I surrender to my King

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"The king bids for you Lady Sarah," the small maid in front of me curtsied. THE KING! Surely not! He hasn't called upon me in a month. I hurried to the mirror and primped my hair. I am gorgeous, everything a man wants-shapely and with beautiful features. I turn and see the retched maid still in my quarters. I strike her hard upon the cheek. She collapses under my ferocity and whimpers.

I smirk and shriek, "What are you still doing here? Go and tell his majesty I am on my way!" She scurries out looking terrified.

What a simpleton…such filth. I slip on the most see through frock I own and soundlessly tip-toe down the palace halls. I approach the king's chambers and open the door. I scarcely hide my intake of breath when I see his majesty. Oh my handsome king! I have missed his embrace! He smiles warmly at me making my heart swell with adoration.

I drop to my face at his feet. He chuckles and picks me up.

He whispers into my ear, "you look lovely my Sarah. I have missed you." The fire in me sparks and I want him to touch me everywhere and our tongues to dance together. I miss him and I am not foolish enough to believe that he doesn't say those words to every women he bids here different nights.

I simply overlook it because only the nights we have matters…. My sovereign king may do his will upon me as long as I live because I love him (as do many others)! He looks into my eyes and suddenly I'm on the bed. Giggling, laughing, rustling sheets, legs spread, thrust, screaming, panting.

The next morning I mourn for my love because the sad truth is that the king does not even think of me or any of the others after we leave him… the women who captures that guarded mans heart shall be the only woman I ever bow to… for getting him to fall in love is a ridiculous and fruitless task. He does not get attached. He lusts and does not know the word 'love'.

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