I know I haven't finished Reality or Fantasy, but the idea was there and I couldn't resist! This first chapter is like the one in my other fanfic: it's like an introduction. Rebecca, here, is more complaining about herself than actually telling the story. Hehe. |:P

Rebecca in Wonderland

Chapter 1


I guess I was curious. Curious enough to get myself into a heap of trouble.

Did I want this?


Did I plan this?


Did I expect this?


Do I want to get out?

Heck yes.

But how?

Maybe if I remember what exactly got me here, I might find a way out.

Let's see. Think, Rebecca, think.

Oh, yeah. It all started when was with my grandpa on an excavation. This particular excavation was in a heavily wooded area near a cave. The cave was said to hold Native American treasures… or a city. Either-or, I didn't really care.

I was sitting under a tree, while Grandpa was exploring the rat-filled cave, swapping e-mails with my wonderful, fantastic boyfriend, Yugi.

"Wat r u doing?" he asked in an e-mail.

"Sitting under a tree." I e-mailed back.

"Wat r u doing, sitting under a tree?"

"E-mailing u."


I giggled and typed: "Wat r u doing?" and sent it.

"Sitting n my room, e-mailing u."

"N-e-thing else?"


I was about to reply when I saw the cutest white rabbit in the bushes. Well, the ears. I was going to call it over, when it came out of the bushes.

At that moment, I saw the strangest thing I'll ever see in my entire life. The white rabbit was wearing a waistcoat. But that's not all. It had white gloves on its front paws, glasses, and it was also holding an enormous, golden pocket watch. It was even standing upright!

My eyes were wide and my glasses were falling off my face at the sight!

"Oh, dear," he said, "I'm late!"

He scampered off.

Here is where the accursed word, curiosity, comes in. Curious, I followed the very odd white rabbit.

He scurried into a rabbit hole. I, stupidly, pursued him into it.

The next thing I know, I was falling down a never-ending crevice.