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He was bored. He was content but still very bored. He noticed it was cold and it was going to rain. He wasn't pleased about that.

'damn the rain' he mumbled to himself.

'what was that Sir?' his lieutenant said behind one of the documents she had to approve before she gave it to the Fuhrer.

She stood up and walked towards with this certain document held out towards him, her face angry and frustrated.

'Sir, you can not be serious, when you said about the uniform changes before I thought you were joking'. she put emphasis on the word 'joking' in attempt to make him think with at least a little bit of sense. The women would not stand for this and she could think of one particular woman that would be furious.

'Of course, I am being serious Hawkeye, I am Fuhrer and I promised my military that I would make this change!' said Fuhrer Mustang with a look of deep pride at his fulfilling of a very important promise.

'You promised Lieutenant Havoc Sir, that is not the Military. I will sign this because it is your wish I do so and as Fuhrer you command me, however… have you seen who is on the parliamentary board? And you know you need at least half to conform to this legislation before it can be passed.'

'Yes I know the rules Hawkeye, I created them, what is your point?'

'well Sir this piece of legislation states that all women in the military will have to wear 'tiny mini skirts' when working, correct?'

'correct Hawkeye again I ask what is your point?'

'Well, I have a feeling that the women won't be pleased about this? Due to the 'attention' they will receive from the male officers, and with the soon abolishment of the fraternization law women may not feel comfortable walking around the military bases with them being on such a public display, also it is incredibly sexist and pervy of you sir.'

'Hawkeye! I am not being pervy and it is not that I feel women are below men, how can I when I spend much of my time with you, it is just that I admire the women's form an-'

She had signed the document and was walking away towards the door not wanting to hear the rest of his lie.

He watched her leave and decided that she was over reacting and tried to convince himself that the reasons for the new 'mini skirt' law were not what she had just stated however he deep down knew which is why he mumbled

'why is she always right'.

He was however determined to not let this ruin his new law, he signed the papers ready to hand it over to the parliamentary board.