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(AN: The music in this section will be Final Fantasy VIII based)

Chapter 13

Ultimecia and Rinoa

Deep within the depths of Ansem's castle a dog wandered with her nose near the ground, sniffing around for something. What the dog is looking for is anyone's guess. The dog is a half German shepherd, half Border collie mix and has a collar around its neck with the name 'Angelo' engraved on a tag.

Angelo continued to sniff around and search for something until she finally found her target walking down a hallway a floor below where she currently stood. She growled at the dark masked intruder in anger before turning around and bolting back in the direction she came from and eventually stopped at a wall. She then scratched at it for a few seconds while whimpering until the wall opened up and revealed a smiling man with red hair in a small pony tail in a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and a tan trench coat.

"Hey there, Angelo. What's wrong?" he asked as he knelt down to the dog's level.

Angelo whimpered pointed her head in the direction that she came from and yapped a few times before asked, "There's something down that way that you want me to check out?"

She yapped once in confirmation.

"Alright then, you stay here and keep Rinoa company while I see what it is" the man said while he grabbed his rifle from a rack next to the hidden door and let the dog in while he exited the room and closed the door.

Angelo then trotted over to a small doggy door that was placed next to a large white door and crawled through it to enter a large white room. The room is rather sparse and only has the bare necessities, but it is more than enough for the one that willingly locked herself inside this place.

"Angelo, you're back!" a woman with raven colored hair with a few brown streaks in it called out.

Angelo turned her head to the direction of her mistress and barked happily before bounding over to her. She was then patted on the head and given a treat like she was normally given every time she returned from her daily patrol.

"Alright, now let's see just what spooked Angelo…" the cowboy muttered to himself as he looked around another corner cautiously and saw nothing… again… "I'm beginning to feel like this is just another wild goose chase."

However, his musings were interrupted when he finally heard footsteps and thought, 'Well, I've been wrong before!'

The cowboy marksman readied his gun as he waited for his target to turn around the corner and his eyes widened when his target showed up.

'This guy looks like he means business! I'll need to take him out quick or he's probably going to kill me on sight!' Thoughts like this are to be expected when you see a dark figure in a pitch-black mask and a black and red bodysuit walking in your general direction.

Vanitas wasn't making much progress in his search for Sorceress Rinoa. In fact, the only thing that he did know is that the chambers that she locked herself away in is somewhere in this castle, and things only got worse when he suddenly found himself being held at gunpoint by a cowboy in a tan trench coat.

"Hold it right there, intruder" the cowboy deadpanned, "Just what do you think you're doing in a place like this?"

Vanitas responded by saying, "I don't need to answer to you" and then vanished in a burst of speed and reappeared in the air behind the cowboy with his Void Gear Keyblade drawn.

(Start "Force your way" from Final Fantasy VIII)

The cowboy felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise as warning alarms went off in his head, telling him to roll out to the way, which he did less than a split-second after the intruder disappeared. It was a very good thing that he did because when he turned around he saw Vanitas with his Keyblade stuck in the ground where he was less than a second ago.

"I'll be asking the questions now" Vanitas spoke, "now tell me, where can I find Sorceress Rinoa?"

The cowboy's eyes widened when he heard who Vanitas is searching for and immediately opened fire on the dark Keyblader. Vanitas just smirked smugly behind his mask at this and deflected the bullets with his Void Gear before disappearing again.

"Pathetic!" Vanitas insulted as he tried to bring his Keyblade down on the cowboy, who barely managed to roll out of the way again.

"Why are you looking for Rinoa?" the cowboy asked as he placed a glowing red bullet in his gun.

Vanitas smirked at this new information, "Oh, so you do know where she is! That'll make this a whole lot easier! Just tell me where she is, and I'll let you live."

"Why don't you just go to hell first!" the cowboy shouted as he shot a stream of fire out of his gun, managing to slightly burn Vanitas, but not do any significant damage.

"All you're doing is wasting your energy!" Vanitas shouted back as he shot fireballs from his Keyblade, and then jumped in the air and shot sparks of black electricity from his free hand at the cowboy. The cowboy barely managed to dodge the fire, but got hit by the odd electricity and was stunned for a brief moment. This was all the time Vanitas needed to kick the modern day cowboy in the gut, flooring the gunslinger.

