He was thanking her. Wasn't he unconscious then? Fear and embarrassment mixed, giving her cheeks the deepest shade of crimson. Her life was threatened and this is what comes into her head?

She changed her mindset. Then, she could not do anything other than fostering her growing fear with their position. Her life was in intense danger for the third time. Why did the police not tell her he was on the lose? Maybe then she had at least been a little more careful. Maybe then she would not have fooled herself a few minutes ago that it was not him she saw wink at her at the parking lot. She should have known better. Now she was stationary and under his mercy, again. She even accidentally locked the door for him. Was she this much of a magnet for disaster?

She could not scream, knowing that it might just be the most fatal error of all. She didn't want to open her eyes and perhaps just convince herself this was just a dream. After all, the lights were still out and opening her eyes wouldn't make a difference. Then the lights flickered on and its suddenness made her open her eyes. When she saw herself, just as vulnerable as she had been to him in the tiny airport toilet reflected on the mirror, she couldn't bring herself to shut it back again. How ironic to also be in a toilet the second time around. He was standing behind her with his one hand gripping her waist as it firmly went across both her elbows to keep her from moving and the other hand held a blade flat against her jugular vein, ready to cut with a twist and a slide of his wrists if she screamed.

"Want to have some Seabreeze with an old friend? No Baybreezes this time, Leese, you know it only gives you a headache." He was smirking at her while she looked back with a frown, a bit confused and more angered.

She looked so defiant, so enticing that he just had to lean in to kiss her ear. Blame it on the three years that self-control was suddenly so hard to maintain.

"What do you say, Leese?" he smelled her hair.

She wanted to make a get away. Jackson had always been unpredictable but this was more unpredictable. It seemed as if he wanted to kill her with that damn blade but he'd kissed her ear and asked her if she wanted to drink. Did he lust for her too? Damn. She should not be thinking this way now. She should have realized that feeding her yearning for him these past months would lead to thoughts such as these in the most inappropriate times. If she only knew that a time as this would come, she would have brought those freaking bottles of pepper spray.

"Whose lives are you threatening now?" She fiercely looked straight into his eyes struggling for her sanity and possibly her friends' lives.

"I figured I'd move on threatening your mother and brother. I have men there."

So he's considered that her father's had enough excitement in his life huh? How about her life? Was he not putting too much effort on giving her hell?

"Why? For who?" She wanted to know. Maybe it was another job and another scheme with another family to target for murder with her as a tool just like the last time when he failed.

"For you, of course. Why'd you spare my life Leese? Did you expect me to rot in prison?"

"For Hue? He wants you to kill me?" she jumped on conclusion, seeing he hadn't answered her question.

"Huebert? That weakling that you had sex with?"

"You've been stalking me again? For how long?"

"Just when I was reported that you were getting serious with a guy. I was working Lisa. I wouldn't be spending all my time watching you even if you wanted me to."

"So you just wanted to watch me having sex with another guy, is that it? What the hell? You're a pervert now, too?"

Then he said in her ear in a way she was familiar with, "Jackson!"

"You're not the only man named Jackson in the world!"

"I didn't know you were getting younger Leese. All that stress of missing me finally made your reasoning go out the window? Don't you know you're not supposed to scream your assailant's name when climaxing?"

Of course she knew how she shouted his name in sheer ecstasy while she was doing it with another guy. It occurred to her that he had been stalking her. So red as she was, she pressed on questions. It was better not to dwell on that topic, anyway. She can't have sex with Jackson, he might kill her when he orgasms. Lisa could mentally scolded herself.

"Fuck you." Why must she use that profanity? "How did you escape? Why the hell are you here!?"

"Contacts, Leese, contacts. You've got to know Lisa that in my business, there's plenty of money and plenty of empty pockets waiting for me."

"You're the devil."

"Which brings us again to the same question, why did you," he paused in a quarter of a second before he twisted her around (without wounding her of course) and landed his lips on hers.

Lisa was shocked and unable to move as Jackson's lips landed on her mouth which was ajar with surprise. Maybe he did like her? But Jackson was… was still Jackson. Reality's Jackson… She shuddered in fear of the thought. Then suddenly he blew into her mouth to demonstrate what she did years ago.

His cold breath entered her and made her hot all over. His soft lips were still placed on hers even after breathing into her. He broke contact. Why'd he have to remember getting a CPR from her? Confusion reigned down her. What did he want from her? Was he going to rape her for revenge? Would it even be called rape? Was he actually grateful that she saved him? Why was he here? There were so many questions that flashed after the warm contact of lips. He stared at her, penetrated her, Lisa the statue, with his clear blue eyes.

