Once again, I do not own the rights to the characters from the Kim Possible television series. Pity too. I think if we all pooled our resources, we could have kept the series going indefinitely.

New Years 2028

They were lying on the living room sofa, caught up in a very deep kiss. The new year had begun more than half an hour previously. In fact, that was when the kiss had begun. Aside from the occasional breath of air, or shifting of position, it had never ended.

The lights came on suddenly, and both of the teenagers rolled off of the couch and onto the floor. The boy wound up underneath his girlfriend, which he considered just as well, since it meant he had a few seconds longer to keep breathing. For her part, the girl was scrambling to get up, checking that her clothing was still intact. Things had been getting rather heavy towards the end. Both blinked rapidly, looking toward the door of the room.

"Sarah Anne Stoppable!" The fiery haired woman standing in the doorway shouted at her daughter, her hand still on the switch. She was staring at Sarah with a mixed look of anger and disappointment. It was hard to say which was dominant. Kim's other hand was clenched in a tight fist, jammed on her hip. "Get up off of that floor this instant. Your father and I trusted you to have Evan over here, to be responsible." At that moment the young couple saw the blond man standing in the other door, which lead to the dining room. There was no escaping the sitch. "Evan, you and I are going to have a little talk, in the gym, now!" Kim raised the fist and extended a finger, pointing to the basement door.

Evan Moore marched stiffly to the door and preceded the angry woman down the stairs. Sarah watched glumly, and prayed that he would be able to emerge once again without medical help. She had never seen her mother quite so angry.

Ron Stoppable, in the meantime, had moved into the room and pushed his daughter into one of the chairs that flanked the fireplace. He paced back and forth. Every now and then, he would look at the family portrait which was mounted above the mantle.

"Dad, I..." Sarah began. She subsided when her father looked at her. His eyes were cold, hard, and blue. This was never a good sign. She was in for it now, but she knew that Evan Moore was "the one", and she hoped to make her father understand.

Finally, Ron sat down in the chair opposite her. His eyes had returned to their normal chocolate brown color. There was something else there too. They sparkled with a hint of humor. He looked steadily at Sarah, and sighed.

"You do know why we are so angry right now, don't you?"

"Yes. You thought Evan and I were going to..."

"Don't even go there, I'm not ready for that, even if you are."

"Dad?" This wasn't going where she thought it would.

"You are seventeen now, Sarah, a grown woman. You are generally a mature, responsible young woman. Sometimes your mother and I forget that, and want to keep you as our little girl for just a little bit longer." Ron stood again, facing the mantle, and rubbed the back of his neck. Straightening his shoulders, he chuckled a little bit. "You see, your Grandpa James and I had this same talk a little over twenty years ago. There were a few choice words about space probes and other dire consequences, but it boiled down to the same thing."

New Years Eve 2006

The year was just coming to a close. Kim and Ron had been a couple for about seven months. Officially that is. They had been spending this time of year together since they were kids. It was very rare indeed for important moments to go by with them not side by side. Still, it was different this year. They were an actual, dating couple.

James and Anne Possible had gone out to a party being held at the hospital for the neurosurgery staff. As head of the department, Anne always liked to be sure that she was the last to leave, that everyone had a good time, and had a safe ride home. They had left Kim and Ron in the family room, watching movies and waiting for the big ball to drop. The boys had been invited to a party at the home of one of the guys from school, and were just going to sleep there. It was, quite possibly, the first time that Kim and Ron had managed to be alone in weeks.

Seems every villain had been working on some scheme or another to take advantage of the commotion of the holiday season. Naturally, Ron had gone into his usual spiel about how Drakken was trying to steal Christmas. This was something of a standing joke with them, and even Ron didn't take the idea seriously anymore. It was just a Team Possible tradition, as was the defeat of the latest plan to take over the world.

The effect of all of the missions was that they were simply not interested in attending any of the parties that they had been invited to. Monique was a little put out, but understood completely.

As the final moment of the year started to tick away, Kim and Ron looked at each other. Brown eyes met green. They smiled at each other and held hands. When the last second passed, the couple held each other close.

"Happy New Year, KP."

"Happy New Year, Ron."

What had been meant as just a quick kiss of tradition, very quickly changed into something deeper. It seemed to go on forever. Seemingly breathing in unison, they held each other tight. Kim's arms slipped around her boyfriend's neck, her fingers running through that unruly mop of blond hair that she loved so much. His arms, in turn, wound around her waist, holding on to her as if his very life depended on it. With each passing moment, they became more tightly entwined in each other. Slowly, Kim pushed Ron back onto the sofa, so that his head rested on one of the arms. When he was lying down, she found herself straddling his hips. The hormones were almost tangible in the air.

