Ok while I am trying to figure out what to do with my other two stories, I wanted to start this one. Hopefully I don't catch the writer's block bug with this one. This story will take place after Breaking Dawn. I want to write it in Leah's POV because I like her side of things. (I might change POV's sometimes but I will warn you all). Hopefully you guys like this story.

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Leah's POV

I am not a coward. I am not a coward. That is what I kept telling myself when I was wanting to leave La Push. I wanted to face my problems and say, "Bitch I am staying, you will not run me away." I had been taking some self-defense classes to take my anger out on a dummy instead of on people. Ok, I know I do not need any kind of self-defense class but I wanted to beat someone up. I was asked not to come back when I broke the instructors hand. I tried to stop phasing, but stupid vampires are still around so that's impossible. I just told myself, hey if fate wants me to be a wolf, well that's what I am. Since the whole Volturi battle, other cubs were added to Jake's pack. I was still Beta and I loved it. Who wouldn't want to boss around a whole bunch of guys when the Alpha left you in charge?

Me and the Alpha kind of had a thing for each other. Yes, Leah Clearwater can crush on someone. Jake was started to rub off on me since I began to understand his troubled mind more. No, we were not a couple but we flirted a lot and the packs were beginning to get curious. Sam had already warned me time and time again, "You should not get involved with him Leah. He has an imprint…blah blah blah I am a douche and need my balls kicked off." I kept denying that Jake and I had no feelings toward each other, but Sam was not buying it. Jake's imprint was not even feeling him like that. Hell, she was into other guy's now, like that hybrid Nahuel. I still don't see what she sees in him. He is so skinny and looks like he crawled out of his mother's ass. Yuck! I know you all are thinking I am so stupid because I keep messing around with a man that has an imprint, but we are just friends who flirt. Hehe.

Well now here I am at Sam and Emily's getting fit for a bridesmaid dress. Our grandma Susan was measuring me.

" Leah that dress is going to look great on you," Emily clasped her hands together and smiled brightly. Sometimes she really annoyed me being all extra perky. In my mind I am thinking, "Tramp, you ran off with my man! Don't act like everything is fine." But I am better than that so I just faked a small smile.

"Hey Em," Embry said strolling in the door with the two packs following behind him.

"Hey guys. You Hungry?" Emily asked walking into the kichen, which was only two steps away.

"Well er duh," Jared said punching me in the arm as he walked past.

"Watch it Jared," Sam said poking his chest out like he was all tough and stuff.

"Dress looks nice on you sis," Seth said sitting next to grandma Susan.

"Thanks Sethy," I replied. I loved my little brother. Yes he was annoying at times, but he was my rock.

"Nice legs Clearwater," I knew it was Quil just being Quil. He was still a pervert even after he imprinted on Claire.

"Shut up you fucker. Ow!" I squealed as a pin poked my butt.

"Watch your mouth. Be a lady," grandma Susan replied. I rolled my eyes.

" Ha!" Paul said his mouth full of a muffin. Ugh he was a waste of a human being. Ok maybe that was a little harsh. No screw that, he was down right repulsive. I spotted Jacob sitting on the couch watching TV. He caught me staring and smiled that 1000 watt smile. I winked at him.

"Clearwater stop the flirting," Quil said. Damn him, he always had to bust me out. Sam let a growl escape his throat and covered it up with a cough. Grandma Susan tried to ignore the legends and did not believe that we descended from wolves. We didn't want to give her a heart attack if she found out it was all true.

" The girl can flirt if she wants. It's getting time for you to settle down anyway honey. I always thought you would marry before Em," grandma Susan stated. I hated how she always compared me to Emily.

"Grandma-" Emily started but she was interrupted.

"Leah honey if you dressed more like a lady and stopped running around acting like a guy maybe you could catch someone," grandma Susan continued. The room went silent.

"So yea, I seen Claire today and she-" Quil tried to change the subject. Fail.

"Leah answer me." grandma Susan pushed a pin through the dress. She had not even asked me a damn question. I glanced at Jacob who was giving me that " Calm down" look.

"Leah?" Why won't she just leave me be. I yanked away from her and stormed out the door. Fuck this stupid ass dress. I phased and let the pink dress shred to pieces.

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