Not Gonna Get Us – T.A.T.U.

We were stranded. The entire away team was stuck. I have no idea why. The communication was scrambled. They had stuck us on this remote planet, and now we had no way out. Spock and Kirk were sequestered away under a giant tree. Their fingers locked in a tangle that gave them away.

I was supposed to be interpreting a message of peace, but there was no one here. I pulled out my communicator, and tried to contact the bridge, so they could figure out what went wrong. Bones answered instead. He was telling me it would be okay, and that he loved me. It was amazingly touching, and ridiculous all at the same time. I wanted him to shut up so badly.

But he kept talking

and then I realized, they had no idea of how to help us. I was going to die down here. The atmosphere was only hospitable to humanoids for a few hours at a time, and those hours were running out... I was getting weaker, his voice was more distant. I looked around, and saw everyone asleep.

"I loved you too..." and then I couldn't see anything.

A/N: Not sure where this sad ending came from... Maybe I'll do another shuffle and see if she wakes up in medical?