"Is that all? I was expecting you to put up more of a fight!" Vanitas taunted, pretending that he didn't see the cowboy insert a glowing bullet into his gun, "Well, I might as well end it now."

Vanitas raised Void Gear into the air, giving the cowboy the opening that he was looking for. He raised his gun and shot a massive stream of white energy at Vanitas (Pulse Ammo: Hyper Shot), supposedly blowing the dark Keyblader away through the wall and out of the castle.

(End music)

"That got 'im!" the cowboy whispered to himself. He then winced when he realized just how hard Vanitas kicked him in the gut and thought, 'It's a real good thing that I caught him off guard or I'd be a goner!'

Vanitas hid in the shadows as he saw the cowboy walk away and thought; 'Now I just have to follow him and I'll know exactly where the sorceress is!'

Vanitas then chuckled darkly to himself as he watched the cowboy unknowingly lead him to Sorceress Rinoa.

It is now just a little past 10 O'clock, meaning that Xion has finally woken up and is now downstairs with the rest of the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee. Zack completely freaked out at first when Xion showed up downstairs and begged her to spare him. All Xion did was look at him with a look of absolute confusion, stating that she had no idea what he was talking about.

"You mean you don't remember earlier this morning? When Yuffie and I woke you up with air horns and you beat us up for waking you up so early?" Zack asked.

Xion responded, "I don't remember any of that, are you sure you didn't dream it?"

"The bruises you gave Yuffie and me say otherwise. How could you not remember something like that?"

Xion thought for a moment before saying, "Maybe I just can't remember the things I do when I'm half-asleep."

Yuffie decided to join in the conversation and say, "That's probably it because out of all the times I woke you up before 10 O'clock, you haven't remembered any of them. You can't even remember the one when I woke you up with a miniature fog horn, and you responded by blowing the roof off the house with an Ultima spell in an attempt to get me to let you sleep!"

"So that's why the roof was missing and everyone was avoiding me that morning!" Xion said in realization while some people in the room sweat dropped anime style.

*Sigh* "Just another day in self-imposed captivity…" Rinoa sighed to herself as she petted Angelo on the head. Angelo whimpered in sympathy, feeling Rinoa's pain.

"But it isn't all that bad… I still have you, Irvine, Tifa, and Squall looking out for me. That's something, right?" Rinoa asked, not really expecting an answer while Angelo just barked in confirmation.

The door to the room then opened while Irvine walked in, wincing in pain and holding a hand over his gut. Rinoa gasped at the state Irvine returned in and asked, "What happened, Irvine? Who did this to you?"

"Some masked freak in dark clothing kicked me in the gut pretty hard, but I took care of him" Irvine replied with a pained chuckle while Rinoa grabbed a potion from a pocket in her blue duster sweater and gave it to Irvine. He muttered a 'thanks' before chugging the magical concoction.

"What was that person doing here anyway?" Rinoa asked.

Irvine answered, "He probably wants to drag you out of this chamber so that sorceress from the future can possess you.

"Well, I guess it's a good thing that you kicked him out of here then because that now makes one less person like that in the world" Rinoa responded.

Irvine however, was not fully convinced that Vanitas is gone. He kept his guard up the entire time as he talked to the good sorceress, "I'm not so sure I managed to kill him. It's possible that I might have only delayed him."

"What makes you say that?" Rinoa asked.

"He was in complete control of the entire fight when I encountered him. I only won because I caught him off guard, but that might not have been enough to kill him."

"So what are you going to do now?"

Irvine answered, "I'm gonna go find him and settle things with him before everything gets out of hand."

"Be careful Irvine, you're one of the few friends I have left" Rinoa called out in worry as Irvine opened the door to the observation room. However, he didn't manage to get that far because the door that lead to the hallway outside the observation room was knocked down in a burst of black flames. Behind the black flames, Vanitas strode in and darkly chuckled out, "Knock-knock…"

"Angelo, GO! Get Squall and whoever else you can find! We need all the help we can get!" Rinoa shouted out, making her pet dog dart past Vanitas and out of the castle in record time.

