Title: Payback

Author: Mel

Rating: PG, due to inferred violence and two naughty words

Summary: Wesley gets his payback

This was inspired by an RP, actually. It's kind of an AU, if Wesley had been turned instead of dying, and what he'd likely do to his father if he were.

Wesley watched as his captive awoke. The old man groaned in pain, then realized with a start that he was a prisoner, secured in wrist chains suspended from the warehouse ceiling. Wesley moved forward,smiling cruelly.

"Wesley...bloody hell!"

"In America they have a saying, father..."

Wesley's hand shot out,lighting fast, siezing Roger's neck in a choking grip as his face morphed into the demonic form that was now its true visage. He smelled his father's fear,saw his horrified eyes and heard his heart pounding in terror.

Oh yes,he would enjoy this very much.

"...payback's a bitch."