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Chapter Eight: The Party Scene

In truth, Puck had been to a lot of high school parties. Mainly post-football games where the biggest fun is watching some of the idiots attempt beer pong and hitting on the less-prudish Cheerios. But there's something about a Gleek party, even when hosted by Mike and Brittany, that seems a whole lot more satisfying.

Admittedly the party isn't exactly huge; the twelve glee kids and Miss Pillsbury, who's been standing in the kitchen with Mike's parents, Rachel's dads and Finn's mom for the better part of an hour (none of them missed her tearstained eyes and had guessed things with Coach Tanaka and Mr. Schue hadn't gone well – Brittany and Rachel had been bestowing hugs regularly since she had shown up).

The Chang living room had been turned into Gleek heaven with Rock Band plugged in and several very serious competitions were in full force – Puck swears he heard Kurt and Artie betting their solos on who would win. Once side of the room had multiple card tables set up with food and the sliding doors were flung open to reveal a homemade dance floor on the back porch.

Sure they weren't all picture-perfect high-school clichés, and as good as it was; Mercedes' dad's punch wasn't really the idea of Puck's perfect drink, but so far everything seemed to be going well. Assuming Finn would ever stop glaring at him and Quinn.

"Star? Dad and I are going to leave now. You going to be okay?" Rachel's 'daddy' (the tall, black one) said as he came over to sit next to her on the sofa. Nodding, Rachel leant her head against his shoulder,

"Yeah. Tina brought her car and she said I can stay with her tonight or she can drop me home if I need to," she said and her daddy smiled,

"Okay. Dad and I had a chat with Miss Pillsbury to reassure her everything's fine but she would like to meet with you again soon."

Rachel rolled her eyes, "Daddy, I'm fine. I swear I've been in her office so many times lately, people think I'm chronically depressed or a total high-school dropout. And I currently have a mountain-sized pile of pastel pamphlets floating on my desk. I'm pretty sure I can deal,"

Leroy laughed, "I know, Star. We're just worried. Besides, you smile and sing too much to be depressed and your dad would kill you if you even attempted dropping out of school. Just call us if you need to." he said, pressing a kiss to her forehead, as he began walking out the door, "Oh hello, Noah."

Puck smiled lightly as Leroy passed him, before plopping down next to Rachel on the sofa, pulling her into his side.

"How you doing Miss Totally-Helped-Us-To-Beat-The-Other-Team's-Asses?" he whispered and Rachel smirked,

"As much as I love that nickname, it's a little long isn't it?" she asks and Puck shrugs,

"We can always call you Miss THUTBUTOTA. Thutbutota; it has a nice ring to it. Perfect idea for a baby name. Hey Quinn!" he yelled and Rachel laughed, Quinn span around from where she was standing next to the food table.

"What?" she snapped and Puck raised his eyebrow,

"Well Miss Hormonal. Berry and I came up with an awesome baby name. What do you think about Thutbutota? Kinda like Thumbelina but way more badass!" he said with a cheeky smirk plastered across his face. Quinn stared at him irately,

"Thutbutota? Thutbutota? What kind of baby name do you think that is? Did your mom drop you on your head as a child? We are not naming my baby Thutbutota. We're not naming my baby anything!" she spat, shadowing her words to Finn after the Drizzle-disaster. Puck raised his hands in surrender,

"Sorry Q. Didn't realise I hit a nerve." he hugged Rachel closer to him, "At least I can still call you Thutbutota."

Rachel glared, "Noah, I have been called a lot of offensive nicknames in my life and Thutbutota is right up there alongside Man-hands and Treasure Trail." she said, standing up to join Tina and Artie outside.

Puck pouted, "Fine then. Don't appreciate my totally badass baby naming skills."

Rachel grinned at him from over her shoulder as Tina pulled her into the awkward dance she and Artie were conducting, shifting each other around Artie's whirling wheelchair, the sparkling lights flashing madly. After several minutes, Tina pushed Rachel lightly so that she fell into Artie's lap, before grabbing the handles and spinning it. Puck laughed as Rachel's excited and happy shrieks echoed across the yard and Kurt turned the music up.

Puck lightly settled himself in one of the cushioned chairs on the porch, watching almost all the Glee kids dancing around like maniacs to whatever lame craphouse 80s song Mike had deemed awesome that week (Puck swore Mike was totally Mr. Schue's like long-lost Asian cousin), not particularly caring that Mercedes was aiming a camera into everyone's faces and Kurt was creepily dancing far too close to Finn. The song soon changed to a soft ballad and Finn edged away from Kurt, only to lead Rachel gently away from Artie and Tina and envelope her in his arms, slowly swaying (completely off-time) to the music. Puck fought against the bile that rose in his throat and the urge to rip Rachel out of Finn's arms before noticing that Quinn had curled herself into the corner of the sofa inside, sadly watching the scene outside, her hands clasped around her tiny bump of a stomach. Puck pulled himself out of his chair and strolled back inside, sitting himself as close to Quinn as he dared.