Vanitas just chuckled darkly at the sight of Rinoa's desperate attempt at getting help as he allowed the dog to pass and dodged a bullet that Irvine shot at him. Vanitas then pushed Irvine aside and kicked his gun to the other side of the room as he progressed towards Rinoa.

"What do you want with me" Rinoa demanded as she grabbed her Blaster Edge weapon from a nearby desk and aimed it at the intruder.

Vanitas chuckled at Rinoa's attempt at resistance and responded, "It's not what I want, but what Ultimecia wants. She wishes to possess you so that she can achieve Time Compression, while I just simply wish to see the true power of a sorceress firsthand."

"I won't let that happen!" Rinoa shouted as she shot the bladed weapon from her blaster edge at Vanitas, but the Dark Keyblade wielder jumped out of the blade's path effortlessly. Vanitas then proceeded to let out his infamous evil laugh and said, "So you wish to resist to the end? Alright then! More fun for me!"

"Hey! Where'd all my 'Caf-POW' drinks go?" Yuffie demanded as she proceeded to raid the fridge in an attempt to find her caffeinated beverage.

"I drank them all!" Xion responded with a smile as she hopped in place while reading a book on Time Magic (The one that she 'borrowed' from the Twilight Town Mansion).

"WHY? WHY DID YOU DRINK ALL OF MY CAF-POW?" Yuffie demanded with anime style waterfall tears running down her face.

"Because you ate all my ice cream while I was gone" Xion responded while still hopping in one place due to the sugar rush she was experiencing and putting her Time Magic book in a jacket pocket.

"So you did it all in the name of revenge?" Yuffie seethed.

"Yep!" Xion chirped before leaving behind a Xion shaped dust cloud as she bolted through the door. Yuffie however, wasn't going to take this lying down and shouted, "You get back here right now, Xion! I'm not through with you just yet!"

Xion however, didn't hear Yuffie because she was already about half a mile away from Merlin's house. That's the power of a caffeinated sugar-high for ya! She would have even gotten a good distance further away, if she didn't run straight into Leon's back, effectively knocking him over and causing him to land flat on his face.

Leon then proceeded to get back up with a groan and looked at Xion with a rather put off look on his face and asked, "Do I even need to ask what that was for?"

Xion then proceeded to look sheepish and apologized, "Sorry, Leon. It was an accident. You see, I was on a sugar-high, wasn't looking where I was going while I was running away from Yuffie, and I think you know where that got me."

"Do I even want to know why you were on a sugar-high?" Leon asked rhetorically.

"Nope!" Xion chirped before a dog ran up behind Leon and began to tug at his pants leg and whine. Xion, being both on a sugar-high and a girl, proceeded to coo at the cuteness of the situation and said, "Aww, I didn't know you had a pet dog, Leon!"

Leon groaned at Xion's behavior and answered, "I don't, it belongs to someone else." However, on the inside Leon thought, 'What is Angelo doing here? Rinoa never sends her this far from the castle because of the Heartless infestation. Did something happen?'

Angelo then let go of Leon's pants leg and yapped before taking off in the direction that she wanted them to go, turned around, and then yapped at Leon again.

"I think it wants us to follow it" Xion translated.

Leon just grunted in agreement as he took off after Angelo with Xion close behind.

"What happened here?" Leon gasped out to nobody in particular as he surveyed the damaged hallway. There were scorch marks riddling the walls and floor, and there were slash marks anywhere imaginable.

Xion replied, "Either somebody didn't like this hallway, or there was one heck of a battle here."

Leon however, ignored the remark since Xion was clearly joking and continued to follow Angelo down the hallway until he turned around a corner and saw Irvine face-down on the floor with his tan trench coat riddled with slashes and burned in a few places, also, his hat was lying on the ground next to him.

Angelo rushed to Irvine's side, sniffed, and then whined as Leon flipped the cowboy over and wake him up, "Irvine, wake up!"

The gun slinging cowboy stirred and groaned in pain before mumbling out, "Don't… worry about… me… Rinoa… help her…"

"What happened?" Leon asked urgently.

