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Previously in I Surrender to My King:


I would be honored to go riding with you.

Sincerely yours,


I Surrender to My King

Chapter 5: King or Not

I awake earlier than I usually would on a normal day. I absolutely detest waking early in the morning. It's horrid but today I really don't seem to mind. Hmmm.. wonder why? I giggle a little and pad softly to my vanity.

Petunia walks in, in all her sour horse faced glory, holding an exotic blue dress. I eye the sewn in pearls along the hem and bodice.

"I won't be needing that," I say simply.

"Excuseme M'lady?" Petunia asked startled.

"I can't ride in that," I smile softly at her, "take out my pants and my green long sleeved shirt please."

"wh-whhatt?" Petunia spluttered red in the face. I watched her walk slowly to my dresser and pull out a pair of britches like it was a bomb. Her disgust for me was badly disguised. I ignored her. I'd known many people to find me 'embarrassing' or a sad excuse for a 'lady'. I dressed into my riding pants and then put on my ladies boots. They really were quite stylish. I laced up the front of my emerald green shirt that hung loosely around my waist and hugged my breasts. Petunia, straight faced, braided my hair down my back.

"Hmmm," I hummed and pinched my cheeks alittle. Well... I suppose that's as good as it going to get. I stood, "enjoy your day Petunia."

"thankyou M'lady."

I was glad for the relatively early hour because no one was about to see me dressed in... well, unladylike attire. But really how do people expect me to ride in a dress? I can hardly breathe in those things. I walked out into the semi-cold air. It brushed my cheek softly, breathing the smell of wet grass into my lunges.

I walked to the stables, enjoying the rising sun. It cast a pretty orange glow onto everything.

"Oh hello honey," I crooned and rubbed Jay's stomach. He looked like a very happy well fed horse. I grinned at him and his head bumped my face affectionately.

"are you enjoying this big fancy palace?" I asked and grabbed a carrot from the bucket on the floor. I feed it to him and replied, "yeah? Me too. We're going riding with someone special today." I lean forward and whispered, "show off."

He made a noise in the back of his throat and I laughed.

"goodmorning Lady Evans." I froze, half way through stroking Jay's belly. His voice sounded more like melted honey than I remembered. I arranged my features into a small smile and turned, "morning sire."

He was dressed in his own pair of brown britches. His boots looked like they were made of rough animal hide. He wore a t-shirt, showing off his lean sculpted arm muscles.

"thankyou for agreeing to accompany me today."

"would anyone decline?" I asked with a small laugh.

"true," he shrugged indifferently. I suppose the king was used to people falling all over for him. He walked forward and then I saw his eyes widen slightly. He had a clear view of my clothes.


I don't think I exactly thought this threw. I usually don't care what people think of me but... well this is the king! As I was starting to mentally freak out with absurd thoughts like, 'he'll have my head cut off for not wearing a dress', he broke into a dazzling grin.

Without a comment to my apparel he looked at Jay.

"he's a gorgeous horse," He said and extended his hand. He stopped and waited. Jay took one step forward and put his nose into his palm. The king smiled. God, he's gorgeous.

I beamed with pride. The King of England was TOUCHING MYYY horse. I could break into a dance right here.

"are you ready to be beat your highness?" I asked looking up at him through my lashes. A lesser man(i know this from experience) would have swallowed, blushed and begun stuttering. He replied, "we'll see about that." and looked at me with his own intense gaze.

We dressed our horses together. I had to admit his horse had to be one of finest and most majestic in the world. She was strong and muscular with jet black hair that was almost glossy.

I swung my leg over Jay expertly and trotted out of the stalls. I looked back, waiting. Just before I was about to call out to him, a large black blur raced past me.

I laughed loudly and set Jay after them without hesitation. He was without a doubt one of the hardest opponents I had ever ridden against. I leaned forward, the wind slashed at my cheeks.

