Riven and Bloom had been travelling for a couple hours and they finally reached their destination for their first task. It was night so they decided to wait until morning to look for the specific plant species they needed to bring back to class. The spaceships had sleeping quarters in it so they didn't need to set up a camp. It was a well furnished room with two beds on each side with two closets. Bloom wasn't a very organized person when it came to keeping her room clean so her clothes were spread all over the floor and beds in a 'fashionably' untidy fashion. Riven however, was the opposite and needed everything pristine.

"Bloom!" Riven yelled, trying to step over the piles of clothes and belongings.

"What?" Blooms head showed through the doorway.

"Your crap is everywhere" He stated as he fell on to his bed lying on his back with his hands behind his head. He shifted uncomfortably due to the lump under his pillow. He reached underneath and pulled out a bra. It was red, lacy and very appealing. He raised his eyebrow at her, smirking. She finally caught on to what it was and her jaw dropped.

"You perv, give it back" She shouted at him, holding her hand out.

"No" he said simply.

"Riven, give it" she rushed over towards him but he hid it behind his back. Bloom jumped on him straddling him, trying to retrieve her clothing and he just laughed tauntingly.

"Make me" he whispered in her ear, using the same tactic she used when she wouldn't get on the ship. She froze she sat up looking at him thinking what to do and he stared back challenging her. Both still unaware of the suggestive position they were in.

Then she smiled innocently as an idea formed in her head. Riven looked at her wondering what she was up too. She ran her fingers down his chest and trailed them back up under his shirt. Riven groaned at the feel of her soft hands on his heated flesh.

"Ahem… Wha…what are you doing?" Riven stuttered out.

"Something I've wanted to do for awhile" she whispered and leaned down, kissing him full on the mouth. Riven was shocked and then closed his eyes as he responded by kissing her back. His hands went to her waist and he pulled her closer. She moaned and ran her hands down his chest, behind his back and then she abruptly stopped. Rivens eyes snapped open in confusion. She sat there smirking at him.

"boys!" she laughed as she got up and walked towards her own bed.

Riven was still dazed from the amazing make out session with probably the hottest girl he'd ever seen. He watched her hips as she made her way towards her bed with that seductive stride she unknowingly did, then something caught his eye. There in her hand was the bra he was stubbornly teasing her with. 'That little…' he thought looking over at Bloom.

'Two can play at this game' Riven pulled out his cellphone and started to dial a number.

Bloom looked over and asked "Who are you calling?"

"Oh, no one important just Sky. I thought he might want to know what his little princess has been up too."

"go ahead" Bloom said with a flick of her hand. She skillfully changed into her short red silk nightgown Sky bought for her without exposing anything. Riven's eyes lingered on her legs before saying.

"You're not going to stop me." Riven asked confused.

"Nope" Bloom got under the covers and turned on her side.

"…won't he get mad at you for kissing one of his best friends?"

Bloom laughed. "No, he'll get mad at you for kissing his girlfriend."

Riven groaned in defeat. It was true. Sky would probably skin him alive if he ever found out. Bloom had Sky wrapped around her finger ever since he first laid eyes on her. True he would get mad at Bloom but he would never leave her no matter what she did. All of a sudden he heard a phone go off. He saw Bloom get up and leave the room. He felt a pang of jealousy as he knew it was Sky. Of course this feeling wasn't unfamilliar it hit him alot lately. Everytime Sky kissed her. Everytime he wrapped his arms around her. 'Sure i think she's beautiful and i imagine what it would be like to be Sky but that doesn't mean i... 'Shit, I think I'm falling for her'.

On Sky and Stella's ship

"Are we there yet?" Stella asked for the hundredth time.

"Yes Stella we are" Sky mumbled ecstatic that they had arrived so she would stop complaining.

"Oh its super dark" she said to him.

"Yeah, we'll rest now and pick up where we left off in the morning." Sky said over his shoulder as he headed towards the sleeping quarters, Stella following behind. Without another word he changed into some sweatpants and jumped in his bed happily awaiting sleep to consume him.

"Hey Sky" Stella whispered loudly from her bed.

Sky grumbled "What"

"How do you think the others are doing?"

"I don't know I hope Bloom's ok. I feel bad leaving her with Riven she's probably miserable." Sky replied sadly. "I'm gonna call her to make sure. If he's hurt her in anyway he'll answer to me" Sky got up and left the room to make his call in private. He went outside not bothering with a shirt since the planet wasn't that cold and lay down staring up at the stars. He pushed 1 on his speed dial and listened to the tone.


Sky smiled as he heard her voice. "Hey beautiful" was his response

"What's up" she questioned the late night call.

"I just wanted to make sure you're ok. You just say the word sweetheart and I'll come and get you."

Bloom smiled "I'm okay for now…..I miss you though"

"I miss you too. How about when we get back, you come back to the palace with me for the weekend and we can do whatever you want"

"Promise?" she replied cutely.

"I promise, baby"

"ok deal. I should go now. I love you"

"I love you too Bloom, sweet dreams" he closed his phone and smiled at it.

Bloom closed her phone and leaned against the wall. She felt terrible. She knew she was going to tell Sky what happened when she saw him. She couldn't lie to him. Why did she kiss Riven like that? It was like something took over her body. Sky was perfect and she loved him so much but Riven kept pulling her in like some unknown force. It was weird how no matter how much of a jerk he was he always protected her from anyone else. His smartass attitude always kept her on her toes yet he always made sure he was the only one who gave her trouble and she loved that about him. Of course his body was nice...okay his body is hot 'but that doesn't mean that i...oh Shit, I think I'm falling for him'.