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How to Teach a Spy's Class


"You want us to do what?!"

In an office of the Royal & General Bank, five disgruntled SAS units, the two Heads of MI6 and an agent sat, discussing an important protection mission that the SAS weren't very keen on doing.

"We want you to go and teach in a high school to protect the students from a certain danger,"Mrs Jones, the deputy Head of MI6, stated, while she suckedon a peppermint. The agent, Ben Daniels, shook his head.

"Which school is this?" he asked, sceptically, and Mrs Jones congratulated him mentally; he didn't miss anything.

"Brooklands. It's in Chelsea," Mr Blunt said rather, well, bluntly. Ben's eyes widened and then he grinned.

"Excellent. Any particular person we're meant to be protecting?" he asked, and Mrs Jonesanswered.

"One of the teens there, Alex Rider, needs protection from Scorpia." Mrs Jones calmly saidand Ben's eyes lit up in joy, before it turned into anger and finally concern.

"What'd he do to piss them off this time?" Ben asked and Mrs Jones raised an eyebrow.

"It has been stated that it's for all the times he destroyed an operation of theirs. So for Invisible Sword and Royal Blue I expect."

Ben nodded once before turning to the SAS units standing with him.

"Who's Alex Rider?" Eagle asked and Ben smirked.

"You'll see soon enough."

"Alex Rider is our top agent and is only 15 years old. You will recognise him as soon as you see him," Mrs Jones said and the SAS men nodded. "Dismissed," she added.

On the ground floor, the SAS men were debating if they should go and have a look at this 'school' before they actually went to teach there.

"We should of asked if we're going as undercover teachers or not. Now we have no clue," Eagle moaned and Snake sniggered.

"Well, what do you think I was just doing?" Ben said, coming over to them. Wolf nodded at him in greeting before he continued. "We're not going undercover; we're just going to say we're elite SAS men here to protect the school until the threat which has been enlisted upon the damn place has been eradicated. Well, that's how Blunt said it anyways."

Wolf nodded again. "Right, so when do we start?"

"Tomorrow. We have to go pack today and then we get some houses close to Brooklands to live in. K-Unit, along with me, will be living on King's Road, near where the main target lives. Is that clear?" Ben said with a glare at the men, daring them to argue.

"How do you know him?" Eagle burst out and Ben smirked again.

"I've had the pleasure of having him for a partner on a mission. It's how I got shot," he said and then cleared his throat. "Right, me and K-Unit will go out first, then a unit every five minutes after. Coming, guys?"

Ben led his former unit to the front doors, oblivious to the conversation behind him.

"So we're protecting a teenage spy?" Bear, Ben's replacement asked in a low voice and Snake nodded.

"When I meet him, I'll kill him for getting Fox shot," Wolf growled and Eagle snickered while Bear and Snake rolled their eyes.

"And I also wanna kill the person who gave Cub appendicitis," Wolf scowled and Eagle raised an eyebrow.

"Can you actually give someone appendicitis?" he asked and Wolf shrugged.

"Hey, Eagle, did you know Wolf sent a card saying 'get well soon' to Cub?" Ben interrupted their conversation.

Wolf spluttered while Snake and Eagle looked shocked. Bear just looked downright confused. Then, thanks to the cough from Ben's mouth, they took notice of their location. They were in the car park wherethey left the car in. Ben got in while Wolf called shotgun and Snake, Eagle and Bear got into the back.

"So, King's Road, right?" Wolf suggested, tryingto change the subject.

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