On behalf of Yancha Kitsune and his challenge for a White Collar/ Full Metal Alchemist Crossover story; Has inspired me enough to write the first chapter in a possible multi-chapter story. As I happen to be a fan of both shows;

So with out any further ado I present – Full Metal Alchemist ~ The theft from another world

The moon light poured through the bay windows of this private residence. It did belong to a well-known leader of a white supremest group in New York. A faint shadowy figure could be seen moving along the darkest parts of the room; The faintest noise could be heard in the room as the figure moved out of the shadows for a moment as the room filled with smoke revealing a hidden laser net. Which the character navigated with a skill of an expert gymnast as he avoids set off any of the beams. Before stopping at the case and placing two fingers to it neck before saying.

"Peter, if you don't stop backseat breaking entering me! I'm going to have to tell Elizabeth to cut back on your coffee intake. Now sit back and relax...I've done this...well let just say this isn't my first dance."

The figure slowly scans the case for it security measure before touch his neck again and saying.

"Well upon the visual expectation of the item you sent me to get my opinion on Peter; It Looks to be the medallion that was reported stolen from a Jews home in Poland by the Nazis in the early part of the war. But without actually holding it in my hand and seeing the back.I can't be sure."

The figure went to work on the case with a few tool he had in his bag as he heard a voice come over his radio.


Neal stops working and touches the com on his neck before say.

"Peter please I would love to argue this, but I need my concentration for the job in front of me."

Neal then returned to work, it only took him what would seem to the common man a few moments before he was holding the gold medallion in his right hand. As Neal took a closer look at the glyphs and symbols on it. But as he stared at them he felt the need to touch the glyphs with his bare fingers. So he pulled his left glove off with his teeth; He then traced the inlay of the medallion with his finger types as he did he felt some kind of energy dancing across them when all of sudden a sharp part of the medallion cut him. His blood sprayed all over the cold gold metallic surface of the jewelry, and for instants, Neal heard a humming noise before the room was filled a Violet light. Neal could hear Peter screaming for him to answer but that sound of Peters' voice slowly melted away in the light, and Neal felt himself coming loose from his place in the world.

Neal felt himself fall for what seemed like ever as the humming grew in his ears as his feet connected with a solid surface and he crumbles to the floor. Neal curled into the fetal position as the violet light and the humming dissipated. Once it was gone Neal started to get up. And as he did he noticed that he was no longer in the room he started in and he also found out that his radio no longer worked.

"Peter are you there!"

Neal heard his voice echo in the nothingness around him as he looked around and saw just endless white space. As he continues to scream out for someone to hear him but this stop when he finishes turning to find himself now facing a large gate. As Neal backed away from it; he could feel an unseen force pulling him towards it.

As Neal drew closer by the unseen force; He saw that the gate had slowly started to open. And as this happens it seems to let out what seemed to Neal was like shadows. But soon found out that these were more than just shadows as they took hold of him.


Was the last thing Neal got out before being jerked through the open gate.