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Chapter 1

Xion's Awakening

"Ungh… where am I" Xion asked nobody in particular while she got up from the ground that she can't even see.

Xion looked around at her surroundings and saw nothing but darkness. Having nothing to do but wander around, she did just that.

'Weird… I thought that since I was simply a puppet made from Sora's memories, I would have just simply returned to him and would then see whatever he sees… Wait… I don't remember anything from Sora's past now! Only what I experienced… what does this mean? Is there a part of me that's actually all my own and not something else?' Xion thought as she wandered further into the darkness, hoping for a way out. In her mind, she'd accept either light or darkness, so long as she'd at least have something to accompany her.

Starting to get bored, Xion decided to call out into the darkness and ask as loud as she could, "Is there anyone here?" Her voice echoed.

Her question was answered by the appearance of a large orb of soft light in the distance. Xion immediately ran towards it, hoping to at least have her questions answered. When she reached the light she expected it to be blinding and hard to look at, but instead it was soft and easy to look into. When she looked into it all she saw was more light.

Xion stood in wonder of what she found, and since there was a source of light she chose to take the time to see what she looked like when she found a puddle of water by the light. Her face still looked the same; her eyes were still blue and her hair was still short and black, all in all, a black haired version of Kairi. She was however, no longer wearing an organization cloak, she was instead, wearing an un-zippered bright orange vest that reached down to her waist with a black t-shirt underneath, she was also wearing long dark blue pants that stopped at her ankles and black sneakers. Personally, Xion didn't have a problem with what she was wearing, but she was wondering how she got the clothes and how it got on her, but she chose to deem the question pointless and dropped it.

She was now curious about the floating orb of light and asked it and not really expecting an answer "What are you?"

"I'm not sure, I have always been" the orb responded in a deep, yet at the same time, gentle voice.

"What?! Y-you can talk?!" Xion said in surprise.

"Yes I can" the orb answered.

"A-are you… Kingdom Hearts?"

"Possible, I do feel compassion for all things that possess a heart"

"Then why would you want to talk to me? It's not like I have one… I'm a nobody"

"Not exactly, a nobody is a being that's left behind after a being loses his heart and becomes a heartless. You however, are a being formed from the memories of a person with a very strong heart. You were also slowly, but surely creating your own heart through the use of the memories that you obtained before you died. What you are now, is what's left behind after those memories returned to the Keyblade Master Sora" Kingdom Hearts explained.

"So what's going to happen to me now? If what you say is true, then the heart I was creating is still incomplete. Meaning that I still shouldn't be worth your time…"

"Oh, but you are… you see, I am intrigued by how strong your heart would be if I allowed it to become complete. This is your choice however, you can either continue drifting through nothingness for the rest of eternity in its security where everything will be certain, or… (A door appears next to Xion) you use this door to enter the Station of Awakening and begin finish the completion of your own heart."

Xion immediately reached for the door and said, "Heh, this seems like a boring place to stay anyway."

"Well said Xion" Kingdom Hearts said before Xion finished walking through the door.

When Xion exited the door she found herself on a platform that looked like a circular stained glass window. On it were patterns of all sorts, the main parts of it however was a picture of Sora leaning against nothing while holding his Keyblade with his eyes closed as if he were asleep. It also had four smaller pictures surrounding the bigger one, one had a picture of Donald, and another was Goofy, then Kairi, and then finally Riku.

Xion however, only recognized Riku because of her encounters with him; the others were unknown to her because she no longer had any memories of them. Xion then noticed three pedestals rising from the ground and saw on one of them was a sword, another was a shield, and the last one was a wizard's wand.

"It is time for you to start the completion of your heart. Start by choosing which one of these items would resemble you the most; it will also determine the path you will take."

'I don't know what he means by this…but I might as well start' Xion thought.

Xion walked to the center of the stained glass-like platform and decided to walk towards the shield. She thought about it for a bit before grabbing it and hearing Kingdom Hearts's voice again.

"The path of a guardian, the kindness to protect friends, and the shield to repel evil… but is this truly important?"

"I'll go with this one" Xion decided.

"You have made your decision, remember that you can't go back on it now…"

Once the voice was done talking, the floor shattered like glass, and Xion fell, only to land on another platform almost exactly like the last one, the only thing different was the color.

"Remember… sometimes you will be forced to fight the darkness trying to destroy the balance between light and dark. Now's your chance to test your power to see if you are worthy enough to protect something."

When Kingdom Hearts's voice was done speaking, a group of Shadow heartless appeared and attacked. Xion defended with her newly acquired shield and struck back by backhanding the Shadow with her shield, destroying the heartless. The others vanished after the first one was destroyed.