Neither one noticed the time pass by, the celebrations on the television wind down, and an old movie come on the screen. Similarly, neither heard the sound of the garage door opening and closing, just on the other side of the wall behind the sofa. Consequently, both of the teens were startled when Anne Possible cleared her throat.

Ron tried to sit up, and Kim lost her balance where she was on top of him. Grabbing onto his neck tightly, she tried to steady herself and get off of him at the same time. Instead she pulled him onto the floor with him, landing in a tangled mess of arms and legs between the sofa and the coffee table. The bowl of popcorn went flying and a half eaten bag of chips was crushed under the two bodies. Anne Possible stood over this sight with a stern but bemused look on her face. James on the other hand, was turning several shades of purple, and his hands were clenched tightly at his side.

"Ronald Dean Stoppable! Garage! Now!" One hand pointed to the door that he had only just come through into his home. Home to find a boy he trusted, seemingly taking advantage of his Kimmie-cub.

Ron finally managed to extricate himself from his girlfriend's arms, and sidled past the angry man. He had never seen Mr. Dr. P quite this angry. It just wasn't in his nature. Glancing back, he saw Mrs. Dr. P grab Kim by the wrist and drag her up the stairs to her room.

"Sir, it's my fault." Ron began when James had closed the garage door. "I know it looked bad, but we didn't mean for anything, you know, serious, to happen. It's just that, well, I really do love Kim..."

"Stop right there, Ronald." James went over to the workbench, where yet another of the twins' little projects lay half completed. A small portion of his mind noted that the fuel tanks on this rocket were much more advanced than usual, and could be scaled up to be useful on the Keppler II, back at the space center. "I just need a second here, son."

Ron waited, beads of sweat running down his neck. He didn't even dare to raise a hand to wipe them away. He was in so much trouble. If he was lucky, he might be barred from the house when neither of Kim's parents were home. More likely, Mr. Possible was going to prohibit him from ever seeing Kim again. It was the worst thing that could ever happen to him. They had only just realized how deep their feelings for each other ran. Now, his lack of self control was going to end it all.

"Ronald, Ron, I've been expecting this day since you brought Kimmie home from your date to the Middleton Days fair. Sure, she was under the influence of that chip, but she still chose you to be fixated on. Her mother tells me that the thing could only make her experience love more deeply, it could not decide who she would love. That was all her, and all you." James took a deep breath. "I guess I knew we were going to have to have this talk sooner or later."

"No, I'm not happy that I came home to find you and my daughter very deeply involved in... well, you know." He fidgeted a little, uncomfortable even thinking about what might have been going on in the minds of the young couple. "I do understand though. You love each other very much, have ever since you met as children. I guess that's the point. You aren't kids anymore."

He paced around the work area of the garage a few times.

"Look, Ron, I really do approve of your relationship with Kim. I want you to know that. All the same, there have to be some rules here. You are still young after all. I want you to avoid getting into anything that you might regret later. You have to be responsible, as a couple. That means that if Kimmie starts to get a little out of control, I expect you to put the brakes on." He looked at the ceiling for a moment before meeting Ron's eyes.

"I know it's hard, being a young man and all. I've been there." There was a far off look on his face as he remembered something. He really must remember to call his mother-in-law and thank her for the little "chat" they had shared, many years ago. "We want to trust you, Ron. I know you won't let us down."

Now his expression got very serious. "If you do decide that you are both ready for... sex," he had trouble even saying it. "I expect you to be responsible about that too."

"Most importantly, if you ever do anything, and I mean anything to hurt my Kimmie-cub, you can expect a one way trip into a black hole. Or maybe, I'll just finally let the boys finish one of those projects of theirs one of these days, and you can be the guinea pig." He put a hand on one of the young man's shoulders. "Prove me right, son."

January 2029, Barely

"So you see, Sarah, we do understand. We might be a little angry and disappointed, because you will always be our little girl, just like your mom was always your grandfather's Kimmie-cub." Ron looked up at the portrait that hung over the fireplace once more. He stared at the picture of James Possible. "I miss you, Mr. Dr. P... Dad. I hope I'm half the father that you were. That car accident took you way too soon."

"I'm sure that your mother is downstairs giving Evan the same lecture that your grandmother gave her back then. We know that you will be responsible and respect yourselves and each other. Just remember, if you end up hurt in some way..." His eyes changed back to an icy blue color, and the Lotus Blade suddenly appeared and hovered in front of him. "Let's just say, I'm going to have to practice a little more self control."