This is a series of related drabbles that came out of the shuffle challenge. Its centered around Bones & Uhura.

For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert

Kim Kirk walked in, but I was too busy watching his friend to pay much attention, Gaila was caught. He smiled, and she swooned. After a minute, he caught my eye, and I knew he was gonna be at my side in a second. Letting my steps fall to the beat of the song drifting in the air, I made my way to the bar. He met me there.

Putting down a chip, he volunteered to pay for me. I declined, and his friend chuckled. The blondie was simple enough; he may be smart, but I knew enough to steer clear. Suddenly his arm was around my waist, his lips at my ear. A second later, he was on the floor, and i was walking away, my hips swaying to the beat. His friend laughed aloud. I turned and threw him a wink as I sat with Giala.