Her tears welled up. She didn't understand. "I didn't want to see you die."

Then she saw it spark. There was that spark in his eyes which she took as her signal. Distraction… She kneed him hard on the groin and she didn't even know what possessed her but the urge to go away just tormented her guts and forced her to do something just to get away from this murderous, vile, man of her dreams.

"I'm not like you Jackson, I don't enjoy death."

Jackson was burning with pain and had let go of the blade and had sprawled on the bathroom floor. She quickly got out of the toilet knowing that it only takes a few seconds for Jackson to recover from any kind of pain. She had stabbed him in the throat once to prove that point. Maybe he had one of those special trainings on disconnecting from pain.

She ran and found her friends nowhere. She ran to the receptionist and described how her friends looked like. Were they even still alive? She could not tell about Jackson upon remembering that her family's life was in danger. But she had to get away. Get away from Jackson Rippner, the man she loathed and lusted for. She was confused, utterly, despairingly humiliated and in fear. For once this year, she fought the biological forces.

It was just impossible that he just wanted her to confess how she had fallen in love… no, not in love. Hell no. She had lusted for him.

Why was he alive in the first place? Shouldn't he be dead or something? Did the cops really get bribed to not telling her she's in grave danger? He wanted revenge. That day he followed her to her house she knew he wanted to kill her with all that he was worth. She knew he was a manager without a moral in his sleeve except for honesty. Now that you think of it, he hadn't lied to her but he has caused lies via bribing and had deceived her which is a form of lying, too. Not a pretty honest man really. Wasn't his corporation mad at him for messing up? Why was this manager still not out of business?

Lisa was hiding in some room she rented for herself. Her friends would reply to her text message, they would! For the meantime though, as she waits for their reply, she had to be safe from Jackson. She then texted her mom that it wasn't safe.

The doors were locked, the windows shut, and just to be extra sure she was holding a pen and in a closet.

She couldn't believe it; it sunk to her in a different angle- he was back. He came back for her. Hell, she was so dead.

Then there was finally a message in her phone saying that the network systems there were down.

Then her phone rang again.

FROM: ###########

Get out of that closet and come to me. I'm at the resort restaurant and there's already a yummy glass of Seabreeze waiting for you here. Have you forgotten about your mom and your brother? Your not safe there Lisa, I have dogs in the place.

She tucked the pen horizontally in her knickers. She pulled her top down to cover the linear bulge it made. Then she slid in her pepper spray (which regrettably was alone) where it was probably safer, in her bra strap, between the cups. It was a handy spray, she didn't have that large breast to sneak a big can. Then she crept out of the closet and started for the restaurant.

Why couldn't she just call the cops? Because they were easily swayed with bribe, that's why. She could only trust herself, and maybe Cynthia, just like the last time.

He immediately saw her amongst the crowd but decided to wait for her to come to him instead. It was a somewhat weird feeling for him to have Lisa come to him when he was most of the time chasing or stalking her. It was a bit fulfilling in some demented way of his… maybe even a bit romantic. He laughed at himself.

When she arrived in front of him she was carefully examined where she stood.

"Tell me what you want."

He chuckled as he kept his eyes looking up and down at her to eye on any suspicious weapons she might be hiding.

"Stop checking me out!"

"Don't get your hopes up to high Leese, I'm just checking for any weapons you've hidden. It's impossible you don't have one. I suppose you're not going to just hand it to me to make this all easy,huh?"

"I have nothing to give you Jackson. I don't always choose the hard way."

"Oh yes, you do. You always like to get cute." Then he stood up, towering above her (she should have worn pumps) and spun her around so that her back was against him.

The position, somewhat, in the crowded restaurant, made it hard for her to give him another low blow which she hadn't planned to do early anyway. She had to save her family first.

She unexpectedly felt his big warm arms wrap around her waist. "I have men ready to shoot you who you can't see right now Leese, so be a good girl, okay?"

He brought her to a desolate corner in the room where a big potted plant hid them. The plant really didn't do much but the place was so busy with the people complaining about the weather, the lights, and finding their luggage that the two of them didn't seem to bother anyone. He sucked in a breath. He had to do this, she's forgotten all about fear. He needed something and was going to get it. He pressed her onto the wall with his body. A few tricks would reestablish fear. Fear and respect were never arguments in Jackson's line of job.

He can't possibly rape her in this much publicity can he? The pen was starting to hurt against her pelvic bone as she was being pressed against the wall.