Irvine was a little more awake now due to Xion casting a small cure spell and responded, "Some guy in a black mask attacked us… said he was going to… to have that sorceress from the future… possess Rinoa… and help her achieve Time Compression."

Xion looked at Leon and noticed that his face visibly paled and looked chalk white, "Umm… can somebody please tell me what's going on here? I'm lost, who's Rinoa, and what's this talk about a sorceress from the future?"

"I'll explain later, right now I need to know where they went! Irvine, do you know where they went?" Leon asked.

Irvine managed to get into a sitting position and put his hat back on his head as Xion continued to heal him and said, "I vaguely remember that guy in the mask saying something about the 'Heartless Castle' so my guess is that they probably went there to prepare that Time Compression spell."

Xion chose to talk now and asked, "You mentioned that guy in the mask before, tell me, was he wielding a gear-like Keyblade?"

"Yeah, do you know him?"

Xion spat, "I wish I didn't, his name is Vanitas and he's probably one of the strongest and most maniacal opponents you'll ever meet."

Irvine cringed as Xion helped him up and said, "Sounds like trouble, and you say that we'll probably have to fight him?"

"If he's working with that sorceress from the future, then we probably will" Leon answered.

"I wish we didn't have to fight him. He almost gutted me like a fish earlier" Irvine mumbled while Xion finished up her healing session with a Curaga spell.

"And we're done. So where are we going next?" Xion asked Leon.

Leon answered, "The Heartless Castle, that Vanitas character did say something about that place, right?"

Irvine nodded as he rested his rifle against his shoulder.

"Then that's where we're going" Leon finished as he took off running with Xion and Irvine right on his tail.

'Sorceress from the future… I've heard about that somewhere before… but where?' Xion asked herself as she followed Leon and Irvine.


"I do not know the identity of the other one, all I really know is that the other enemy is not from this time and has once attempted to take over this timeline by possessing the body of someone with similar abilities from this timeline. The poor person had to be sealed away for the time being to prevent the enemy from gaining the upper hand, but that seal has been weakened from the time of darkness and will escape soon. I suggest that you keep an eye on Hollow Bastion and maybe brush up on some time magic for the time being."

-End Flashback-

'Is this what Master Yen Sid was talking about? Is this sorceress from the future what Master Yen Sid warned me about? She definitely fits the description…' Xion thought this, but was promptly thrown out of her musings when she ran into Irvine's back and toppled him over.

"Hey, get off me!" Irvine complained while Xion countered, "I wouldn't have run into you if you didn't stop running, where are we now anyway?"

Leon answered, "The Dark Depths."

"Alright, now how are we going to get into the Heartless Castle?" Xion asked while looking at the giant castle surrounded by countless heartless.

"Yeah, you got any ideas, Squall?" Irvine asked.

"It's LEON! And I'm hoping that Xion could open one of her light portals to get us there" Leon answered.

"But I've never been there before, I can't use my light portals to a place I've never seen before" Xion informed the group.

Leon thought for a moment and weighed his options before a newcomer spoke up, "Then maybe she could use her portals to take you to the front door? She can see that much, right?"

Xion turned around and saw Tifa standing behind the group, waiting for an answer. Xion chose to speak up first, "Tifa! What are you doing here?"

Tifa answered, "I saw you three running in this direction at a pretty fast pace and decided to see why you guys were in such a rush. So can one of you three tell me what's going on?"

Irvine chose to answer this one, "Long story short, that sorceress from the future finally managed to possess Rinoa."

Tifa was shocked by this revelation and shouted, "WHAT? How did this happen?"

Leon answered, "Some dark Keyblade wielder named Vanitas attacked them and took Rinoa out of her protective chamber, and because of that, that sorceress from the future was able to take over her body."

"I see… well, at least I'm all caught up now. So then, are we all set to go? There isn't going to be any turning back once get in there." Tifa asked.

Everyone nodded and Xion turned to get a good look at where the front door of the Heartless Castle should be. She then turned to the group and said, "Alright then, let's get this show on the road!"