We were riding through the forest, weaving around huge towering trees. Jay came up beside the kings horse. He threw his head back and laughed.

"come on boy," I whispered. Jay burst forward with an extra amount of speed. We exploded from the leaves and into a bright clearing.

"i do believe I won that race," I declared breathing heavily. He looked at me with a certain boyish quality that made him all the more adorable. His hair was everywhere, even messier than when we begun.

"I think you must have hit your head, I won," he was smiling. Not angry. He was... playing with me. I giggled "we'll need a rematch then I suppose."

He jumps down from 'Magenta', his divine horses name, and strides over to me. He extends his hand up. I smile slyly, "is this a ploy to win my heart sire."

He grins, "just a gentleman's duty."

I swung off by myself, ignoring his outstretched hand. I smartly reply, "gentleman are devious creatures. They always have an alternative motive for everything."

He tilts his head and watches me stroke Jay's side curiously.

"You- are..."

"yes sire?" I ask innocently. He shakes his head a little and turns to retrieve something from his satchel. He really shouldn't give me such an amazing few of his backside, Oh and those gorgeously strong shoulders. Is it completely scandalous to be ogling a man of royalty while his back is turned?

He pulls out two apples and champaign. He feeds our horses and then turns to me with the bottle.
"Care to share a glass m'lady?"


We sit down under a cluster of trees and he pours two glasses of sparkling red wine. He's sweet. He has a dimple on the right side of his face when he smiles. He has the perfect most gorgeous mouth. I'm staring at his mouth. I'm staring. Shit. He's grinning at me. Say something!

"Have you and Lord Black been friends for long?" I ask. He quirks an eyebrow at me. Whatever he had been expecting me to say THAT wasn't it. I sip my wine innocently.

"Sirius? Well.. we've been bestmates since before I can remember. He's always there for me."

I smile, "a brother?"

He stares at me intently, "yeah. That's exactly the word I would use."

"I had a friend like that. Evaline." I look wistfully up at the clouds, "the last time I saw her was before I came to the castle. I feel like it's been years. She's a sister to me. I'm going crazy not being able to tell her all about the Ladies here or..." I smile, "our king."

He looks thoughtful for a moment and then, "now you have Anne."

Without thinking I break into a dazzling smile, "yes. I really like her sire. I feel like we are going to be the best of friends."

"good," he nods, "she needs someone. She's never had a close woman friend. It's always been Sirius and I."

"Is anyone courting her?" I ask curiously and lean back against the bark of the tree.

"one? Bloody hell, she has 10."

I giggle and close my eyes.

"and you m'lady?" he asks suddenly very close to my ear. I don't open my eyes and shiver.


"how many are courting you?" his voice is husky.

I open my eyes and peer straight into his eyes. He's inches away from me.

! Breath. Chill.

"to many to count sire," I breathe back. His eyes spark and he smiles, "i can imagine." His eyes are beautiful. This close I can see every fleck and speck of gold and brown and honey yellow. They blend together to make the most irresistible pair of eyes I have ever seen. My entire stomach bursts into butterflies. It feels like something is crawling around in my belly. I don't get this particular feeling very often. He leans forward a little more. His breathe hot on my face. I stare at his lips. Perfect. Perfect lips.

Then I know he's about to kiss me and I quickly pull away, hitting my head on the tree. He pulls back. Confusion clouds his gaze.

"Sorry your highness," I say. I'm amazed I can even manage to speak after what just almost happened.

"I do believe I promised dear Annie to go to the gardens with her today."

He blinked, "yes... …" I stand and brush off the leaves from my pants, "we better get going then." without looking back I walk over to Jay. My heart is hammering in my chest and I want nothing more than to run back and latch those very perfect lips of his onto mine... but I am NOT one of the Kings sleazy flings. I refuse to be part of that group. I'm looking forward to my life at court and starting off with a broken heart just won't do. I am Lilian Anne Marie Scarlet Evans and you have to work to be loved by me. King or not.

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