"Well done, but remember, the darkness will continue to try to taint your heart, but do not despair… so long as you focus on the light and continue to move towards it. It will not overtake you, but it will still try because the closer you get to the light, the larger a shadow you will cast…"

Xion turned around and saw that her shadow stretched farther than it should. Then something weirder than she thought possible happened, a Darkside heartless appeared out of her shadow to face her.

"Now's the time to prove the strength of your heart…"

"Huh? What do you mean? Isn't it still incomplete?" Xion asked.

"So you'd think, I've been completing it for you ever since you walked through that door. I assure you, it is complete now. Feel the emotions running through you and use it to conquer your dark side…"

Xion did a back flip to escape a shockwave creating punch, and then bashed the hand away with her shield.

'What are these feelings rushing through me now? This isn't just an adrenaline rush, I get that all the time whenever I fight… am… am I actually afraid I might lose this fight and fall into the darkness?' Xion thought as she avoided blasts of darkness shot from the Darkside's heart shaped hole in its chest.

'I… I think I'm actually worried that I might lose… but I'm also determined to win! I will not back down from this challenge! I have chosen the path of a protector, so that means that I have to win if I'm going to have anything to protect later! I. WILL. WIN!'

And with Xion's burst of determination, she rushed forward and rammed her shield in the Darkside's face and sent it falling along with her onto another platform further down, damaging it severely, but still not enough to finish it off.

Xion wasn't done yet though, Xion got off of the floor first and rammed her shield at it again, causing it to fall back until it fell off of the platform.

"Well done, but it still isn't enough yet. Your heart is strong, but unless you can use your inner light, the darkness will not even leave you alone for even a minute…"

Xion turned around to see the Darkside rising out of her shadow again. Xion stepped back and tried to escape, only to see that she was trapped on the platform and cornered. The Darkside took advantage of that and reached out to grab her, but Xion wasn't going to go willingly. Xion fought back by ramming her shield into the Darkside's hand, but to no avail. The Darkside now had a strong grip on Xion and brought her to its face and looked like it was going to seep its own darkness into her. Xion struggled until she remembered something Kingdom Hearts said, 'the darkness will continue to try to taint your heart, but do not despair… so long as you focus on the light and continue to move towards it. It will not overtake you.'

Upon remembering that, Xion focused on the untainted light within her heart and managed to bring it to the surface just long enough to momentarily blind the Darkside. The light she emitted may have only come out in a flash, but on the inside, Xion's inner light was awakened and ready to be used. Xion decided to test her new power and focused some energy into her free hand, and once the energy was gathered, she released it and shot a blast of white fire at the Darkside, causing it to recoil.

"This… is awesome!" Xion remarked at her newfound power while looking at her left hand that still had some residual white fire on it.

Xion looked back up and saw that the Darkside was preparing to shoot some more dark blasts out of the hole in its chest at her, but Xion was prepared for it this time. Right before the Darkside could fire a blast; Xion fired a blast of white fire at the hole in the Darkside's chest and caused the two powers to overload each other and explode in a flash of light, destroying the heartless.

"Well done, you have unlocked a special power that was dormant in your heart. The power to control light and repel darkness, the attack you just used is known as holy fire. Use it well…"

"Alright then… now what do I do next?" Xion asked.

Her question was answered by stain glass-like steps appearing out of nowhere, leading to a soft light.

"I guess I'll just go where these stairs take me…"

Xion scaled the flight of stairs until she reached the light and walked right through it, only to see that she was now standing on water and her back was now to the light she walked through. She also noticed that her shield is no longer with her (She's now in the heartless home world, also known as "The End of the World").

"If you are to truly gain the power of a guardian, you will have to strengthen your heart through battle with the darkness and unlock the other dormant power within your heart… the power to wield the Keyblade and defeat your personal darkness once and for all"

"So… I have to re-learn how to use the Keyblade all over again… and all I have to go on right now is my holy fire since my shield is now gone… but then again, things have never been easy for me before, so why start now?" Xion said before walking away from the light and across the endless sea of darkness.

It didn't take long for the heartless to notice her presence and attack, the first one was a Behemoth and charged at her relentlessly. Xion countered the charge with a blast of holy fire at the horn, stunning it and knocking it down briefly. The Behemoth got up quickly and started to charge power into its horn, Xion countered by firing another blast of holy fire at the horn, causing the powers to overload each other and explode and greatly damage the Behemoth, but not destroy it. The Behemoth got up again and this time, charged at Xion with its horn parallel to Xion, intent on stabbing her.

Xion reacted instinctively and charged power into her right hand, sidestepped the Behemoth, and made a slashing motion at the horn while jumping out of the way at the same time. What surprised Xion was that the Behemoth now crying out in pain and was dissipating. She then looked at her right hand and noticed that she was now holding a blade of pure light.