She then opened a light portal and everyone stepped through it one by one.

The group of four exited the light portal and found themselves staring at the monstrously large double doors that were the entrance to the Heartless Castle.

"So this is it… I wonder what we'll be facing in there…" Tifa wondered out loud.

Xion responded, "I don't have the slightest idea, but things will probably turn into hell in a handbasket pretty quickly."

Leon then chose to input, "There's only one way to find out, and that's by going in there and seeing for ourselves. Now let's go!"

After Leon's order, the whole group pushed with all their might and managed to open one of the double doors enough to enter the grounds of the Heartless Castle. Upon entering, the group saw what looked like a mechanical lift and got on it. The lift then took the group to what looked like the entrance to the castle itself; however, the group was quickly met with interference. Said interference would be the Unversed, a large group of Bruisers and a giant creature that looked like its arms were restrained by chains, and its legs were restrained by what looked like some sort of gibbet (Iron Imprisoner I). To make things even worse, Vanitas appeared from out of a dark corridor behind the Iron Imprisoner and began to taunt the crew.

"So, I'm guessing that you're here to save Sorceress Rinoa? Heh, why bother? She's under the control of Sorceress Ultimecia now. She'll never be able to hear any of your voices ever again!"

Leon chose completely break character and blew up in Vanitas's face and shouted, "Shut up! We won't know that unless we try! Now move out of the way or I'll make you move!"

Vanitas scoffed at Leon and summoned his Void Gear Keyblade while Leon brought his Revolver gunblade into his attack position and commanded, "Irvine, Tifa, Xion! You three handle whatever those things are, I'll deal with Vanitas!"

Everyone in the group agreed and followed orders; nobody dares to ever go against Leon's orders when he gets this serious.

*Begin playing Man with the Machine Gun*

Tifa, Irvine and Xion easily shot, pummeled, and cut through the Bruiser Unversed easily enough. It was the Iron Imprisoner that was the real problem. It used that weird gibbet like thing as a weapon and slammed the three back and continued to progress towards the three. It was at this point that the group then chose to create a triangle formation and attacked from all three sides. Xion and Irvine shot the giant Unversed with bullets and holy fire, luring it towards Tifa who snuck up behind it and slammed it in the back with her most powerful Final Heaven attack, causing the beast to fall face first onto the ground.

This however, was not enough because the Unversed floated back up into the air and began shooting lasers from the bottom of its gibbet, forcing the team to keep their distance until the Unversed changed tactics again. Which it did after approximately fifteen seconds because the creature stopped firing lasers and summoned an iron cage that sunk into the ground, and then popped out of the ground below Tifa a few seconds later, trapping her in the cage. While Tifa was held up in the cage, Irvine decided to insert a glowing green bullet into his rifle and shouted, "Try this on! Armor Shot!" Irvine was now shooting large green energy bullets from his rifle, and the attack wasn't called the armor shot for nothing because the bullets were completely breaching the Iron Imprisoner's defenses. Causing the monster to recoil from the damage it was taking.

Xion then took this opportunity to jump onto the Iron Imprisoner's back and climbed up to its right shoulder, which was rather difficult due to how much it was recoiling from the pot-shots Irvine was taking on the beast. Anyway, now balancing on the Iron Imprisoner's shoulder Xion went for the kill and jumped onto the Unversed's head, summoned her Keyblades, and slammed both blades tip first into the Unversed's skull. Causing it to release an otherworldly cry of anguish and flail around wildly until it threw Xion off its head off like a rag doll before it collapsed and hit the ground with a thud before disappearing in a cloud of flames and darkness.

The three heaved out a sigh of relief as the powerful Unversed disappeared and Tifa was released from the cage that she was trapped in. The group then heard the sound of metal clashing against metal and saw Vanitas and Leon locked in combat using nothing but their blades, feet, and the occasional fist. Vanitas is without a doubt faster than Leon, but what Leon lacked in speed he made up for with experience because he knew exactly when to roll out of the way when Vanitas disappeared and reappeared behind him. He also managed to prove that he was an even match for Vanitas in the department of brute strength when Leon and Vanitas clashed blades and tried to push the other backwards.