She felt his hands deftly moving from her waist to her ribcage as if feeling her up, and he was, he was actually feeling her up. He was taking detours with finding the damned weapons. 'Oh, hell,' she thought. She gasped at the round movement on her bust. An electric shock of attraction shot within her, and the control over her craziness started to flicker away.. She wasn't supposed to feel this way. Then again, she was, she was aware of how she longed for his body but now was simply not the time… it would actually never be the time but that didn't matter, fact remains that she isn't supposed to crave.

"What are you doing Jackson?" it came a bit weaker than necessary.

Jackson was sorry to say to himself that he was actually enjoying this. No, he wasn't sorry. Murder and assault never bothered him but rape was a dirty deed he'd prefer not to be on medication while doing—he's never done it in consequence. It wouldn't actually be called rape if he did her right here right now since her voice trembled with pleasure and he knew it, though. Oh he knows how much she wants him. He tried to control his breathing and his heartbeats; he also knew that she felt it, with him this tightly bound to her. Maybe it would scare her… he would need that. Then again, she might think he's nervous. Yeah, she knew he was enjoying his, an erection against you does say a lot.

It did. Lisa was speechless. Her mind was going mad. She couldn't fight… She couldn't bite him if she didn't want to get shot. Even if without the guns invisibly aimed at her, she didn't know if she would fight. You just can't fight biological forces when this guy had you putty in his hands. She could feel him and it was turning her on more than badly; feel his breathing, his heartbeats and the excited hem of his pants.

He knew it! He felt something hard in between her breasts. She had done it in the past according to one of the men who he had surveillance her.

He was tempted. He gave in. There were much cleaner ways to do it but he just had to do it for the sake of his oozing want. He slid down his hands to the hem of her shirt only to go underneath it. The touch of her hot and sweaty skin in his palms alone felt arousing and he had to continue up.

His fingertips were as hot as burning cigarettes on her skin. She drew more breath as he took his hands higher. He dug his head into the crook of her neck and deftly cupped her bare breasts by entering beneath the bra's band.

Her bra's band felt painful when it tightened on her back when his hands came in. However, the pleasure at her front was greater especially as he thumbed her erect peaks. She couldn't help but moan. She should have been telling him to stop but she just couldn't. This man had opened up her sexual desires for so long and he had given her a real bit of it.

Hearing her moan just triggered him to sharply grind his pelvic bone against her back. Oh hell, he just dry humped her. This was going to get out of control soon if he didn't getting on with his official motive for the moment. With one ragged breath, he forced out his hands out of her bra's tight bands and had one hand occupied with her little pepper spray can.

He dropped it to the ground and had to loosen his bind on her for a while. He had to get his scrambled brains together.

One weapon down. Oh shit. Don't he dare find that pen. Then the idea crossed her mind that he finding it would not be that bad. She felt like crying. She might as well be his bitch. "Damn you, go to hell."

He was completely taken aback. The hate that laced her words was surprising even to a hated man such as him. The sensuality that had gone on… Hell, she was enjoying this; he knew it, so why was she cursing him? He knew the answer to that. She must hate herself so much right now.

He let out a breath and lightly released her from being sandwiched with the wall and his body. She breathed heavily and turned to face him. "Lisa, Lisa. Didn't they teach you about the gray parts of life? That killing the villain isn't always bad? Killing them means you don't want them back. You want me back and you hate yourself for it. I know you like lying but be honest with yourself, you know you have permission to let me die. Or do you just like playing my good little girl?"

"Had your fun? Can't you back off me now? Or better yet, leave me the hell alone!"

He frowned then without a warning dug one hand into the hem of her pants and into her panties to get that pen. His hand had accidentally wandered a little lower in pretend search of the murderous pen and felt how wet she was. He couldn't help it—she was practically begging for him anyway. In unison, they both gulped and he took out his hand and threw the stupid pen away.

"Such a bad girl, Leese…" Then he took out his cellular phone which she only stared at. She was genuinely denying herself of speech. He is always as blunt and sarcastic as he could get.

"Wait for my call," he looked at his watch… "5 pm. No call, you know what to do."

"Bastard!" then she started hitting his chest with eyes swollen but just not about to cry just yet.

"You know how I work, Leese. Better get used to it." he caught both her wrists and slammed it on the wall atop her head. He pinned her with his body again and she felt every part of her weaken and could only think how pathetic she was. "Stop it. No one's going to get hurt unless you rouse me to it."

He stared into her big beautiful eyes as she stared back.

She missed him, how that sucks.

He missed her, how that bites.

They really give each other a hell of a time.


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