A/N: Well, this wasn't the one-shot I was talking about earlier... However, I couldn't resist giving all you Spock/Kirk-ers out there I New Years Eve (eve) present. :)

The code was quickly entered into the door panel. Seconds later, two mouths mashed together and their tongues fought for dominance. One man wrapped his hands around the hem of the others Science blues and ripped it off, his mouth fitting back to the others instantly.

Spock, now without his shirt, took control of the situation. Forcing Jim back off of him, he dragged the Captain's shirt off over his head. Jim was also quickly divested of his pants, though not in the same manner. They were ripped off, leaving him in boxers, shivering under the weight Spock's gaze. His eyes were darkened in lust.

"So," growled Spock, leading him backwards unto the couch, "you think you can have control of me? I don't think so." Spock sank down to his knees in front of Jim and smirked, abandoning his control of emotions. "Keep your hands to yourself," Spock ordered, pulling Jim's boxers down and off, his pink erection popping free.

Spock eyed it like a piece of candy, and Jim waited with baited breath to see what his mate would do. Spock leaned forward and began to lave the head with his saliva. Jim gasped and his eyes rolled back with pleasure. Taking this as encouragement, Spock opened his mouth wide and slid down on it, controlling his gag reflex to allow it passage down his throat.

"Fuck!" Jim cussed and Spock began to bob up and down rhythmically on his cock, a hand coming up to play with his balls. Jim's hands were helpless as they followed Spocks orders and lay to the side, twisting the couch fabric. With all the stimulation happening, Jim couldn't contain himself as he felt his balls begin to tense up. "Ah, Spock," he cried out, "I'm g-gonna cum!"

Moments later, true to his words, Jim pumped a few times savagely into Spock's mouth as his release came in spurts. "Shit," he murmured as Spock swallowed all of it down neatly, and released Jim's dick with a 'pop'.

In his post-orgasmic haze, Jim felt the slick fingers probing and stimulating his ass at once. Two hot fingers slid into Jim and began to scissor him. "Aw fuck!" he cried again, arching into the touch. His cock began to twitch with interest, recovering quickly from its licking (literally).

"You didn't think I was finished with you, did you Jim?" Purred Spock, nibbling his ear softly, more brutally forcing three fingers to stretch him. When Jim was stretched to Spock's satisfaction, he pulled away and jerked of his pants and regulation briefs in one go. He smeared lubrication on his slightly green tinted erection and sat on couch, pulling Jim over to him.

"I think you know how to ride a horse, Jim?" Spock asked. At Jim's confused nod, Spock smirked. "Well, this is much the same principle."

"SHIT!" screamed Jim, as he was jerked up and over by Spock, who slammed Jim down on his ready-and-weeping erection. Spocks hips pumped smoothly upward, in time with his grunts, and Jim was moaning as he thrust downward, twirling his hip around a bit as he tried to have Spock hit his sweet spot.

"Come on, come on, please please please," moaned Jim, and reached out and pumped his hand up and down a few times, before they both convulsed, Spocks seed spurting in hot streams into Jim, and Jims splattered theirs stomachs.

Jim slumped forward unto Spock, who wrapped his arms around him and kissed his head. "I love you, T'hy'la," he murmured into his neck.

"Happy Birthday, my love," replied Spock, and the drifted into a peaceful slumber on the couch.

~Fern Rose