*End Music*

It was when Tifa, Irvine, and Xion moved to assist Leon when Vanitas jumped away from the group and blasted entrance to the castle open with a blast of dark fire and said, "If you want to save the sorceress Rinoa so badly, go ahead. The four of you have proven that this will at least be an interesting show to watch!"

Vanitas proceeded to open a corridor of darkness around himself and vanished to who knows where.

The group didn't waste any time and immediately headed for the opened double doors and entered Ultimecia's temporary lair.

*Begin playing Premonition from Final Fantasy VIII*

The group entered the Entrance Hall of the castle (The place Sora reclaimed his Keyblade in KH) and saw a woman in a blue duster sweater glaring at them in disgust with evil yellow eyes.

"Humph! So I'm going to be met with resistance again? When will you learn that you pathetic humans are no match for the might of a sorceress?" the possessed Rinoa scoffed.

Leon stepped forward with a glare and demanded, "We're not going to stop until Rinoa is free from you so either let Rinoa go, or be prepared to be kicked out of her!"

"Go ahead and try! You will still fail all the same!" Ultimecia taunted before casting an empowered version of Fission Firaga.

Xion and Tifa dodged to the right with a roll while Irvine and Leon dodged to the left in a similar fashion, just barely avoiding the explosive part of the spell. Irvine opened fire, shooting streams of fire at the possessed sorceress, but Ultimecia blocked the attack with a barrier.

Tifa was the next one up and unleashed a ruthless barrage of punches and kicks that Ultimecia barely managed to block with Rinoa's arms and a few small barriers. This made Tifa angry, causing her to continue her barrage at an even faster pace while shouting, "Give me back my cousin you witch!"

Tifa's barrage was soon ended though when Ultimecia sent her flying with an empowered Aeroga spell. Leon was up next and began a series of slashes with the blunt side of his gunblade to avoid harming Rinoa; this was mostly a delay tactic to buy Xion time to perform a specific spell.

-Flashback (when Irvine opened fire)-

Leon was about to attack when Xion grabbed Leon's arm and said, "Wait, before you just rush in there, I have an idea."

"I'm all ears" was Leon's response.

"I recently finished learning a spell that should be able to drag that sorceress from the future out of Rinoa, but I need a few minutes to charge it, so can you buy me some time?"

Leon responded, "I should be able to do that much"

The two then heard Tifa shout out, "Give me back my cousin you witch!"

Xion looked at Leon with a confused look and said, "Rinoa is Tifa's Cousin?"

Leon just grunted out, "What? You can't see the resemblance?" before taking Tifa's place after she was sent into the air with an Aeroga spell.

-End Flashback-

'Just three more minutes…' Xion thought as she focused on her right hand that was now glowing and had ethereal numbers between one and twelve, clock faces, and chain links swirling around it. Xion looked up for a moment and saw Leon barely managing to dodge a Meltdown attack and retaliating with a fireball from the barrel of his gunblade.

'Two more minutes…'

Irvine opened fire again but was sent flying back from a Tornado spell. Tifa then took his place and managed to get in a good haymaker to the face, sending the possessed Rinoa flying into a wall. Tifa then pinned Rinoa to the wall before she could recover and shouted, "Did that- did that get through to you, Rinoa?"

Ultimecia/Rinoa just snorted and retorted, "You're just as naïve as before, I already told you that she can't hear you!" Rinoa then threw Tifa back with unexpected force electrocuted Tifa while she was still in midair.

'One more minute…'

Leon jumped into the electrifying stream of electricity that Ultimecia was sending towards Tifa and managed to absorb the electrifying magic into his gunblade. Allowing Tifa to fall to the ground, knocked out cold. Rinoa/Ultimecia continued to attempt to electrify Leon even as he landed on the ground while Irvine rushed to Tifa's side and cast a Cure spell on her. Rinoa/Ultimecia then chose to stop the electrifying barrage and fired a spear of ice at Leon, which he dodged by rolling out of the way. Leon then countered by firing a magical bullet out of the barrel of his gunblade made completely out of the pent-up electrical magic it recently absorbed. Rinoa/Ultimecia barely managed to escape the blast by teleporting to the center of the room and was about to fire a second spear of ice at Leon, but was beaten to the punch when Leon spun around and caught her off guard with a second electrical bullet, temporarily paralyzing the sorceress and holding her in place.

