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Chapter 18

'Roy! Roy, stop wait! Your going to fast' Riza was being dragged along numerous corridors and she presumed she was heading to the Fuhrer's office.

He stopped abruptly in front of her and spun around and crashed his lips down on to hers.

Everything stopped.

Her eyes were still open and she could see the sheer passion in Roy's face, she wanted to fall against his body and enjoy the kiss, she wanted to just let go and let what was going to happen, happen, she wanted to close her eyes and caress his face, let him bite down on to her neck and to cry out in pleasure. She wanted to breath in his fragrance and play with his hair. However, she pulled away. She thought it was one of the hardest things she has ever done and he body was screaming in protest. How much easier it would have been to act on her urges, but no it couldn't happen. It wouldn't happen.

'Roy, what is this?'

He looked at her in confusion.

'what is what?'

'This? This thing! We kiss, we want more, we act like nothing has happened? Where is it going?'

'Does it matter, what it is? We enjoy it don't we?'

'Yes, it matters! I could lose my job! And this 'situation' we have going on? Would it be worth me losing a whole career? And you, you are the Fuhrer, and you almost tore the entire military apart just because of your obsession with womanizing! This thing is clearly not good for us… Sir.'

He stared at her in shock,

'Are you breaking up with me?'

'Were we ever really together? a few fumbles every now and then doesn't really constitute a relationship.'

'But Riza, you know in your heart that you want this, you know that yo-'

'That I what? Sir? I know nothing for certain, I did, but now I don't, you have ruined and confused everything for me,'

'You don't mean this, you have feelings for me, you do! I know you do! I can feel it.' Roy looked down at the floor and let his eyes glaze over thinking, praying for the memory of a time when she gave him conformation that she had feelings for him.

She could see his face, she could see the pain she was causing him, but the whole military was nearly destroyed because his feelings for something, and she had to think about the military, because she was sure he was not at the moment.

'Sir, you are mistaken.' She turned around and walked away from him back towards the canteen.

As she walked away, she felt it, the rational, clear feelings of what was best for the military dripping away and the irrational, confusing feelings of love toward Roy Mustang rising to the suffice. A single tear fell from her eye as she thought about how she had just barefaced lied and hurt the one and only man she loved. All for the best of others. She had done the right thing. Maybe not for her, but for everyone else, she had done the right thing.

'Just keep telling yourself that and you will be fine,' she thought to herself. She entered the canteen again and saw Olivier coming towards her.

'What on earth is wrong?' She looked worried and almost scared as she looked into her friends face.

'Nothing Olivier, why?'

'Come with me,' she took her hand and dragged her towards the bathroom through the crowd, who had begun to stare at Riza.

When they had entered the bathroom she placed Riza in front of the mirror. She saw a woman there, who was a pale as a ghost and had mascara down her face… seems like she has cried more than she thought she had.

'What happened?' Olivier took some loo roll from the cubicle and started to wipe the mascara stains away from her face.

'I said no to Roy,'

'Why would you do that? Your in love with him aren't you?'

'That doesn't matter, the military needs me to act professionally, last time he acted on his feelings, look at the mess we got into?'

'Oh! So you are being moral? Or you think the military are stupid? Why wouldn't exactly would we not learn from the mistakes? You think that because you and Mustang would be in a relationship, he wouldn't act like a Fuhrer? He has wanted this for this entire military life, he would not give up on it just because of a relationship, if anything you would make him better, you could nag him about work in your spare time together, it could be a 'no sex unless you do 3 piles of work' job, you don't need to sacrifice your happiness just to be the 'better person' how droll.'

'I could lose my job, it would never work, he would cheat, it would be weird in the office, it's a stupid idea,'

'Who would fire you? Mustang? And it sounds to me like you are just scared… who would have thought the famous hawk's eye scared of feelings and a relationship? You go to war twice, get your throat slit, suffer immense amounts of injuries mentally and physically and you are scared of commitment, in case it goes wrong?' a smirk crept onto Olivier's face.

Riza smiled slightly and threw her head back, and laughed at herself.

'I think you should go and find him and talk to him properly and truthfully.'

Olivier looked at her then gestured to the door, 'go on then!'

Riza looked in the mirror and checked her appearance before turning around and running out into the canteen so she could talk to Roy, just talk, nothing scary about that.

'Lieutenant Hawkeye!' She stopped dead and turned around slowly, he had shouted, he was angry and hurt and everyone was there listening to them.

She did the only thing that came naturally to her and stood to attention.