"You okay?" he murmured, ignoring the pained look on her face as she watched Finn whispering cheerfully into Rachel's hair. Quinn shrugged tiredly,

"I'm alright. It's just hard to watch them be so...coupley...and knowing that I'm the one that pushed them together."

Puck chuckled, "They're not together. Berry told me that she's going through some personal shit at the minute and won't date. So basically Finn has no chance 'cause when she sets her mind to something, nothing can change it." he says and Quinn looks up surprised,

"Really? You'd never guess with her...but...you guys are really close nowadays aren't you? I mean you're always trailing her around school and that." she asks and Puck nods,

"We good-looking Jews have a strong need to stick together." he says and Quinn sighs, "it's just that...Rachel gets really clingy and yet not at the same time. Like since you totally ostracized her a coupla weeks ago she wanders around alone again, but you see her sitting at the back of the cafeteria looking as though she's daring someone to sit near her, but silently begging them too anyway. And she's really pissy lately. I mean she's a vegetarian and I get that but she totally threw the biggest spaz the other day about Mike and I eating hamburgers. Started spouting crap about how much that cow suffered and how we're meant to respect them and shit. She sounded like my mom when she goes on about the evilness of bacon. But otherwise she's cool. She doesn't care about all the picky things like Santana and the other Cheerios do, it's all about singing and music for her, and I get that. It's our own way to escape."

Quinn raises an eyebrow and Puck flushes, amazed at his own ability to rant. And about Rachel Berry no less, he thinks to himself.

"Umm...yeah. What're you gonna do about living arrangements? I mean, is Finnessa going to kick you out?"

Quinn shakes her head, "I'm still staying at Finn's. I'm pretty sure his mom is the only reason why I haven't been kicked out yet. So I'm planning on swapping between Santana and Brittany's houses so I don't have to spend too much time around the Hudson house, distressing Finn."

He ran his hand over his scalp, "I told my mom about the baby." he blurted, "She chucked the biggest bitch-fit over the fact we hid it from everyone for so long, and then another fit over the fact you're not Jewish, and she compared me to my dad and the Nazis a fair bit she calmed down eventually. She said if you need anything to go see her and if Finnessa does kick you out, you can come stay with us."

A watery smile spreads across Quinn's face, "Thanks Puck. It's really sweet of you." gripping his hand tightly, she presses a light kiss against his cheek. A comfortable silence drifts over them as they watch the rest of the club outside, Finn and Rachel still slowly dancing together. Suddenly Quinn squeaks softly,

"Oh." she whispers. Puck swiftly turns in panic as she grabs his hand and presses it to her abdomen. He raises his eyebrows just a gentle pressure presses against his fingers.

"She's kicking?" he murmurs and she nods, grinning widely. Puck moves his hand around her stomach in awe, his smile getting bigger everytime he feels the soft tap of his daughter's foot. Outside, the tempo of the song speeds up dramatically.

Inside Puck and Quinn sit in silence, grinning at the baby's kicks and ignoring all the unresolved tension from Finn's glares when a shout echoes around.

"Finn...careful...I need you to stop," Rachel half-shrieks as Finn twirls her around by the hand. Her face blanches a grey-white colour and her breathing breaks up into shallow pants,

"Rach? What's wrong?" Finn begins to panic as she breaks away from his arm and bolts inside and up the stairs. Worried looks are exchanged as Finn looks ready to burst into tears. Puck slowly drops his hand from Quinn's stomach and prepares to race after Rachel when he spots the look on Quinn's face. Her cheerful smile has been faded and replaced by a worried look of recognition. Trudging up the stairs, Puck ruffles his own hair in confusion.

It becomes almost an unspoken rule that something is seriously wrong the minute Rachel Berry misses Glee. Of them all, everyone has missed at least one or two practises because of doctor's appointments or additional practices. Except Rachel, who manages to show up to every practice. Until now. This stresses Mr. Schue out because she's the only one who gets every one of his musical theatre references and he can't handle the blank stares from the others. It stresses Puck out because she's refusing to answer his text messages and frankly he still doesn't understand his math homework. It stresses Quinn out because Puck keeps pacing, and the baby keeps kicking and she really, really wants a piece of bacon. Its stressing Finn out because as much as he denies it, seeing Quinn grimace still makes him want to protect her and it stresses Brittany out because she thinks her cat and the gay sharks banded together to eat Rachel. None of this pleases the other members of the group at all, because like Mr. Schue said when they presented their song to him, Vocal Adrenaline is most likely hard at work for Regionals and New Directions should be too...assuming Puck ever stops pacing long enough to put his phone down.

"Aha! She texted back!" he shouts suddenly as his phone releases a loud series of beeps. Kurt and Mercedes share a pointed look before Kurt makes a heart out of his fingers, "he luuuuurves her!" he mouths and Mercedes rolls her eyes and nods.