Leon then shouted out, "Xion, are you done yet?"

The hand that Xion was focusing her time spell on was now glowing brighter than ever before and the ethereal numbers and clock hands were now spinning around what looked like a glowing gold chain. Xion smiled and shouted, "I just finished!"

Ultimecia cursed inside Rinoa's head, 'Damn, I forgot about that one! What is she up to? Is that time magic that she's focusing into her hand?'

Her question was quickly answered when Xion was in her face in almost no time and slammed her magic infused hand into Rinoa's chest where her heart should be located. The gold chains then sunk into Rinoa and in theory, traveled through time and ensnared Ultimecia. However, Ultimecia wasn't giving up without a fight and began to struggle and attempt to escape while Xion tried to pull her arm back and drag Ultimecia to the present.

Xion was making little progress was beginning to worry that her plan was beginning to backfire. However, Leon then intervened when he grabbed onto the bit of the chain that was visible and helped Xion pull. Progress was then made, but Ultimecia was still struggling. However, Xion and Leon weren't alone in the effort because Tifa and Irvine joined in on the effort too. Once all four of them shouted and gave an almighty yank on the chain, Rinoa was surrounded by an orb of light that exploded and made the chain to vanish, causing Xion, Leon, Tifa, and Irvine to fall backwards with their eyes closed from the sudden lack of resistance and bright light.

*End Music*

The group opened their eyes a few seconds later to see Rinoa lying down on the ground, unconscious, but still breathing. Xion then looked to the other side of the room and saw a silver haired woman with her hair fixed to shape like horns jutting out to both sides of her head. Her eyes are also an evil yellowish color and she has blue markings on her face and what was not covered by her blood red dress/robe.

Everyone was so fixed on Rinoa that they didn't even notice the evil sorceress on the other side of the room, so Xion took it upon herself to warn them, "Uh, guys, I know you're all worried about Rinoa, but I think you need to take a look at this!"

*Play Succession of Witches*

The three that were already at Rinoa's side looked at where Xion was pointing and saw the sorceress Ultimecia now standing and glaring at the group with a look of complete and total fury.

Ultimecia seethed, "How dare you ruin my plans! I needed that girl as my link to this timeline to complete my Time Compression spell!"

Xion responded, "Well I guess your little plan has been foiled! Now why don't you just make things easier for all of us and come quietly?"

Ultimecia then turned her glare of malice towards Xion and hissed, "Absolutely not! I can still fulfill my plans for Time Compression! All you did was delay the inevitable!"

Tifa entered the argument, "Is that so? By the looks of things it looks like you have been backed into a corner that you can't get out of. You can't beat all four, soon to be five of us all at once."

Ultimecia then grinned evilly and replied, "Who says that I have to take you all on at once? You forget, I am a sorceress, my magical abilities are unmatched! I can do just about anything I want! However, before I get back to my plans to compress time I'll need to destroy you all… one-by-one if necessary."

Ultimecia glared at Xion and said, "I think I'll start with the one that dragged me to this wretched timeline!"

Xion only managed to squeak out a, "What?" before both she and Ultimecia were enveloped in a surge of darkness and teleported elsewhere while Tifa, Irvine, and Leon who was currently holding an unconscious Rinoa shouted out Xion's name in worry.

*End Music*

When the darkness that enveloped Xion disappeared, Xion found herself standing across from Ultimecia in what looks like a round room with slightly dilapidated walls that had holes poking through at some spots. (The place that Sora fought Dragon Maleficent in KHI)

"We will be able to fight uninterrupted here… prepare to suffer the fate of all those who dare to defy me!" Ultimecia announced as she shrouded herself in a dark aura and glared at Xion.

Xion countered by summoning Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn Keyblades, holding them in her 'ready' position, and shouting, "We'll just see about that!"

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Xion: It took you long enough!

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Aqua: Thanks Ven

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