven also left the room. Beast Boy also left. When each Titan had gone into their room, they went straight to their rooms and went on Fanfiction to read about their favourite couples. AWWW!

Well I sorta edited it. Because BeastBoyfangirl told me to space out the paragraphs and I didn't realise I was doing that! Thanks! And I added a bit more the Raven and Beast Boy part when they find out about their pairing. Rosalind2013 thanks for telling me that! Also KF fan, I might add a chapter with Titans East and Kidflash and Jinx so keep your eyes open...which I hope they are otherwise you're not reading this :-)

And I just realised that spacing out the paragraphs didn't work. Darn!