"This… is amazing! If I'm able to do this now, then maybe I'm almost able to summon a Keyblade again!" Xion said, starting to get excited.

Xion waited for a moment, expecting Kingdom Hearts to throw its own two cents in, but was disappointed by its lack of response.

"I guess I'm on my own for now…" Xion said, continuing her trek across the sea of darkness. Along the way, she battled all sorts of heartless of different shapes and sizes, ranging from your average Shadow, to the sturdy and annoying Invisibles. Each and every one of them were taken care of by blasts of holy fire and slashes from her blade of light. After dealing with an almost innumerable amount of heartless, Xion found what looked like a cave and was now walking towards it. Before she reached it however, she saw her shadow start stretching again, just like in the Station of Awakening.

"Now's the time for your final test, to test your light against your own darkness and see if you are worthy of becoming a protector of the weak, a true guardian, put together everything you have learned up to this point and use it to conquer your inner darkness."

The now fully formed Darkside reached out at Xion in an attempt at grabbing her, however, it was in vain because Xion leaped out of the way and fired a blast of holy fire at the Darkside's head and made a direct hit. The Darkside was however, unfazed and punched the ground and created a shockwave that sent Xion tumbling backwards. She wasn't going to take that lying down though, Xion then created her blade of light and slashed at the Darkside's left hand and caused darkness to bleed out of it in the form of Shadow heartless, and when Xion slashed at the Shadows, it just reformed and attacked Xion again, only to be slashed at and forced to reform again. This pattern continued until there were too many Shadow heartless to count separating Xion and the Darkside heartless.

Xion was now starting to get tired and there seemed to be no end to the enemies, there was now an army of Shadow heartless ready to tear her new heart out at any second in front of the Darkside.

'This is really bad… I've really gotten myself into a pickle haven't I?' Xion thought while sweating.

All the Shadows then jumped at her at once, and having no other options, Xion held her hands out defensively and was forced onto the ground by the heartless. The heartless then started to drag her into the darkness, and Xion started to give up hope, but then remembered her friends Axel and Roxas. Using the memories of her friends as her drive, she got back up and pushed the heartless off of her and when another one jumped at her, she made a slashing motion at it and when she tried to summon her blade of light, she instead summoned a gold hilted Keyblade with a gold colored hand guard that was shaped like wings, and the blade was pure white and thicker than the blade of the kingdom key Keyblade, it was also pointed at the end, and the teeth of the Keyblade was shaped downwards in the form of two more smaller wings, and its key chain was silver with what looked like a yellow sun at the bottom of the chain.

The heartless then attacked again with renewed vigor, except this time, when Xion slashed at them with her Keyblade, they were destroyed and stayed destroyed.

"You're not going to keep me down! It doesn't matter how many of you there are, I will carve a path of radiance straight through you all and destroy your leader!" Xion cried out.

"Time for round two!"

Xion then bolted through the ranks of Shadow heartless and slashed through any heartless foolish enough to get in her way. When Xion reached the Darkside that was the source of all the heartless she had to fight, she dodged a blast of dark energy and leaped onto its knee, and then used that leverage to leap onto its arm, and then used that to jump above its head and slashed downwards. Xion's Keyblade cut through the Darkside like a hot knife through warm butter, her Keyblade cut through the heartless's head and then its chest, the final part of the cut finished the cut and cleaved the heartless in two, causing it to disperse into darkness and take its Shadow offspring with it.

The fight was finally over and Xion was completely spent. She sank to her knees and sat down, choosing to use this spare time to rest.

"Well done Xion, you have conquered your inner darkness and will never have to worry about falling under the influence of the dark ever again."

"Well what do I do now? By all means it looks like I'm stuck here" Xion pointed out.

"Just focus on the light and choose a location you wish to go to, you will then open a light portal, you belong to the realm of light now, so that means that you can now travel through it whenever you wish."

"So this pretty much works just like opening dark portals?"


"I'll take that as a yes" Xion extended her hand out and did as she was instructed to do earlier; she focused on the light and imagined the world her second recon mission was on, Hollow Bastion.

When Xion was done, she saw a portal of light appear right before her eyes.

"Wow! This is incredible! I totally rock now!" Xion said.

"There are a few things I should warn you about before you return to the outside world Xion"

"And what would that be?"

"The starting point of your second chance at life will be at the same time you were created as an experiment, so it would be best for you to avoid contact with Organization XIII until Sora awakens"

"Well that's a letdown… but I guess it can't be helped. Will I… be able to hear your voice again?" Xion asked.

"No, you're on your own from here on in, this is your second chance at life, use it well"

"I will" Xion said while nodding and walked through the light portal to the start of her second chance.

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