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"OH MY GOD RIVEN JUST SHUT UP!" Bloom shouted at the handsome bad boy standing in front of her.

"NO! I'M NOT FINISHED TALKING AND YOUR GONNA LISTEN, WOMAN" Riven shouted back at the red haired beauty

The remaining Winx club and specialists just stood back and stared at the hot headed duo. They were in the park enjoying a picnic when Riven started talking about how fairies were a burden and tend to ruin missions when the schools joined together. However Bloom had a different view on his statements.

"Half the casualties that take place during missions wouldn't happen because girls like you don't listen and wander off all the time. Leaving guys like me having to risk our lives to save your ass from getting killed" Riven moved closer with every word he spoke. If they had been any closer they would have been kissing.

"Excuse me, but I remember saving your ass when you got cocky and ended up in quicksand up to your neck"

"BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO CHANGE PATHS!" Riven threw his hands in the air to emphasize his point.

Meanwhile the rest of the gang just sat back and tried to finish the picnic. Except Sky who kept close watch. Riven was getting pretty close to his girl and he didn't like it. The reason they weren't stopping the fight was because it was such a common thing now. The two would disagree then start arguing.

Nabu even thought that they purposely riled each other up. Riven was renowned for his smart ass attitude but Bloom was the sweetest person he knew. So it was weird how she only seemed to not get along with Riven.

"You know what Riven, I HATE YOU!" Bloom pushed past him so Riven stumbled back a bit.

"…YOU KNOW WHAT BLOOM, YOU'RE ANNOYING" Riven shouted after her, storming off in the opposite direction.

Sky stood up and ran after his girlfriend.

"Babe, hold up" Sky yelled out to her

Bloom stopped in her tracks and sat down on a little rock resting her elbows on her knees and her chin on her hands.

"What?" she mumbled

Sky finally caught up "Hey beautiful, don't run off with out me, what if something happened to you" Sky said being the over protective boyfriend he was.

Bloom smiled at him. "Sorry, its just… god he just gets me sooo...Ugh" she said burying her head in her hands.

Sky smiled and sat down in front of her. He then wrapped his arms around her hips and gently pulled her off the rock so she was sitting on his lap straddling him

"Look at me" He kept one arm around her waist and the other he tilted her chin to look at him. "Now I'm having a little trouble accepting the fact that you think about him more than me" Sky smiled at her. "Riven's a jerk, you know that, I know that, everyone knows it. But you, baby you are way too beautiful to stress about anything and it kills me when I see you upset"

Bloom smiled and pecked his lips.

"Is that all" he looked at her with a puppy dog expression.

Bloom leaned in and they passionately started making out.

Riven was walking down the same path Bloom took, after a heavy scolding from the boys he was on his way to apologise or as close to apologising as someone like Riven could get.

"Stupis idiots, she has them all wrapped around her finger. All she has to do is bat her eyelashes and guys will fall at her feet."

After a short while he started to hear voices and giggling. He moved a couple branches and saw Sky with his hands all over Bloom and they were getting pretty hot and heavy.

Riven growled to himself then turned away and stormed back to the group.

'How can she just let him touch her like that, doesn't she have any self respect' Riven thought to himself. 'Wait why do i care, she's not my girlfriend i have Musa'

It was monday and the Red fountain boys and Alfea girls were going on a practical assignment worth half their grade. The boys were in their class listening to Codatorta speak.

"Alright ladies, your assignments are going to be done in pairs and because you'll need a certain amount of magic and the girls will need some protection you will be paired with a student from Alfea" Codatorta explained to the class, alot of cheering and excitment went around the class.

"alright an entire week alone with Bloom" Sky whispered to Brandon

"Haha yeah a whole week sharing a tent huh lover boy" Brandon whispered back high fiving him.

"You gonna be okay Timmy" Helia laughed at the blushing Timmy who had heard there conversation realising he was gonna be sleeping in the same place as Tecna

"Yeah, yeah before you get too excited just know this, you won't be picking your partners"

Silence filled the room, then everyone started chattering amongst themselves.

"DAMN IT!" Sky, Brandon and Helia huffed in unison. While Timmy, Nabu and Riven stayed silent wondering who they were gonna be partnered up with.

At that moment 15 Alfea students arrived in the class and took seats so they could all be addressed together.

"Honey bunny, did you hear what their gonna do, this is horrible" Stella sat in the chair in between Brandon and Timmy.

"I know Stell but hey maybe we'll get put together" He comforted his girlfriend

"I hope i get you Flora" Helia said to his girlfriend who sat beside him. Flora blushed but silently hoped that she got him too.

Layla sat next to Nabu, Tecna sat on the other side of Timmy and Musa sat beside Riven. They were sitting at a round table with just enough seats for the group. Bloom was the last to arrive at the table and the only seat left was perfectly opposite to Riven. Bloom scowled at him and Riven tauntingly smiled at her making Bloom turn away even angrier.

Realising his loves distress he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto his lap. so she was side onto him.

"I better get you as my partner Bloom or my week will be unbearable" he whispered into her hair, kissing her forehead.

"Alright everyone listen up, the boys will each come up and draw a girls name from the box, whoever you have picked will be your partner and thats final." Codatorta emphasizing the word final.

One by one 10 out of the fifteen boys had chosen their partners and had to move with their girls to sit on the other side of the class in pairs. three of them being Nabu who chose Layla, Helia who chose Tecna, Timmy chose Musa. Although not the girls they were hoping for they were happy atleast they got the girls they knew well.

Sky was next he pulled out Stella, silently cursing to himself he made his way to Stella putting on a fake smile. He didn't have anything against the girl he just would have really preferred his beautiful blue eyed goddess sitting alone with Riven as they hadn't had their partners yet.

Brandon was next and pulled out a girl called Sophie.

"Ugh, he's partnered with the sluttiest girl in school" Stella fumed

Brandon being the charmer offered his hand to her as they made their wasy to the other side of the class.

Alright Ryan your up. The school stud made his way to the front chanting loudly "Please be Bloom, Please be Bloom"

Everyone in the room laughed it wasn't a secret that Bloom had a lot of admirers at Red Fountain. Sky had to restrain himself 'If that clown picks my girlfriend, I'm gonna flip' he growled in his head.

As if his prayers were answered Ryan picked out a girl called Amber.

"Riven come up here"

Riven slowly strode towards the front, it was at that time everyone realised their were only two girls left and one of them was Bloom.

"Ohmygod, what if he chooses Bloom, they'll kil each other" Musa frantically whispers to Timmy.

"I know, this is gonna be tough"

Riven reached into the box and pulled out a name. The winx club and specialists all holding their breath. He unfolded the paper with a frown and his eyes went wide after reading the name. His eyes darted across the room to the red haired temptress. At that point it was as if everything went in slow motion.

"you have got to be kidding me!" Bloom scolded at him. Everyone in the room gasped in shock. The whole world knew about the two's troubled friendship and were shocked and what was gonna happen.

"Hey I'm not exactly liking this either!" he said back with the same amount of fire.

"I would rather kill myself than be paired up with an egotistical jerk like you!"

"...and i would rather..."

"Alright, you too stop arguing, the decision is final, you two will spend the next four days completing a mission and on the fourth you all will return back to class to deliberate"

"BUT.." Bloom and Riven said at the same time.


Hmm.. What's gonna happen when these two hotties have to spend four days in the wild.

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