'Fuhrer Mustang Sir!'

Mustang walked slowly towards her and stopped directly in front of her, their faces a couple of inches about.

'Firstly Lieutenant I want your word that you will not shoot me,'

'Understood Sir and your request granted.' She was staring forward almost through him, she looked completely un bothered by him, but in reality her heart beat was a lot quicker than usual.

'You are wrong, Lieutenant, You are wrong, you do have feelings for me, I have feelings for you, I do believe I am in love with you, and have been for a long time, I have not ruined or confused your thought process in anyway, you just have chosen not to think about those particular feelings in a long time. However you are correct in one aspect, what we had was not a real relationship, but that is something in which I would like to rectify. Do you understand?'

'perfectly, Sir,' She still hadn't moved from her position and still was standing to attention. She desperately wanted to look at him.

'Good, at ease Lieutenant,' She relaxed for the briefest second before she was pulled into a bone crushing embrace, she fell against his body and felt his heart beating as quickly as hers was. She felt like she fitted perfectly and was happy, she was still scared and slightly worried at what everyone would say, and how it would be like being in a relationship with Roy Mustang, her Fuhrer and serial womanizer. But taking a leap of faith seemed like a good idea.

6 months later

Roy mustang was bored. He was extremely bored. He was staring out of the window to avoid looking at the sheer amount of work on his desk that he had not yet looked at. A spot of rain fell on to his window and he grimaced.

'Bugger.' he mumbled. He didn't like rain.

Now he had two unpleasant things to look at, the rain or his work.

He would usually have called in a friend to entertain him like Fuery or Havoc… but Fuery was always in the gym now and Havoc was always with Olivier… they made a sweet couple he supposed, but they are just scary together. She even more so than she was, what happened to the ice queen when she develops feelings… he shuddered, he didn't like this very much, she crept him out. So no friends, it was raining and loads of work, and she wouldn't come and see him, she saw herself as a distraction… and for good reason.

'bollocks,' he huffed and put his head down on the already crowded desk. He was never made for desk work.

The door opened to his office opened and he was another unpleasant thing.

A floating pile of papers for his to sign and read.

'Are you actually being serious?' He said outraged.

'We wouldn't have this problem if you actually did your work Sir.'

'Oh it would be you bringing me crappy work from all over head quarters, you never come see me anymore and when you do I can't see you because of the piles of paper you bring in with you… You never bring me nice things anymore.'

'That is a total lie Roy and you know it I brought you breakfast in bed this morning!' Riza Hawkeye was getting sick of his grumpy moods due to the rain and amounts of work.

'You know what this is of course? This is us clearing up the mess from the mini skirt fiasco, if you hadn't have passed that stupid law, you wouldn't be in this situation!'

Mustang got up from his chair and came around the desk and grabbed his lieutenant around the waist from behind.

'Ah, but neither would we be in this situation had I not passed that stupid law,' he smiled and bent his head down to kiss her neck gently, she closed her eyes and sighed before turning around in his embrace and tilting her head up so she could kiss him lightly on the lips.

She had fallen for it. He locked his hands behind her and backed her up against the desk smirking at her.

'Your meant to be doing work Roy,' She smiled up at him.

'Yes, but you are far more interesting… and I am bored, please five minutes with you then I will do the work, I promise, look my eyes are sincere!'

She looked into his eyes and saw how true what he was saying was, she could see so much in those dark eyes, happiness, freedom, playfulness with a slight hint of lust. She giggled to herself she liked that she could do this too him, it was cute, and she would always make sure he actually did his work. Everyone had said how his work was even better now that they were together. Olivier was right in that toilet 6 months ago.

She leaned up towards him and lightly pecked his lips with her own, he smiled and kissed her lightly back. It was a sweet kiss that was not lustful or deep as there first kisses in this building had been, but that didn't matter, these small kisses meant more to them, than anything that had happened when the mini skirt fiasco was happening.

They just stood there and held each other for a while until Hawkeye pulled away and said

'times up! Get all of this done! And don't forget we have Fullmetal's wedding this weekend.'

'Ahaha yes the twerp is getting married… weird. Although saw it coming really. And I say again… Are you serious? All of it?' He looked outraged, 'I will need more than a peck to get me to get all of that done!' he pointed in disgust at the mountains paper.

'Fine!' She grabbed the front of his uniform and pushed him against the desk and smashed her lips down on his for the briefest moment before she pulled away,

'Get it all done, and we will continue when I come round yours later,' She smiled, and walked away towards the door.

'Consider it done.'

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