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"I can't do this anymore. I'm sick off all the lies, even the little ones .I'm so sorry."

"Stephanie what are you talking about, what lies?" Asked Bella worried.

"Everything I've told you guy's .From my family, were I'm from; my past has been all lies. The only thing that I can think of that isn't a lie is my first name."

"Then please do tell " Stephanie " who are you then if you're not who we all believe you to be" Replied Edward angrily and sad, for I new he looked upon me like a sister.

"NO, don't answer!"

"And why not Emmet?" asked Edward annoyed.

"Because if, Steph if you're the enemy and not family I...I won't be able to bare it. You're a sister to not only me but everyone else and a daughter to Esme and Carlisle and if you fight against us I won't...I can't fight against you." Replied Emmet heartbroken with his eyes filling with tears that will never fall.

"Emmet I...I'm sorry for lying but it was necessary and telling you now who I am is even more important. I can save all of you, everyone. But to do so I will have to sacrifice the thing I cherish more than anything."

"But to do that first I need to tell you all...I have to tell you who I really am "

"Who are you then?" said Jake in a tone that sounded like I had just taken everything close to him away. It killed me.

In a clear voice I said loud and clear "My name isn't Stephanie Jayne, it's Princess Stephanie -Jayne Emmalyn...Van Helsing or as many in the vampire world know me as ...The Fallen angle of souls." At this gasp went around the circle.

"And just like many other times I will move forward to fulfil my destiny" as I held my head high I looked around nearly everyone had a look of shock, heartbreak or fear on their faces. I didn't know what was worse but it was tearing me in half.

Then Sam stepped forward and declared "you're lying, you can't be Princess Van Helsing, I've seen a painting of her up in the caves of wolves, I've read stories about her, you ...you do not look like her...you can't be her she died, she died in "

"In 1105, it was said she died in the attack of Roza. But nobody was ever found for the village and castle was burnt to the ground along with every vampire body that was dismembered and human that was killed. "I finished for him and then continued on.

"Except one... 2km out a young girl barely 17 was fighting, like usual for her life, but of course she won and burnt the body of the soulless creature that took the lives of her father , two younger brothers ,her fiancé and her unborn child. For you see Roza that was her name the soulless monster who took everything from her, she raised the army and attacked it was her war, Roza's war. That night I lost everything but I gained my destiny, for you see I was bitten."

"So in some way's those books, those stories are correct Sam .Princess Stephanie-Jayne Emmalyn Van Helsing did die that night and out of her ashes rose me and if you still don't believe me then ill prove it" what I was about to do I would never be able to take back. I hung my head and I showed them what I really looked liked.