Neal felt his head bounce off the back of the prisoner transport wall; the taste of iron filling his mouth as his eyes regain focuses on the opening to the cell as his Ishbalans comrades were also loaded into the transport with him. The thought that people with authority in this world were very similar to his own they say one thing and do something completely opposite as he wiped the single strip of crimson red fluid trickling from the left corner of his mouth. As he saw the guards take the opportunity to take their own cheap blows to anyone they choose.

For a moment Neal didn't know why his mind flashed on Jews being forced into cattle care in WW2 as he looked at the situation that he and his saviors currently found themselves inside. And with these thought going through his head and his natural nature he knew they all need to escape or something bad was going to happen. As the last Ishabalan; was forced into the very over crowd cell. He heard the soldiers slam the doors shut over the commotion of his fellow compatriots. As well as notice the lighting going off from the outside from the inside the very dim lite back of transport truck. This and the feeling of dread after a few moments that wouldn't pass they felt the movement of the vehicle. He knew they were on their way and by the looks on the men's and women's faces he could make out in this dim lights the images he'd seen earlier might not have been that far from the truth. The middle aged theft knew that he and his new friends had very little time; because once they arrived at whatever place these soldiers were taking them, he was sure they never get out at least in one piece.

So once the vehicle was going pretty steady; Neal decided it was time to see if there was a way to escape. He gingerly made his way through the crowd of Ishabalans each giving him a look of fear and him knowing it wasn't being caused by him at the moment. As he made his way to the other side of the transport, he was able to see through the narrow and barred opening. A small smile curled on his lips as he saw that no one was in the back of the transport. His best guest no one had ever escape one of these transport before, and with the thing, he saw before their capture he could understand a fear of even trying. But he knew there were many more things to fear than potential harm from an enemy they already knew than an enemy they were going to meet.

Neal reached into his tool kit that was still on his belt and retrieved a few lock picks and went to work. He was surprised how simple the lock was on the door as he heard the bolt slip and the door started to swing open revealing the blue sky and freedom. He looked back at the other and as he did the truck came to a sudden halt then in violently veered and started to roll over as everyone began to scream even though those sound drowned out by the sound of explosions all-around them and metal crumbling as the truck was completely put on its side. Once the truck stop moving; A the people inside of the transport started to getting back on their feet including Neal. Everyone knew something thing was off truck don't end up on their side for anything and the sounds they could still hear from outside told them they needed to go and go now.

As Neal and two ishbalian men forced their weight against the heavy steel security door and held it open. The man from another world saw something he never is able to un-see for the rest of his life. He saw what he believed was a tall, lengthy ishbalian man with a muscular build and a large deep gnarled scar that was an x pattern across the man face. But this wasn't the thing that had bothered him he seen plenty scars in his life and choice of life style and even the murders glint in the man eye wasn't a shocker but how the man killed would haunt him forever. He saw people shoot and killed, but he never saw a man barely touch someone head causing it to either implode, explode and or both at the same time. Neal heard one of the men say more to themselves than anyone else.

"It's Scar"

Neal could only assume it was the person name but motion to his fellow prisoners it was time to go; With that motion, many moved forward and passed Neal and the two men holding the cell door open allowing for the other to escape as the last of them passed the three looked at each other.


On three all three men dove out of the way of the cell door as it swung shut; the three men got up and brushed themselves off before following after the other. As they got passed the truck, they were being held in. Neal saw many of dead soldiers strolled across this makeshift battlefield missing limbs and some their heads. But suddenly his eyes went from the horror to the sound of more shouting for help. When he turns to see the shouting, he saw the second truck it looks like the front end had been demolished, but the people inside were unharmed.

Neal ran across the battle field; passed the death and dismay to the second truck he quickly went to work on the lock to let the people go. Just as he heard the sound of the lock let loose and the all sweet click of freedom. He felt a sudden jerk and then felt himself fly through the air before smacking the ground with a sickening thud. As His eyes open he felt a lump in his throat as he saw the towering Scar look down at him the same murderous glint he had when he killed the soldiers still in his eyes. For a brief moment, something inside of him wonders if this was how his life was coming to an end.