"'Ate a bad salad. Got food poisoning. Sorry'" Puck reads aloud and frowns, "she's not here because of food poisoning? Food poisoning? This is Rachel Berry we're talking about right? The girl who once managed to come first in a dance competition despite having the chicken pox, and she's letting food poisoning hold her down?" He begins to reply when Quinn pipes up from her seat,

"Puck? Have you ever had food poisoning before? Half the time you can't move for the fear of being sick everywhere. There's no way Rachel could've shown up." she said and Finn nods in agreement,

"Plus if her dads got wind of her being sick, neither of them will let her leave the house for a week. I'm sure she's fine. You're kinda acting like my mom does everytime we go to a party." he says and Puck's frown deepens.

"Whatever. Doesn't mean I have to like it." he mutters and knowing grins are given around the room.

The entire Glee club knows the minute Rachel returns to school by the fact they all spotted Puck tearing his way down the hallways towards her locker, slamming into her side and squeezing her in a tight hug, ignoring the whistles from Matt and Mike, both of whom couldn't resist giving him shit for becoming so whipped.

Glee that afternoon was spent in a flurry of movement as Mike and Brittany attempted to show Finn how to properly do the dance steps, while Santana and Matt sat at the back of the room making scathing comments and laughing. In the front row Rachel was curled up, half-asleep against Puck's chest, while Quinn rested her head on his other side, her hands stroking her baby-belly gently. Laughing, Finn sat himself down next to Quinn and leant over to poke Rachel softly.

"Tired are we?" he asked and she grunted,

"Shud'up. I'm sick." she coughed weakly and Finn smirked,

"Maybe we should call Mrs. Schue and get you back on Vitamin D?" he commented and Rachel groaned louder,

"Noooo. That stuff hurts my head." she moaned and Puck kissed her head lightly in sympathy.

Finn snorted, "And it did send you slightly insane so maybe it's not a good idea..." he trailed off just as Rachel's eyes popped open,

"Like you can talk Finn. You texted me at 3.00 o'clock in the morning, telling me stories about each of the cowboys on your wallpaper and when I didn't reply, you rang my phone until I did!" she argued back and Finn's face coloured a bright red as Kurt sniggered in the background.

Stifling a laugh, Mr. Schuester cleared his throat just as Brittany spoke up,

"Mr. Schue? Do they make a chastity belt for guys?" she asked sweetly and everyone raised their eyebrows. Matt gave a bark of laughter,

"It's called marriage!" he mocked until Mr. Schue shot him a look, "Umm...sorry, Mr. Schue."

"I'm not sure, Britt. Why?" he replied and Brittany bit her lip in confusion.

"'Cause I think we need to get Puck and Finn one so they can stop getting people pregnant." she answered and both Quinn and Rachel stiffened. Puck frowned,

"Why does Finn need one? He didn't knock anyone up." he said and Brittany shrugged,

"Oh. I thought that 'cause Rachel throws up like Quinn all the time, Finn made her pregnant as well." she said simply and Puck's frown deepened. From her position under his arm, Rachel squirmed lightly as everyone turned to stare at her in shock. She managed to pull from his grip before bolting from the room in tears.

Puck swore as he tore from his seat and took off after her, leaving a shell-shocked Finn clutching Quinn's hand tightly in his own.

Puck managed to catch up with Rachel just outside the school's front doors, pulling her tightly in his arms as she weakly sobbed into his chest.

"Hey, hey, hey. It's okay. Everything's gunna be fine." he murmured into her hair before she pulled away violently.

"No it's not!" she yelled, "It's not going to okay, Noah! I'm sixteen and can barely look after myself, let alone a baby. The father of said baby thought for months that he was the dad of another girl's baby and deny it all he wants, he still wants to be the dad to that baby. Practically the whole Glee club hates me, so there's no way I'll get any of the support they gave Quinn, and don't you dare say you'll help me, because you have your own baby to look out for, and I just...want to be alone!" she choked on more sobs as she pulled fully out of his grip and ran towards her car.

Puck remained where she had left him, his shirt wet with her tears and his head pounding a loud rhythm as his own eyes began to burn. They were all in deep shit now.

As much as she wanted to speed out of that carpark as fast as she could, Rachel distantly remembered her father's number one rule about driving his car; no driving while upset. Instead she rested her head on the steering wheel and let the tears run faster down her face. Lifting her hand lightly, she pressed it against her still-flat stomach, feeling the slight hardness that signified her baby.

"I've screwed everything up!" she muttered, sobs still wracking her body.

Suddenly there was a slight tapping on the window and she frowned unhappily, winding the window down.

"Noah, I told you to leave me alone!" she cursed only to look up and see Quinn Fabray standing outside the car, a sad smile on her face.

"Hi. Can we talk?"

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